Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hey guys I just wanted to give you a quick update. I'm still one handed, and had surgery ~ I have to have some more on Sunday cause one injury on my forearm was still infected (yuck) - my hand surgery went well, and my leg is healing very well. I'm doing therapy twice a day, and will hopefully get released Monday afternoon, as long as everything goes well Sunday.

I've just started walking with the aid of a walker, or while on the treadmill, a harness kinda thing - it's so good to get out of the fucking bed! Now however, they have me on pyshillium husks - and they're huge, and i have to take like 6 of them a day to help me poop (boy I've sure never had a problem in that dept before!!!) I have to have therapy in the am and after dinner for 2 hours each, so afternoons I've been dozing a lot more, cause I'm beat!

I can't WAIT to get out of here, and get home. Thanks to those of you who logged onto SKYPE and messaged me to chat, I've been bored out of my mind.

Peter - re Paris, I don't think I'll be able to go, I've actually had my friend Lisa see about transferring my air tickets to her, and I've had her call my family to say that I don't think I'll be able to get there for Xmas because they think in about 3 weeks, I'll just start to be able to walk using a cane around then. They said I could be on that for as little as two weeks, to as much as 6 months. Knowing me, and my personality, I'll be aiming to be running again by January 1st.

Anyway, I can't believe that it's already the end of November or that Xmas is just around the corner. Xmas is my favourite holiday of the whole year, I love the whole "Santa" concept, and the decorations, the beautiful real tree, and the roaring fire, and the smells outside, and the bright white fairy lights everywhere.. it's soooo romantic, and just a really timeless classic kinda holiday for me. Do guys get into the holidays at all? It seems like this is probably a girly kinda of thing.

I can't wait to get back into the gym again, and see my clients ~ I bet a few of them will need to be whipped back into shape, especially with the holidays here, and it always tends to be the men who way overeat, and neglect their workout schedules... tsk tsk!!

My house is on the market and I've had a few offers, however, they want me to wait until they sell their house, before being able to pay me, and I'd rather have someone who had financing available right away. I'd like to start looking for someplace to move to right at the beginning of the new year.

What's up with all of you??? Anyone done anything kinky recently? I'm actually really horny today - must be on my way to getting better!!

Ms Julie...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Has it really become so mainstream?? Shitting in the woods, on a cop no less...

OK, would you be more worried about going into the bronx, or going into the woods at night to take a shit on a cop?? Surprisingly, it would seem the answers are split almost 50-50 !! Why is she a "former" dominatrix? Read the case here! Anyone ever heard of Angela Bella or done a session with her?

Rachael Ray's hubbie a pervert? No......don't say...

OK, she's way too fucking bubbly, and she's sooooo domesticated, and she seems so much like the cheerleader girl next door... well maybe that's the problem ~ her hubbie is apparantly paying a sex worker to spit on him, trample on him, and squish crap between her toes for him! What is the world coming to?? Ahem...

Well I'm still laid up in a hospital bed, however, I have at least been able to get out of bed over the last two days thanks to the strong arms of Josh & James my two male nurses ;-) Surgery on my hand is planned for Saturday at 4pm, so send lots of warm and fuzzy thoughts my way!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Horrific Week...

You know how when things are going well in your life, you sorta think, wow, what's up with that? Well I musta had one of those thoughts come into my subconscience and boom, things changed drastically in an instant.

This will also probably take me a week to write because I'm doing so one-handed. So bear with me.

On Sunday I was out riding my horse on a trail about 5 miles away from my house, and a large rottweiler came out of nowhere, and attacked my horse. The horse freaked out, and leapt up, and threw me off. Once I landed on the ground, the dog then turned his attention to me, it ripped into my thigh and pelvic area, and was able to lift me off the ground and toss me around while it had it's teeth clamped down on my thigh. I hit it a few times with my hand and arm, and it dropped me, then mauled my left hand, and forearm pretty bad. Luckily for me, a very brave jogger came by after hearing my screaming and started beating the dog with a branch. Once he got the dog off me, he called 911.

About 35 minutes later I'm told the emergency service vehicles arrived and loaded me up and took me to the hospital ER. I don't remember anything except the jogger telling me that at least two arteries may have been punctured, and to lay still. I can tell you I was pretty terrified laying there, wondering if that fucking dog would come back for some more, and worrying that this guy would leave me before the ambulance got there.

I woke up about 4 hours later, all bandaged up, and in a semi-private hospital room. I haven't been able to get out of the bed since this happened, and have had a few consultations with a plastic surgeon about the damage that was done. Apparently I have tendon damage, and maybe some nerve damage. I don't know how long it will be before I can stand up, pee by myself, or dress myself. That's pretty much freaking me out. I'm so independant.

I also have to get these dressings changed twice a day - and they wouldn't stitch anything up, because of infection, so they've been bleeding constantly, and now they are oozing crap... I can't even look at it, without getting all sweaty and feeling like I'm going to throw up.

It's basically taken me all day to type this, one handed, laying on my side, with my hip and other arm elevated higher than my heart to keep the swelling down - it's almost like a yoga pose. They could tell from the bruising, the bites, and the really bad wounds that the dog was at least 100lbs - and I weigh only about 40lbs more that that. For sure nothing happens to me on the minimalist side of things, which goes along with my all or nothing personality I'm sure, but due to my cancer treatments a few years ago, I became "uninsurable", so I have no medical coverage. This is now my 4th day in the hospital. I can't imagine what this is all going to cost.

My horse made it back home, but would not let my friends get close enough to check on her injuries, so I'm not sure how she's feeling. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to call a vet to go out and check her out. Anyway, I'm bored out of my mind in here, and I can't stand staying in bed, or having to have people poke and prod me constantly. Write me! Drop me a line.

Friday, October 20, 2006

God what a busy few weeks I've had...!

Well I'm sure you're all wondering where the hell I've been! I've been extremely busy with my house, getting it fixed up -- the seals inside several of my windows had leaked, and it looked like my windows were perpetually steamed up inside the panes of glass. I needed 7 basic windows replaced, and then I have two huge, oversized windows in my front living room that had to be specially made. When they took them out, and brought the replacements, they realised they were a little off with their measurements! SO... I had two holes in the front of my house, for over a week!!! Well not exactly - they stuck some board and taped it where the windows would be!!

I also had to have my pool cleaned and closed, floors rebuffed, yards tidied up, mulched, and grass cut all over. Hmmmmm what else?? Oh yeah I've had to study for the last 3 months for my recertification on ACE as a personal trainer, group exercise trainer, and Nutritionist. I then spent a couple of days at George Washington University, getting re-certified in Mad Dog Athletics for spinning.

AND.... on top of all that, I've been slipping in a few sessions with clients down in my dungeon! Unfortunately those have been very few and far between, what with everything else going on. I spent this evening with Jack, he's been cleaning, and organizing my garages, since about 6pm. I've been cracking a whip every so often, and keeping him motivated. It's now 11pm, and I've just allowed him to go home, and I'm going to go slip into my PJ's -- it's damn cold here tonight!! I have some really nice PINK fleece pj bottoms, and hopefully I can find some big fluffy slippers in one of my closets!! I've actually got NO winter clothes. I have no idea what the hell I did with them. I've hunted all over my house, and can't find a thing - not even my coats!! I've been doubling and tripling my t-shirts when I go out.

SO... what have YOU been up to? Click on comments, and tell me!! I'll plan this weekend on getting some new movies and pictures up on my site - log onto the members area.

Start posting on the forums!! Let's get a new discussion rolling!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Knitting? Me? No way!!

Someone posted a comment asking if spinning, was knitting! I'm definitely not ashamed to say, that in my first year of home economics in high school, I demanded that they move me to woodworking class with all the boys instead. I refused to learn how to hem skirts (although the first week that I did have to endure the home ec class, I successfully hemmed up my school uniform skirt, to way above my knee, and way above the allotted "required skirt length" that they demanded). That was my one and only attempt at any kind of sewing or knitting. While I was using really cool things like hacksaws in woodworking, my friends were "knitting" scarves for their grannies, and tea cosies for their mums. I made a rather cool clock, which I later on my own time stained, and jazzed up with rhinestones (I kid you not, and it was the 80's)...

I have NEVER in my life picked up a set of knitting needles, nor have I ever sewn a button. I am NOT a domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination, unless you can count whipping up an occasional batch of hash brownies for a party ;-) while dressed to thrill.... Ooooh, and I am quite good at coming up with funky drink specials, and I've been told that my cosmo's would pass at any upscale martini bar! I am excellent however at telling other people (men in particular) how to be domesticated. Olivia is a prime example. She's a wiz in the kitchen, always sews on buttons for me, and has taken in, and up many pairs of pants for me. She's also a culinary genius, and knows how to get any stain, out of anything. She sucks at woodworking.

As for spinning - do you mean like rapunzel? Didn't she spin her hair into gold or something like that? I definitely have NEVER even seen one of those contraptions, much less used one & if you mean that, you must be from a different generation!

My spinning is an intense cardio workout, that burns upwards of 700 calories per hour, and during which time you cycle yourself lean & mean! I load up my IPOD with over an hours worth of music, most of which is with beats per minute of over 180. Some day's its disco fever, other days it's dance club mixes, and sometimes even trance/rave music. The lights are off, the disco ball is spinning, and there is a really cool mural done in black light kinda paint that makes it look like we're riding through this really cool landscape at night. When we increase the tension to move to hills/mountains we slow the music down with some R&B and climb climb climb, sometimes sitting, sometimes standing, until our glutes are burning! If your gym offers spinning classes, I suggest you try it. The first few classes will kill you, but don't quit.. keep pushing, and you'll become addicted. I'm completely addicted. In fact even after I get done teaching my own classes, I come in on Sunday's on my only day off, and take another trainer's spin class!

When I travel, the first thing I look for is a club that offers advanced spinning classes, where I can buy a day pass to, even before I look for a hotel. Years and years ago, I thought I was addicted to body building and strength training, and sure it made my bod look totally buffed - but my actual fitness level was quite crap - it totally didn't get my heart rate over 180 ever, and I certainly never sweated buckets. My recovery time is literally less than 5 seconds now, proving that my heart is in the best shape ever.

I also teach an aerobic strip class, and a class that's similar to tae-bo - only we can't call it that. I also have about 100 clients that I see a month for individualized training, where I teach them the basics of nutrition, cardio, strength training, and core workouts. Probably of that 100, 40 are men, of various ages, and in various stages of fitness. I actually for the first time ever, want to chuck a client this week - this guy is weird -- in an odd way -- not weird/quirky like me. First time he came for a session, he came dressed for a round of golf, or a day out at the mall - I kid you not. No workout clothes, brown shoes, matching socks, long pants, and a golf shirt... I was a little taken aback. That hour working out was the weirdest I've spent in a really long time. He kept smashing the weights down - because he couldn't control his movements - and when I told him to lower the weight for better control, he laughed at me. He spent more time talking about the bizarrest stuff, rather than working out, and every time I brought him back to a new machine, to show him how to use it, he'd stare off into space, or yammer on excessively. In an hour I normally get a lot accomplished - with him, barely nothing, and he was just not getting it. I took him to my office and explained that I'm a pretty hard core trainer, and that he might be better suited to one of the younger (less experienced) trainers (obviously he'd not listened to me during our initial 1/2 hour consultation). Also during that time I had a difficult time understanding what his goals were. However, he paid in advance for 12 sessions with me ($960.00 - which is a lot of cash to drop if you're not really serious..... right)?

So today we had our second session -- he showed up in a yellow t-shirt, denim shorts, and his brown work shoes, with long brown socks. BTW - he's like in his late 30's probably. I spent another half hour talking to him about his goals, and from what I can gather, he would like to lose 10lbs (but he could really stand to lose about 40lbs) and he'd like to get stronger... he wants to focus mostly on weights. I figured the only way to lose this guy as a client was to be a complete bitch -- which I'm the best at. I told him that I needed him to commit to 5 days a week, not 1 day a week. I told him that today we'd do cardio to see where he is, so I got him onto the treadmill, and showed him how to set it up. I started him at 3.0, and you'd have thought I'd asked him to sprint a marathon. He kept yakking about how easy of a run this was, and how I must be trying to punish him by starting him out "way up here".... I explained that 3.0 is really a stroll - no need for running - and that it's like a 25 minute mile - which is not good. I also told him that as I adjusted his incline and his speed, I didn't want him to talk, just drink, concentrate, and work as hard as he can. 11 minutes in, at 3.3 with a 2% incline he was dying, and had had enough. I think he may have aspergers syndrome or something -- he's just outta this planet weird. (I'm not saying that everyone with autism, highly functioning or not, is weird by the way -- just this guy). That hour was the longest hour ever. I don't know how much more of him I can take. Yet again today he was smashing the weights like crazy -- kinda like a child would do, because he loves the noise it's making....??? I'm dreading Monday... and as someone who up until this past weekend hadn't drank in a few months -- I seriously need a cosmo, or a glass of wine.

I took the other guy from my spin class to his company get together this past Saturday night -- it was actually a lot of fun. He's intelligent, cleaned up well (after I put him together), and was charming and made me laugh. His bosses certainly knew how to party -- alcohol at the bar was free until midnight & I had at least 4 glasses of red wine. After the first I was buzzed, by the 3rd I'm surprised I hadn't taken off any clothes, or the clothes off of someone else! Everyone there was totally wondering who I was, and how we'd met, and we were truthful to a point saying that we have been working out together 4 times a week for quite some time and had recently started dating!

I slept in his car the whole way home. I slept in his guest room, because I'd driven myself to his place to help him get put together, and fell asleep in my dress, minus my shoes which he'd kindly removed for me. I woke up the next morning to breakfast in bed! This guy is good.. and he's not had any training! He'd cut up mangoes, strawberries & an apple, and made a whole wheat waffle which was delicious.

As I hadn't anticipated not going home, I hadn't brought anything with me, so I'm sure I looked frightful, leaving in my red evening gown, barefoot with my shoes in my hand, and my hair unpinned in places -- luckily I didn't have to stop on my drive home! Sunday was a totally lazy day for me - I actually had a hangover, from my lack of drinking recently, so I lazed around all day long. It was quite nice for a change!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wedding plans...

Well, I've been a bridesmaid now way more than 3 times... and here I go yet again.... Am I destined to the life of a spinster?? Another of my good friends is getting hitched, and she has enlisted my help -- my friends think I'm Martha Stewart, in leather, and are constantly enlisting my help at either decorating, fixing their men up, throwing parties, or whipping them into shape (like 2 weeks before a huge event). Perhaps I should have another career as some kind of life coach. For a while, every free moment I had was spent taking their men shopping for clothes, or a new "do", or a lesson on gift buying, or hustling them into spinning class, followed by a long round of weights.

A few men at the gym, or via friends of friends, have begged me to "escort" them to boring work related functions, or help them spruce their homes up -- is there really that big of a need for "hiring" a pretend girlfriend?

I did actually go out with this guy Brian, who has faithfully come to every single one of my spin classes since I started teaching -- to be honest, in the beginning I thought he was gay and in serious need of a makeover. After a while I went for coffee with him, and found out that he's VERY shy, but is almost about to be made partner at a CPA firm in town, who entertain a lot. He's avoided as many of these events as he possibly can, but now the other partners are really pushing the "what's up with you" line to the max. After much beating around the bush, I finally realised he was asking me, if he could pay me to go with him (no funny business) and pretend to be his girlfriend.

I am usually the girl who is up for most things, and my life is very rarely dull, so I accepted, but I told him that first I had to see his wardrobe. This was a Saturday, and I had the whole afternoon to mess around. He also offered me a very substantial hourly fee, to include the makeover. I followed him back to a very nice home in the burbs, that really lacked a woman's touch -- and also made me realise, he's not gay. Gay guys generally have great style & a flair for interior design. He had neither.

He was very nervous as he took me up to his bedroom - it was quite funny. I decided nanny mode would be best for him, and lead him firmly to the closet. Oh my god... this guy needed serious help. Any wonder he didn't have a girlfriend. I've only ever seen him in cycle clothing - everything in his closet looked like it had been purchased by his mother, and his great aunt Hilda. The dinner & coctail thing was going to be the following Saturday night at the Ritz Carleton. I went into his bathroom and his grooming supplies consisted of (I kid you not) arm and hammer deodrant, VO5 shampoo, and some hideous white soap that smelt like tar/paint remover. I grabbed my keys, and told him to come along.

I spent the entire afternoon at Tysons Corner Mall, and got him some great casual stuff at American Eagle Outfitters, Express & Abercombie & Fitch. For nice evening wear I took him to Brooks Brothers, Nordstroms and Armani Exchange. We literally shopped till we were ready to drop. He tried on hundreds of pieces of clothing & was a great sport about all of it. After making some quick purchases at Sephora, The Body Shop, and L'Occitane for his grooming needs, I then drove him out to Bethesda to meet my hair stylist (whom I had begged to fit us in as his last appt for the day & promised to make it worth his while, had actually agreed... it takes me 8 weeks in advance to see him).. Brian had kinda non-descript hair, in no actual style, and used no products on it. He got an awesome cut, nose hair removal, and a shave that left a little stubble, and made him look kinda hot. I was shocked!
It was 8pm and I was starving as we left the salon. I hadn't eaten since breakfast, and was getting a little "testy". Brian suggested that we go to a family owned grill near his house, and realizing I had nothing else to do, I agreed. Brian really doesn't know anything about me besides the fact that I'm the group exercise director at the gym, a trainer, and I teach spinning. He asked if I'd ever done anything like this before, and I had to admit that in some ways, yes I had... I didn't elaborate and say that I usually took men shopping at V.S and dressed them up as women, for my own amusement, but I did tell him that several of my friends have enlisted my help in making over their own men, or friends of friends. We actually had a really nice meal together, and I asked lots of questions, so I could be a more "realistic" girlfriend the following Saturday night. I jotted down some notes - about his sister, his family, and the people he worked with, and I asked him what his idea girl would look like. He told me he's always had a thing for blondes, and seamed stockings!!

I'll let you know how his pretend date goes this Saturday... Monday this week, I came down with some allergy kinda thing - my head has been pounding, I can't sleep, and I feel "funny", but can't really describe it. I'm feeling a tad better today. However, I've been on the phone with a wedding planner, setting up an appointment to get together with her to go over certain things I know my friend will really want, and try to lower her rate. The lady in question is foreign (LOL) and it will make for an interesting evening. After the meeting tonight, I'm going home and having a huge bubble bath with a glass of wine -- I deserve it. Bring on those 400+ calories.

Would you "hire" someone to help you?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What I expect from you! Required Reading... part one

As a member of my site, I expect you to do certain things, act a certain way, and become a better person. I expect these things, because, this site is about my personal views on female-domination, and about you being a better submissive, if not for me, then for the other woman in your life.

Throughout this site you'll get ideas on how to be a better slave, and ways to increase your submission, and make yourself more desirable to a dominant woman.

Being a member of my site & using the forums also allows you to interact with others who are on a similar quest, and who don't judge, or make you feel less than. You can choose to be as private as you like (by not giving out identifying information about yourself, or posting a face pic) or as open as you feel you need to be. One is not better than the other, it's a matter of personal preference & how comfortable you are with your choices.

The first thing I expect from you, is a letter of introduction. Include as much information as you feel ready to share. Read it over, and ask yourself, would you want to get to know you better after reading it? Tell me who you are, where your interests may or may not be, talk about your age, health, and location. Be courageous, be specific, be truthful, and let it all hang out (so to speak).. I am NOT interested in a mass e-mail campaign - Don't recycle the same old shit.

Include a picture or video attachment of one of the following:-

Your cock in a chastity device, cock ring, rope bondage, or suffering pain for me (clips, needles etc.,)

Your cock inside a pretty RED high heel pump that you've been fucking!

You dressed up in a sexy pair of women's panties, with stockings of course (primary colours only for the panties).

Your ass with a cucumber, or zucchini, or ear of corn lubed up and entering you!

You cumming on either a red high heel pump, a pair of brightly coloured panties, or on a cucumber/zucchine/ear of corn.

Whichever of these you choose, I also want you holding (or taped onto your body) a home made sign which states clearly: PROPERTY OF MS JULIE

Now, why the specifics you ask - well there a ton of pics you could just grab from anywhere on the net, and this means you did actually follow through with what I asked, and are trustworthy, and can follow simple directions, and I SO APPRECIATE that in a guy.

Secondly, if and when you e-mail me, I always want the previous e-mails below your newest post (this way I don't have to sift through 40,000 older e-mails to remind myself details that we've already discussed).

Thirdly, Please take a second before you quote something tired and over-used to Me. I won’t pay any attention to the foolish things you say. I will, however, remember if you speak with honesty, creativity and intelligence.

Fourthly, Gift Giving - The Only Strings Attached To A Gift Should Be The Laces On A New Pair Of Boots!

If you want to give a special gift to a mistress, that's entirely up to you. I have seen dominas proudly show off presents that range from a single rose to a fleet of automobiles. The deep meaning or the financial extravagance of a gift you wish to give to your mistress is certainly your decision, but keep one very important thing in mind. If you strap a Rolex watch to her wrist or take her on a lavish European holiday, don't expect like value in return.

A genuine gift is often rewarded, but don't expect a reward or use a present as barter. That's really low budget, no matter how much you spent. Also keep in mind that there are two very definite categories of gifts--personal and self-serving. Like a husband giving his wife a dishwasher for her birthday, a submissive who gives a dominatrix bondage gear, a custom-made whip or exotic fetish clothing says that he's giving her this gift to outfit his own desires more than hers. Certainly it will be appreciated, but it may not be admired as much as a completely personal gift. If the mistress you fancy likes a certain brand of perfume or, maybe, Versace dresses, impress her by getting this kind of purely personal present, along with whatever self-serving dungeon goodies you'll no doubt buy. And then give these presents with no strings attached; your stock will soar in her estimation.

Let a Dominant know what you can do for them. Dominant women are not a public utility. You want them to spend their time and effort on you. What can you do for them in return? Your introductory letter should be very clear about the sorts of things that you can do for them. Are you good dinner company? Can you baby-sit her dogs, cats, and fish? Do you enjoy cleaning? Do you like fixing things? Are you the world's best boot polisher? Are you a leather fetishist who would love to Lexol all her toys? The possibilities are endless. Pick a few things (at least 5) that you're good at *and* that you are willing to do, and put that in your letter. Be sure that you are really willing to it. I have a friend who says, "They always say 'Oh Mistress, I'll do anything for you' until I tell them to clean the catbox."

So.... How do you become a Houseboy?

Dream on, houseboys...What submissive doesn't dream of achieving the coveted and elusive position of 'Houseboy'? I receive perhaps 150 applications per year for the post, and I'm going to have a real tough time replacing Olivia.

According to popular myth, being a houseboy is every slave's dream come true: Mince about the house in leather underwear, do a bit of dusting, polish Mistress' boots, receive hourly spankings, and sexually service Mistress and her 3 gorgeous friends with alarming regularity.

Nothing could be further than the truth. Being a houseboy is perhaps the most demanding, thankless task ever conceived, a true test of ability, training, and character. As my current (tho not live-in) #1 is fond of saying, "this is not a gig for the faint of heart". A houseboy is called upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform whatever task his Mistress sets him, and he is expected to do the job on time, to spec, and under budget. He does not receive tangible rewards for performing his assigned duties; his reward is the satisfaction of pleasing his Mistress, and easing her way through the perils of the day.

Let's examine the qualities needed to be an effective houseboy.

A houseboy must be submissive, totally, but realistically. A groveling, sycophantic submissive is a poor candidate for a houseboy position, as he lacks the drive and initiative required to keep up with the demands of the job. There is a time and a place for crawling to me and kissing my feet, but 4:00 PM on a Saturday when I'm in the backyard and I desire a cocktail is neither the time, nor the place. I look for a bright, motivated and intuitive personality when considering a houseboy candidate. Retiring, artificially humble slaves are not suited to the task.

Loyalty is essential. While I prefer an experienced candidate, I have no desire to share him with his 'other' Mistress. It will take me long enough as it is to adequately train him, without having him try to meet the demands of two or more other dominants. A houseboy is ideally the most trusted member of a dominants' household, privy to confidential personal information, and depended upon to perform tasks which demand the utmost in discretion. If I can't trust my houseboy, I can't trust anyone.

Demanding, 'high maintenance' submissives are far too much trouble to keep as houseboys. I've lost track of the number of candidates who expected me to stand behind them, in full costume, artfully applying a riding crop to their bottoms as they ineffectively maneuver the vacuum cleaner. Sorry, fellas...the reason houseboys exist in the first place is to save me that degree of trouble. I can FORCE anyone to do my cleaning: A houseboy WANTS to do it, with no expectation of reward.

Skills are essential: a houseboy must have extraordinary abilities in any number of disciplines. Cooking and cleaning? Merely the beginning. A houseboy must have proven abilities in at LEAST 5 of the following fields:

Fabric Care
Wood Working
Leather Working
Metal Working
Graphic Design
Computer Programming
Martial Arts
Skin Care
Shiatsu Massage
Word Processing/Database Management
Tax Preparation
Great Organization Skills
Story writing capablilities
Managing a business

Any other skills not mentioned above are a bonus, and if you say you have certain abilities, you'd best be able to deliver on demand. It is not appropriate to indulge in 'on the job training'.

A houseboy sees Mistress at her worst: contrary to popular belief, we do not roll out of bed in full make-up, slip on our latex cat suits and thigh high boots and slink into the kitchen for coffee. Similarly, houseboys, when permitted to 'overnight', do not always spend the night in chains, ball-gagged and butt plugged. I have no intentions of having to waste valuable time setting you free in the morning in order that you may make my bowl of special K, and bring me a glass of cold o.j.

Houseboys rise with the sun, on their own volition, and have the household fully functioning by the time Mistress awakes. Houseboys must contend with Mistress' many moods, and must be almost precognitive in sensing and meeting her needs. An ideal houseboy is a transparent addition to a dominant household, filling many roles, often simultaneously, while maintaining a cheerful yet unobtrusive demeanor. Olivia is my right hand man... err girl...

What are the rewards? Satisfaction at a job well done. Being treated with the dignity and respect worthy of a skilled and dedicated craftsman. Knowing that you are a good friend, listener, confidant. The occasional foray into the dungeon.

The punishments? More severe that you could possibly imagine. A houseboy is not expected to be perfect, although it's always a nice thing to aspire to, but neither is he allowed to err constantly. Once familiar with the rules and expectations of the household, he is expected to comply with them completely. A houseboy intentionally misbehaving, in expectation of receiving a sound spanking often finds himself summarily dismissed.

Being a lifestyle submissive is a noble trade. Being a houseboy is a job. Know the job description, learn constantly, keep your eyes and ears open, and most importantly keep your mouth shut, and make yourself invaluable. If you're lucky, your efforts will be rewarded. And lastly, have lots of discretion.

OK, well give yourself 3 points for reading this far. After re-reading it, sit down and type me up a letter. Give yourself another 3 points. Re-read your letter, spell check it, and save it. Don't send it yet. Go make your sign. Give yourself another 3 points. Then get set up to take your photo (make sure you have all the required props, and a hard cock. (One which is hopefully mostly, hair free - no bushes - it shouldn't look like a weed whacker is needed to get through it)... Edit your photo, get it attached to your letter, save it and go shower, or have a glass of wine, or fix yourself something to eat. Give yourself another 3 points. Read your letter one last time, make any edits needed, and then send it off to me - -- I look forward to getting it, and you should stay tuned to find out what else is expected from you, part two..

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Storms & Outages..

God what a shitty week I've had! On Saturday the storm hit, and by Sunday I had no power at my house, and when I went to the gym on Monday morning, the power outages had effected their modems ~ so I couldn't get online from there either! My power came back last night around 6ish ~ but god it was awful - no A/C was the worst part. I can't function in the humidity! I also don't even have a landline phone at home (that doesn't need to be plugged in) & by Monday morning my cell was also dead!! Thank god it wasn't like one of those bad horror movies -- chick home alone, with only candles to light the way, no phone, and no one close enough to hear the screams!! LOL.

The gym had all their modems/routers replaced this morning around 9.30ish, so thankfully I can now at least log on, get caught up on my mail, and god knows what else. I can't believe it's already Thursday!!

Because there wasn't alot to do at home with no power, I partied a lot this week! I met this really sexy 40 year old woman called Catalina, who owns a boat and keeps it docked in Baltimore. She also lives in the same ritzy condo place at Spinnaker Bay that my friend Elizabeth does. I'm surprised with as much time as I spend over there that I haven't run into her before now ~ but without power a few of us went over to Powerplant live for a few drinks, and dinner. She was sitting alone at the bar, so we invited her to join us. She was a total hoot. Did I mention she was also drop dead sexy??

Turns out she divorced her husband because he has a small dick, and she was sick of getting lovers on the side to satisfy her. When she told her hubbie that she'd been with a black guy -- he freaked out.. apparantly other white or even hispanic guys were ok, but not a black dude! So while he was freaking out, she told him that his lack of equipment was too much for her to deal with, and even watching him pull on it, while she was getting fucked by someone who was much better endowed, no longer turned her on. So she threw him out. I like her spunk!

Anyway, I wound up going home with her that night, and we had awesome sex. She loves to eat pussy! Who am I to disagree?

So, I'm around, and working on e-mail, will also get some updates ready for tonight and tomorrow - new movies, some new galleries and that kinda stuff. Check back later ;-)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

1789 & Dungeon time..

Well I guess as of today, summer is officially over... boo hoo... I know I had a ton of time off this summer frolicking in the sun & laying by pools, but it's never really enough is it? I do find that the more playtime you have, the more you want ;-)

When I wasn't playing around I was working at the gym, which most of the time, I love it, but sometimes, it can be a tad boring ;-)

Last night, Olivia took me out to dinner at 1789, downtown DC.. it was delicious. He likes to show me off ~ which is kinda funny, because if the big wigs he introduced me to, even knew what kinky ass things he did for me, they'd DIE! Anyway, it was nice to get all dressed up & then pig out!! LOL.. I had a whole rack of lamb, not to mention soup, sorbet, and a salad!! Yummy..... We used to love heading off to Dream Dresser (although the fear of being seen for Olivia was enough to give her a heart attack coming in and out) after a night out downtown, but it's been closed now for at least a year, so we walked and reminisced (wow I had to think for a minute how to spell that!!!) about all the things we used to get up to in there!!

So many times we went and both played dress up, before finding and settling on new outfits for us both. The staff knew us well, and we kept them entertained! Anyway, talking about it all on the way home, got me really horny & wanting to play. I don't think I've been down in the dungeon since the beginning of summer!!!

When we arrived back at my place, I told Olivia to go downstairs and set the mood for me - that means brushing away the cobwebs, lighting the candles, putting on the music, and making sure everything is neat and tidy before we begin. I went upstairs and got out of my $1,000 dress, and slipped on a pair of fence net thigh highs, with no panties, a short leather mini skirt, a waist cincher (boobs out) and slipped on a pair of killer black heels, and let my hair down.

Olivia was waiting for me, assuming the position. She was already naked, on her knees, head bent, and arms behind her back, in front of my throne. I strode over, and sat down in front of her. I then told her what I wanted her to fetch. The gold collar, suspension arm binders, and her special cock ring. When she came back, I placed the collar around her neck, and had her place her arms in the binder. I had her raise them above her head, and I attached them to the mount. I then turned it on, the bar started to move, and pretty soon she was struggling to be on her tip toes. I stopped it, and then went around front to put on her cock ring - her cock was already hard -- to hard to get it on. I grabbed my riding crop, and took a few paces backwards. I love to watch her, watch me. She watches my every move so intently, and that in a way turns me on big time.

I gave her 10 with the crop, across her cock. It went just a little limp, (still not enough to get the ring on) so I decided a flogging on her backside was in order. I slowly walked past her, running my nails over her stomach, and reached for my flogger. I stepped back, and then let her have it. God it felt so good, feeling it flying through the air, and seeing it land on her arse, gave me tingles all over. (Why haven't I been playing more???)

Twenty five of those, and her cock was almost flaccid. That and the fact that her arms were killing her, trying to hold on as she flew forward everytime the flogger made contact with her ass. I brought her back to her feet, and had her spread her legs, so I could attach ankle restraints, and a spreader bar. I took the binders off, and attached cuffs so that she was making an X.

I grabbed some lube, and got her cock ring on, and immediately she was rock hard again ~ this time it was bouncing all over the place, and dripping some pre-cum. I love that! I love seeing a slave at my mercy, and their cock exposed, and dead hard. I grabbed the nipple clamps, and put them on, adding more tension, with every turn of the screw. I slid my ass up against her cock, pushing against her, and rubbing my stockinged leg against hers. She loves it when I rub my hair against her chest, and almost goes weak at the knees when I do it. I grabbed a paddle, and went behind her once more. Thirty swats to the behind, and then some teasing. I was HOTTER than hell by this stage -- I came back around so she could see me rub my cunt, and play with my nipples.

I wheeled the gyno table over to where we were playing (thank god it's got good casters), and eased myself into it. I put my legs in the stirrups, laid back, and told her to watch me masturbate myself. All the time I was watching her, watch me, and it looked like her cock was going to explode, with no touching at all necessary. I rubbed my finger over my clit, until it was standing out, and then fingered myself... it didn't take me long before I was gushing cum everywhere. When I was done, I got up, slid over to her, and slid my fingers into her mouth, making her clean them off for me.

Now it was her turn for the chair. I slid out of my skirt, and got my strap on out, slipped it on, and restrained her to the gyno table. Her legs were spread wide, and up in the air, and her pretty little tight hole was just peeking out at me. Before I fucked her, I climbed up and sat on her face, making her taste my cum, through the leather hole of the strap on. I whacked her face a few times with my cock, and then forced her to deep throat it, and get it nice and wet, before I fucked her up the arse with it.

I fucked her real good... I slammed my cock into her, and fucked her hard, while she was begging to cum, and begging me to slow down, so she wouldn't cum... it was fucking hot!!!

Anyone else up for it? Post your comments here!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Illusionist..

Well guys, after a good mornings workout at the gym, myself and 3 girlfriends went and pigged out on soup and salad for lunch, and then hit the movies to see Edward Norton's new movie "The Illusionist"... It was a pretty good movie, but after almost 2 hours of weight lifting and cardio, I found it difficult to stop from snoozing off.... even with this dishy looking (maybe single) guy in front of me who was there on a date with his two sons -- who was perhaps divorced, or perhaps just being a really good family guy and giving his wife some much need R&R???

How many of you step it up from time to time, and take on an extra few chores, or tell your wife to go out and enjoy herself, while you hold the fort at home??? That should be on your TO DO list this week. Cook dinner (or pick it up) at least twice this upcoming week, and make sure that you clean up afterwards. Also, tell her to put together a shopping list, and take the kids and go grocery shopping ~ so she has an hour or two to put her feet up and relax.

Afterwards we went to Starbucks for iced americano's (no water) to give us all a jolt & pep us up again!! After that I hit Whole Foods to pick up some halibut & asparagus for dinner, O-soy yogurt & bear naked cereal for breakfast, and 5 chicken breasts for tomorrows meal plan. I also got some cranberry juice, apple sauce, brown rice, broccoli, lima beans, and edamame. Eating every 3 hours really works for me, helps me stay awake and focused, and helps me to not pile on the pounds.... (and yes that's all just for tomorrow!!!)

Unfortunately for me, Olivia is working extremely hard at her job currently, so I'm no longer getting all my meals prepared for me, and fitting in all this cooking is tough -- I try to do it before bed at night, or at 4.30am in the morning!!

I was thinking of trying the Nutrisystem plan - they pre-package all foods for a month and mail them to you -- remember Zora or whatever her name was, the chick who competed on one of those reality tv shows a while back? I guess she's now the spokesperson for them, and looks damn good!! Went from a size 4 to a 0.... Maybe I should make Olivia stay up for a few days, and pre-package me healthy, fresh meals that I can stick in the freezer.... and take to the gym..... hmmmmm

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Does anyone else watch this hilarious, dark comedy about an unemployed suburban mother (Mary Louise Parker) who, after her husband dies, deals marijuana to maintain her lifestyle...?? I sat down last night to watch the first two episodes of this new season ~ fucking hilarious! Nancy goes to a weed conference ~ where they hell are these things held at, and how does one get an invite??? After breaking it off with Peter the DEA agent, he drives by her house, and tells her he knows that she's a drug dealer ~ wonder where their relationship will go from here? Can a DEA officer find it within himself to date a drug dealer? Albeit a very sexy one? You can watch the first episode of the second season on MSN VIDEO (just do a search for WEEDS). Also unfortunately, because this is MSN, you'll need to use Internet Explorer to view the video.

The billboard advertisements for Showtime's Weeds are driving stoners crazy in New Zealand. The billboards are three dimensional, with giant bags of pot bulging off of them. New Zealanders keep stealing the "pot" from the billboards, so the advertising company set up security cameras to catch the thieves in the act. At least one stoner takes a tumble while trying to score some major weed.
Watch the video here! What a brilliant marketing idea, but how dumb are you to believe that it's actually weed that's stuffed in there??? You smell that? It's called creativity. In an effort to drum up even more "buzz" for the second season of Weeds, Showtime placed an ad in the August 24th issue of Rolling Stone. This ad was special though. Similar to the hundreds of fragrance ads offering whiffs of Paris Hilton's latest vomit inducing stench, the Weeds ad had a scent strip of it's own. Guess what it smelled like?

Here's some more great stuff about Weed(s) & the characters:

Celia Hodes / Elizabeth Perkins (NY Daily Times)
Pro-Weed? Mary Louise Parker
High Times Magazine
Temple 420
Talk Left
White House Drug Policy

So what's your position on Weed, or on the show??

Saturday, August 19, 2006

More confessions of a whip wielding closet whore!

OK, I can see this is going to have to be a job that I give to Olivia, I just have way too much stuff! Started going through my fetish closets, and boy, is there lots in it! Wish I knew of a way to let other newbie dommes know - so they could get their wardrobes up to speed without having to pay an absolute fortune, like I once did!!!

So what do you think of my listing description?

I have a gorgeous kid leather teddy/bustier, size small, black of course, ready to go to a good home! It's looking for an exciting, take charge woman to fill it out!
I've worn it a few times, with stockings, and extremely high stiletto heels, but it looks like brand new.... and smells oh so sweetly of leather.
Two buckles on each side, with lycra back. Studs around choker collar, and around bust. Snaps around neck, and snaps in crotch.

Wanna see?

Confessions of a closet whore!

OK, well I figured I'd be good, and come home and do something useful for a change. I decided that if I am going to be moving in the near future, then I need to thin out my closets... yes that's right.. more than one closet!! I have numerous bedroom closets all stuffed with my shit. Looking in the first closet though, I'm not sure that I can take this kinda stuff to goodwill, so I figured I'd ebay it... LOL!

How's these for hot lips? Can you imagine me actually going out in that?? I did... to a party at Taboo one Saturday night, just a few weeks ago -- however, it was in MEXICO!! I think I definitely blew a few minds that night though...

Hmmmm... let's see what else I can find to part with ;-)

Better Batter...

Well last night for the first time in a LONG time I stayed home. My friend Elizabeth came over around 9.30pm and brought a pint of Maggie Moo's Better Batter ice cream with her... yummy! We curled up on the couch together in our PJ's, and fluffy slippers (I know can you imagine)??? and ate an entire tub between us while watching back to back episodes of Entourage (HBO) that I've been saving up all season long!

Of course around 1am when we were curled up in my big bed together, I started really missing my implants!! She had hers done about a year ago, and god they look amazing. Mine now feel miniscule compared to hers, and boy do I miss bursting out of tops, and being able to suck on my own nipples!!! I also have lost my ability to orgasm from just simply playing with my breasts and nipples, I guess now that they're my regular old size, they just don't turn me on as much. I also logistically know that they're bad for my health, but I STILL WANT THEM! pout pout...

Anyways, I hadn't seen Elizabeth in months, and actually haven't fucked her in even longer, so last night was pretty damn hot! I have an amazing toy collection, and we got about half way through it - we were still cumming and going strong at 4am this morning. We got ourselves kinda hot talking about some stuff we'd been doing with slaves since we'd last seen one another, and by the time we both went up to bed, we were definitely slippery down there ;-)

Olivia showed up at 9am this morning with breakfast in bed for both of us ~ she'd picked it up at La Madelaine - some awesomely fattening croissant with ham and cheese inside, along with some fresh strawberries ~ it was delicious. It's now 11.40am and I've just had my second meal of the day -- left over salmon from last night, with some carrots, mushrooms and potatoes! It was pretty damn good too! Now I'm wondering what I'll have for lunch around 1ish... yeah I eat a lot, and after talking to a few of you, I think you all should realize that the more you eat, the better you'll feel, and the more weight you'll lose! Throughout the day I try to eat every 2-3 hours.

Actually I've threatened before that all of you should get on a good workout schedule, so perhaps it's time to enforce it... how many of you need to lose weight? Tone up? Well here's what I want out of you for the next week:

First of all - join a gym - a good one. Plan on going at least 5 days a week.

Give me your stats - how tall, your weight, your age, male/female?

Lose 5lbs in about 7-10 days doing this:

Go to a health food store, pick up a good multi vitamin, plus Liver Detox pills - I use Taio-He Cleanse by Nature's Sunshine -- drink plenty of water, and take these following items out of your diet until you've finished the 15 day supply:

Red Meat & Chicken & bacon
Carbonated drinks

Hopefully after 15 days without the above garbage, you won't really want to add it back, or eat it very often. Try to only eat organic meat -- regular beef and chicken has way too many added hormones that just block up your liver and intestines.

Eat as much fish, veggies, fruit, brown rice, baked potatoes as you want -- but eat it in reverse -- first thing in the morning instead of skipping breakfast, or having cereal, eat a full meal -- try some fish with a baked potatoe and veggies.

Follow this up two-three hours later with another meal -- perhaps brown rice, veggies, and a piece of fruit or two.

For lunch around 1ish have a penne pasta with sausage.

Two-three hours later, have another piece of fruit plus a handful of blueberries.

For dinner a bowl of weetabix, or some other high fibre cereal, or a veggie burger, or a veggie fajita.

Basically you're eating dinner at breakfast, you're eating lunch at lunch, and for dinner you're eating a small meal.

Monday -- Take a spinning class -- burn approx 500-800 calories in 45 minutes. If you do it correctly, you'll need Tuesday off to recover, especially if you haven't worked out in a while.
Tuesday -- off
Wednesday -- 45 minutes of cardio on a stationary bike doing FAT BURN program workout at least level 4, followed by 10 minutes of treadmill with a minimum of 3.5 incline, and 3.3 speed.
Go down to the weight area, and plan to workout your shoulders, chest, and upper arms. Do super sets - start off with 15 reps for shoulders. Rest, then do 15 reps for chest. Rest, then do 15 reps for upper arms. Rest, and then start over. Do this 3 X. You are now not only weight training, but you're also doing more cardio
Thursday -- Take a spinning class again.
Friday -- 45 minutes of cardio on a stationary bike doing FAT BURN program workout at least level 4, followed by 10 minutes of treadmill with a minimum of 3.5 incline, and 3.3 speed. Go down to the weight area, and plan to workout your legs & ass. Do super sets. 15 reps, 3 times.
Saturday -- Take a spinning class again.
Sunday -- Off

Each week, up your cardio intensity as you get fitter - move the bike level up, and up your speed and incline on the treadmill.

For weights, if you can do 3 sets with ease, you need to up your weight. By your third set you should be sweating, and finding it difficult to complete the 8th - 15th rep.

Your pee will turn neon from the cleanse -- and you'll poop more often -- at least 2-3 times a day.

Most gyms offer a free personal session with a certified instructor who will show you how to use the equipment safely, and properly -- this is important. After every workout, try to stretch 3-5 minutes.

Stick to it, and then in a week tell me how you feel, and how much you've lost....!!!

Now Eliz and I are going to go take a spinning class at her gym in Baltimore - be back late this afternoon....

Friday, August 18, 2006

Property of Ms Julie.... ;-)

LOL, look what I just got in my mailbox... yet another good little sub, begging to be my newest slave! Is that a cock stock, or a locking chastity device? Mark, I also rec'd today Belle De Jour - and can't wait to get stuck into it! Thank you for following all the directions clearly. I'll be e-mailing you follow up directions, and plan on us having a little chat either today, or this weekend.

So while I was picking up mail today I also got Jack Flashes card, and $100 ~ we thought it'd gotten lost, but no just took a long time getting here! Jack when you get back from your hike, shoot me an e-mail! Last but not least, I also rec'd a gift from someone called Peter - Bumble and Bumble hair conditioner (one of my favourites!!)

I also got this kinda weird letter (that was quite difficult to read) hand written on some yellow legal notepaper, with a home made business card, for a cab company in some midwest place - like Missouri maybe, and I think he was offering me a job, with health insurance.... ???? It was very confusing... so Dave J*F*ER*O* maybe you can e-mail me and tell me what you really meant....

I also rec'd this months copy of rugby magazine - thanks Greg!! BTW Greg where have you gone? I don't think I've talked to you since tax season... R U Still out there??? Call me!

I've spent hours this morning uploading older journal entries from 1996-1997 (I'm through about July of 97, with more to come) hopefully this will give you newbies, a bit more insight into me!

Back logged Journal Entries...

Does anyone have someplace on their hard drives my older journal entries? I'd like to get them up on my blog, but I'm missing chunks of time, due to hard drive crashes, new computers etc., If so, I'd love it if you could e-mail them to me.

What did you all think of the newest movies that I've added to the forums? Any of them get you hard and horny, wishing you were the guy in the movie?? Tell me what your favourite fetish or fantasy is & let's get a discussion started!

Today on my agenda is to add some smoking new picture galleries & perhaps crack some more sites and post their passwords ;-)

As some of you know, I'm getting my house ready to put on the market, and I'm wondering where I should think about moving to.... any ideas? On my shortlist is Florida, Vegas/Reno, Canada, Puerto Rico.... any other suggestions?

I'm taking it easy today at the gym, I've lost my 5lbs this past week, and I'm happy! I'm still on my taio he cleanse program to detox my liver, and boy has my poop and pee been nuclear looking or what this week! My pee is neon green in colour, and my poop looks like the trunk of a tree! Talking about poop... I have quite a movie to show you today, where two women humiliate this scottish guy like crazy ~ look for the link in the movie section of the forums!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Night swimming

Well since I got back from my vacation, I've been working out like a complete lunatic, and eating nothing but fruits & veggies, and my vitamins. I started this metal cleanse & liver detox program (I have to gag down like 30 pills a day - it's bloody awful), but in just over a week, I've not only lost the 4.5lbs I put on, but 1 extra lb besides!! Can't beat that with a stick right? With the liver detox you have to be really strict - no meat, no coffee, no chocolate, no carbonated waters -- which led me to only fruits and veg, but I figured with the amount of alcohol I'd put in my system all summer long, I could really do with flushing it all out!! LOL.
The only problem with all of this is that because of my extra workouts (I'm doing cardio twice, sometimes three times a day) my back, neck, shoulders and legs are absolutely killing me. Last night when I got home and got done with my salad & cottage cheese dessert I decided that I'd go use the pool - it was lovely! I have only been in it a few times this summer at night, but there's nothing nicer than floating on your back looking at the stars.
I had Olivia run off her feet last night. She came outside with my phone at least twice, then I had her take some pictures with it, but they really didn't come out well - dark, cloudy, and no flash obviously! I also had her bring me iced water, then sent her back in for a couple of towels, then back again for my robe & flip flops, oh and did I forget to mention I had her breaking in a new pair of thigh high stiletto boots for me? Her size 11's in my size 9.5's - it was pure torture! However, the leather did get nicely broken in, and I can't wait to wear them.
I've actually been quite mean to her recently - I think because I'm mad that she can't logistically leave her position and move with me when I put my house on the market. Olivia has an extremely high powered position on Capitol Hill, of which I'm not even going to hint at, but she also owns property in G'town that's worth almost 2.2million dollars, and 2008 is hopefully going to be a big year for her... I'm SO going to miss her, she's like my best friend, my confidant, and the most trustworthy person I know.
Anyway, I made Olivia dry me off when I got out of the pool, and take my bikini off, then I laid down on a sunbed and had her oil me down, and give my poor back a much needed massage. It felt so good. Unfortunately I had to be in bed by 11pm, so there wasn't much time for a full body massage, and as I was in a pissy mood with her, I didn't reward her by allowing her to kiss my ass, or worship my pussy, which she LOVES to do!!! We came in the house, and I bid Olivia good night. When I went up to bed, I noticed that she'd changed my sheets, and also flipped my mattress - problem is, when I got in, my bed was harder than a rock - there was no cushion on the bottom side of the mattress - so obviously it wasn't meant to be flipped... it was so hard I couldn't stick it after an hour, my back was killing me again, and I couldn't get comfortable no matter what. I was so pissed off. I took my pillows and went into Nichole's old room, and got into her bed, but by now it was already close to 1am.
4.30am came quickly, and I totally dragged ass today at the gym, and now I'm laying in wait for Olivia, who is going to get punished like she's never been before.......

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Forum Usage for members

So I've just gone through my cancellations from CCBILL, and noticed a couple of things..

1. When you buy a membership to my site, you also have to register to become a member of my forums (the forums are where all members have access to movies, stories, discussions etc.,). This should happen within 24 hours, and you will receive an e-mail that tells you what password and username you've been assigned for access to the forums. You will still log on to my website, using the codes that you chose when you signed up for ccbill, but once in the members area, when you FIRST click on the forums, you will be asked to enter the codes you were emailed. (Subsequent log-ons should be remembered via cookie use).

2. When you cancel your membership to my site - you will still have access to it for the month that you've already paid - even though you cancel today, you are still allowed the time that is owed to you. Approx every other month I then go in and delete you out of the FORUMS, so if you re-sign up for my site at a later date, you will also have to resign up for access to the forums.

I noticed that many of you who cancelled (approx 40% of you) NEVER even signed up for the forums!! How come? Is it too difficult? Tell me why you never asked for access??

So today, I've uploaded a few new movies to the forums for members only -- hope you enjoy! I know I did ;-)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Turbot... phone calls, Crete & hairy bums..

So I've been having some interesting chats on my yahoo group - as some of you know, I'm looking for a new live in slave..... and I've gotten a few interested parties.

I'm also seriously considering going to Crete in September, and it just so happens that Cole is going back then also to pay some sort of tax on the house that she just bought there this summer... I was thinking of going along for the ride ;-) However, that means I'd have to get my own house on the market pronto, or wait till Oct - and I'm not sure how well houses sell then, compared to now???? I've also tossed around several ideas of places I'd like to relocate to - the south - as in Florida - Puerto Rico, Vegas/Reno, Italy/France/Amsterdam or maybe even Greece!! What do you think? I love Canada - but only in the summer - I'd never survive their snowy winters!

Anyways....I just got home, and have had THREE phone calls - from guys -- on the list no less... I told them to call me back after I've eaten - I'm a tad less grumpy after a full belly ;-) and I'm starving.. haven't eaten anything besides bing cherries and a peach today, along with countless bottles of trinity water (god that stuff is good, but I so wish there wasn't sugar in it)! Anyway, my evening will hopefully be quite interesting, and who knows I maybe running out to meet someone later tonight if all goes well!!! LOL...

I spent most of this afternoon watching these smoking videos - almost makes me want to take that filthy habit up once more - I could be so evil with a lit cigarette on a hard cock and hairy ballsack ;-) sizzle sizzle... lol - you can find them in the members area forums - all full length movies and excellent!! I was so horny on my drive home after watching them..

As for having a woman's bum Peter - I don't know that that is a compliment! I actually prefer my men to look like men - i.e the men that I'm going to fuck that is... the other wimpy little fucks are only good for service, or pimping out, or dressing as maids, and teaching them how to really run my household. Only thing I insist upon is a good old waxing back there ;-) Boy I can get off on those screams!

OK well just wanted to do a quick update to mention the newest movies for members, so now I'm off to cook my turbot with some asparagus, and have a nice glass of wine and take my smelly gym shoes off and put my feet up. Olivia has left everything all prepped and ready to go for me ;-)

Oh, and I'll be available tonight to chat on the phone, or via skype - after 9pm - as for phoning - tomorrow I'm at the gym from 6am till noon - then I have the afternoon sort of off (that is I'll be in my office, setting schedules, and catching up on paperwork from the last 3 weeks...) so anytime between 1pm and 4pm would be a good time to catch me on the phone... 301-637-6903 -- be prepared to amuse me, delight me, wow me with your intellect, or don't bother me!

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm BACK!!

Well it's been about 3 weeks - took off with some friends for some sun, sea and yeah, plenty of sex.... lesbian sex that is.. I did actually pick up a guy or two, and brought them back to the hotel where we were staying , but wound up tying them up, fucking with them, and teasing the hell out of them by making them watch me with Bethany and Liz. Priceless! Guys are so fucking easy to manipulate.... we had these guys jumping through hoops for us, and sneaking away from their wives and girlfriends to play with us ;-)

Anyway, just stepped on the scale today and have gained a whopping 4.5lbs from all the eating and drinking I'd done while I was gone - mostly drinking! We were on one of those drinks included vacations - so from about 10.30am we were downing margarita's, long island iced teas, and pina colada's while laying on the beach, or floating in the pool!!!! Good thing I have a part time job at a gym - I'll need to teach double my spinning classes for a few weeks to burn off all those extra calories, and of course, today I have a huge headache - probably alcohol withdrawals!!! LOL.

I have LOTS in store for you - lots of great video footage to be posted in the forums, new picture galleries, and of course I'll try to find some extra time to crack a few password sites! Right now though I have to wade through thousands of e-mails.. so if you've sent something, be patient! If you don't get a reply in a day or two, write me back - you probably wound up in the spam crap, and were mass deleted!! Sometimes my finger on the delete button gets away with me... all that power, goes to my head!

SO... what have YOU been up to?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Canada 'eh?

Well I've been back now for a week, and the time has just flown in! Canada was great. I met two subs that I've been talking to online for several months. My first stop was in Ottawa and Alan met me at my hotel promptly at 11am. We were going to go have brunch together, and then go back to his place for what would be a very memorable session!

Having talked with Alan a lot online, when I first met him, it seemed like I'd known him forever. We spent most of brunch discussing the fantasy that I'd had about him ~ a schoolgirl, who turns the tables on her grumpy maths teacher, and puts him over her knee for a good old fashioned spanking! Alan has a serious spanking fetish, and has gone so far as to build an old fashioned schoolhouse in his backyard!! It's one large room, with a large chalk board up front, a desk for the teacher directly in front of it, and then 5 rows of tables & chairs. He's even added little things like a White board, an overhead projector, a globe, and maps of the world! It actually looks exactly like a classroom! From outside however, it looks like a gardening shed, with cute little window boxes blooming with profusions of flowers, a few tools propped up against it, and a potting table directly outside. It also helps that he actually does have quite a nice sized vegetable garden....

Anyway, I'd brought my "schoolgirl" ensemble! Complete with glasses, books and white ankle socks. Mine is a little naughtier than the average school uniform! Short little white blouse that was stretched tight across my bust, buttons popping ;-) Really short plaid skirt, and a pair of killer black pumps. I was also "late" for detention... Alan was such a pompous old fart, and I've never been good at advanced Mathematics... Pretty soon my gum chewing, and doodling pictures in my binder had got him huffing and puffing, and after ignoring his ranting and raving, he could stand it no more... he pulled me roughly to my feet, and was about to bend me over the desk to get spanked, when I snapped! I'd had enough. I grabbed his large ruler, and forced him over the desk. I yanked on his trousers and they fell to the floor, leaving him standing there in a pair of white Y fronts. I grabbed those and yanked them to the floor also, and holding him over the desk, I gave him a very good whack on the ass. Nine more followed, and soon he was begging for my forgiveness... I grabbed him by the ear and pulled him up to the front of the classroom, where I sat on his chair, and told him to assume the position over my knee.

As the dirty old professor went to lay across my lap, his cock brushed up against my bare legs, and was hard as a rock. I decided to ridicule him, while I gave him a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. I then made him sit on the floor, and worship my feet, and after a few swift kicks in the balls, I was extremely horny. I lifted my skirt to show him I wasn't wearing any panties, and told him that he was going to orally satisfy me, until I couldn't cum anymore.... I sat down on his face, and proceeded to ride it, telling him exactly how I like to be licked. In my hand I had a ruler that I'd slap his dick with. I put my feet up on his dick, and squished it, while he took my full weight on his face. I rocked back and forth quickly bringing myself to orgasm. It was awesome! As I was cumming I took his dick between my feet, and rolled his cock back and forth and next thing I know, he was spewing cum all over the place....

It was a fucking hot afternoon I can tell you!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cock and Balls for lunch..

I'm fading fast, (been up and at work since 5am) but just had to log on and tell you all about the pretty hot time today with a complete stranger no less! What do you think of this handywork? Amazing what you can do with clothespegs, fishing tackle and some imagination -- right? Anyway, I should back up... last night I hosted this chat on SKYPE - it's internet phone service basically. I can talk to anyone in the world for free (almost... if I call overseas it costs something like $0.017 a minute) but to call anywhere in the US or Canada it's FREE. So I hooked up my head set with mic, tested it out, and pretty soon I was chatting with people from all over the world.

I decided to host my own skypecast (internet chat with voice, and video capabilities) and posted to my yahoo group and my bulletin board that it was going to happen at 8pm... Having never done this before ever, it took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to add the people to the chat who came into the room. I had about 8 guys show up, and most of them participated. It was an interesting way to pass a few hours that's for sure. I can also see many possibilities with it. Obviously to do any kind of training it would have to be one-on-one, otherwise there's just too much background noise to contend with. It's also hard to remember that there are several people who might have something to say, and they all say it at once.

Anyway - I digress... we're talking about cock and balls here... I got back on today and chatted to some guy who lived locally in Baltimore. I really hit it off with him over the phone, and after much discussion about bondage, cbt, chastity and wot not, I decided to grab life by the balls, and invited him to come over and meet me at lunch time, when I would be free. Chris was a sweetheart! As he was driving to my place, and I was driving to my place we chatted some more, this time via cell phone - not skype. I felt like getting very creative today and doing something I've never done... I thought up a whole fantasy starting with the cock and ball torture, and moving up to inducing him with a drug that would turn him into my sex slave for the afternoon, and perhaps allow me to control not only the sex, but also his mind! Very Dr Evil!!

I arrived back at my house only moments before Chris pulled up. I was pleasantly surprised - a nice clean cut, preppy looking guy, who was dressed well, and smelt delicious. I sorta felt like I was having some kind of illicit affair - running home from work to have this blind date kinda meeting with a guy I didn't know!! I'm glad to say it worked out well, and two hours later I was back teaching strip aerobics! I hope he wasn't strongly attached to his.........

boxers, because I ripped them right off! I also sent him home with an english cock and ball cage, and told him he couldn't cum until I called him again. Wonder when I'll feel like calling??

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Last night...

God it's pissing down with rain here today, and a trip to tysons mall this morning didn't even cheer me up...Had an awesome time last night, in fact I got home so late, I don't know why I even bothered going to bed...

I called up my ex after being out with the girls, and on the pull last night. On the phone I told him how I'd been playing around with this guy, that I'd met in georgetown and was totally wet and horny, and was on my way over. I told him if he had anyone there with him, to kick them out right now, because I was about 15 minutes away...

He too had apparantly pulled that night, and had just gotten back to his place, hoping to do the deed... but then I called, and I have him twisted around my little finger, even after all this time.. As I was pulling up, she was pulling out... How awkward... for her... ;-)

She'd had a little bit to drink, and wanted to be confrontational - god I hate that!! She demanded to know who I was, so I said I was the wife.. That shut her up really quickly, and I just smiled sweetly, and used my key to let myself in...

I went up the bedroom and he was just getting out of the shower - he knows I don't want to smell another woman on him. He asked if I'd had a good time, to which I replied by pushing him onto the bed, hiked up my skirt, and impaled myself upon his cock. God it was fucking good.

After I came, he came, and then I sat on his face, and told him to clean me up... doing so obviously got him really excited again, because about 30 minutes later I'd pinned him down again, and was once more bouncing around on his dick...

Of course there was a little foot forplay involved too, I love grabbing his cock between my feet, and jerking him off that way. He loves sucking on my toes, knowing it gets me off is a huge turn on for him. I love how he kisses my legs, and behind my knees, and my ankles - it feels so good.

About 4.30 this morning I told him I was done, and had to go... he begged me to stay, but I just laughed at him. He should know me better than that by now!

SO... what did you all do last night??

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Where did the week go??

God, it's like I've lost an entire week! I took Monday off work at the gym to recover from this past weekends fun and activities ~ hey it's hard working getting in and out of all those latex, rubber, and leather outfits!! Tuesday we had an "open house" at the gym, and it seems that I've been promoted to managing director - without the payrise! I was there till way after 10pm, but my personal client base has now expanded by about 80%. I don't know how I can possibly fit anymore clients into my schedule, but I'll give it a go.

My gym has also this month agreed to put a "strip aerobics class" that I lead on the schedule! So when we announced that it would start at the beginning of the month, we had about 60 women run over and sign up for it. The gym was mighty impressed!! Plus I get to teach women how to move seductively & hypnotically for their S.O.

Totally forget what I did Wed & Thursday, but spent an incredible amount of time yesterday fixing my broken pool light. I was able all by myself to get into the deep end of the pool, go under water, unscrew 5 screws, pull the light out, take it apart, find the bulbs, and then go hunting for replacements. Who has ever heard of a 71 watt halogen bulb? Home depot didn't stock them, and neither did the 5 other places I got referred to. In the end I went to CVS and bought two 50 watts that looked similar - came back home, got back in the pool (it's almost dark at this point) and what da ya know... they worked!! God I'm good...

No one was interested in going out last night, so for the first time in a long time, I was home alone. There was a huge electrical storm that blew through, and just as I was finishing up outside all my trees moved - it was like a scene from a horror movie! I quickly ran up to the house, and the rains came pouring down immediately.

It was kinda creepy being in my big old house all by my lonesome - thank god for my big bruts of dogs! After catching up on the last episode of Huff, I went up to bed to read around 10pm -- how lame is that on a friday night???? Anyway, didn't get any reading done, was zonked and fell asleep right away.

It just came to me about Wednesday -- after work I went to see the Omen - no where near as good as the original - so don't waste your money!! My girlfriends were pretty shit scared throughout out, and it was funny grabbing or poking them - they almost jumped out of their seats!

I've also spent all of my free time this week doing updates to the site... a new photo gallery, several new full length femdom movies, more hacked passwords, and several new stories added... sign up for the fucking forum!! You can't access it without being registered. Check out the link about how to do it. Later today I'll hopefully get another couple of photo galleries uploaded... gotta run, meeting a friend to cycle from Bethesda to Georgetown, and hopefully not get rained upon!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Femdom fun!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Today was an absolute blast. After the pony boy races we dressed Ralph & John in some tight shiny latex maids uniforms, and gave them each a bucket of cleaning supplies. We showed them the 4 bathrooms upstairs, and gave each of them a kick in the ass to get them started. We then took Drew for some one-on-one time in the dungeon. Leanne forced him to strip naked, Liz tied him up neatly and quickly, with his arms handcuffed above his head, and a spreader bar between his ankles. I came along dressed in fishnets, a black vinyl corset, and thigh high boots and slid myself up against his body - how his cock jerked in the air :-) I slowly, carefully and painstakingly twisted his nipple in my fingers, until I was sure he thought it was going to rip right off ;-) I didn't want his cock getting too carried away now, did I?

Just as Drew yelped in pain, I took his earlobe in my mouth and gave it a nice stinging little bite. Now he was well and truly warmed up for some action! Liz grabbed him by the balls and squeezed hard. She then whispered sweet nothings in his ear... about how he was totally helpless and at our mercy, and what we were going to do with him....later..

Twenty minutes of pain and cock torture was brought to a close when Liz and Leanne each took a nipple in their mouth, and licked, sucked, and nibbled on it. As his cock bounced back to attention, I grabbed it in my hand. He was about to explode, and we didn't want that! WHAP went Liz's crop against the tip of his cock. That put a perspective on things alright ;-) I turned around so my back, or more accurately my ass was against him, and I slowly, and seductively bent over in front of him, pushing up against his cock as I did so.

Leanne took her long fingernails and ran them down his stomach, all the way to his groin. She then grabbed him by the balls, and ran her fingernails up the underside of his cock. Liz decided it was time to put him on his back, so I unhooked his hands from the hook above, and Liz took his spreader bar from between his legs. We laid him down on the rack, and restrained his hands, then his feet.

Liz removed her shorts, revealing a sexy little pair of leather thongs, and straddled his face. All of a sudden his cock was twitching up and around, straight up in the air, and I decided to have some fun with it! I squatted down and sat on his groin, angling his cock so that it went straight up against his belly, and laid against my fishnets.

He now had two of us straddling him, and man Liz was doing one hell of a job riding his face. She was red in the face, and I could tell she was about to cum. Meanwhile, I just kept sitting on his cock, twisting his nipples harder and harder. With each twist, his cock gave another little twitch. Moments later Liz got off, and Leanne took her place. Leanne is very quick at getting herself off, and as she's sitting on his tongue, she's using her finger to play with her clit. She got off as soon as she was done, and that just left me......

I decided a more cruel form of torture was in order - sitting him up, restrained, and having the 3 of us make out and play in front of him. Leanne and I decided to dominate Liz (in a playful, non sadistic kind of way) ;-) We stripped her pants off, and had her arms bound behind her back, and then we went to town licking and fingering every hole ;-) It was fucking hot!!

Drew was dying... seconds into it, with no one touching him, his cock exploded all over the place. It was like a fucking gyser! Cum sprayed everywhere. It was really bloody hot!

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Anyway, that's all I've got time for... everyone has just left, and I'm pretty exhausted. I'll log on tomorrow to tell you more.... Oh though, before I go, I'm going to look through my calendar and see when I can organize another little "open house". However, with it being summer, I also have some plans ahead. In two weeks I'm off to Ocean City NJ for just 3 days to stay at this old beautiful Victorian Inn overlooking the water. I will of course have my laptop down on the beach with me some of the time! Do you live near there??

And lastly, is anyone reading this in England, or Ireland? If so, I'm CRAVING strawberry or lemon bon-bons (you know the sweets with the powder on them, and chewy inside)? And, I need some Ambre Solaire suntan lotion - either NO spf, or very low SPF... Anyone want to hook me up??? I'd be eternally grateful!

Friday, June 16, 2006

GREAT day!!

I've had an unbelievable day! Why don't I host more get togethers? Started out brilliantly at the hair salon - $200 later and I look fabulous! Two hours of primping really felt good! I've been working so much at the gym that I really haven't had time to splurge on myself like I used to.

I met my first little slave boy at noon, and we went to La Miche in Bethesda for lunch. Awesome french food, and I haven't been there in EONS. We drank an entire bottle of wine between us before Elizabeth and Leanne showed up to join us, and then we drank another bottle of wine with them! When we left, I was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy inside! Luckily I'd eaten a LOT for lunch (even dessert)!!! From there we drove back to my place, and arrived home around 3pm. The wine makes me a tad horny & flushed, so I took everyone straight down to the air conditioned dungeon, where we made Ralph strip for us to the music of Beyonce - Check up on it! We laughed our asses off at him, however, it was kinda hot. He has a GREAT fucking body, and we all thought he was kinda handsome!! If we'd had any dollars, we'd definitely have given him some ;-) LOL.

We put a cock cage on him, and then took turns riding his face, and grinding our crotches up against his nose, having him enhale deeply! It was pretty hot.

Around 4pm we decided it was pool time, we needed some chill out time, and some sun! It was absolutely scorching outside today. Elizabeth thought she was so smart by grabbing me by the ankles and tackling me into the pool - so much for the new hairdo! Actually by that time, and all the wine, and messing around I'd done, it was pretty fucked up already ;-) Olivia showed Ralph up to his room where he was going to be spending the night, and after unpacking had him come down to the kitchen to make us some drinks. Leanne is on a Mojito kick, and Olivia makes them from scratch with fresh squeezed lime juice & shaved ice... yummy! Olivia also showed Ralph were I keep the pool accessories - suntan lotion, towels, ipod docker, flip flops, and had him bring them outside to us.

He then got to rub us up? down? with lotion, and we all took turns using him as a foot stool while we soaked up the last remaining rays! While we got to relax & have fun, poor Olivia was slaving in the kitchen - she had gone to Fresh Fields and got some halibut for everyone, along with corn, and zucchini (corgettes). Dinner was amazing with more wine! Anyway, it's a little after 11pm, and we're all heading to bed ;-) guess who gets to come along??