Thursday, May 29, 2008


Rab, as in HI Rab? Actually even if you're not who I think you might be, can you please email me, because I'd like to thank you for the gift card. Unfortunately doesn't disclose your email address to me. If this is who I think it is, wow, it's been a very long time, and I'm thrilled to hear from you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So does anyone actually realise how good they feel until they've been sick? On Saturday morning I felt like my throat was getting sore, by dinner time, I was freezing cold, feeling miserable, and my throat ached everytime I swallowed. Today (Wednesday) is the first time I've gotten dressed since Saturday, and I've yet to leave the house. I've had the sweats, the chills, the pooping constantly - in fact I lost 2lbs from eating nothing but smoothies from Robeks, and tomato cup-a-soup. My head has felt like it's been in a vice grip, and generally I feel like I've been hit by a two ton truck. Not fun at all - and it was friggin Memorial Day weekend!! All my friends were out partying it up like rockstars, but not me. POUT!

For some stupid bloody reason, I don't have a primary care dr - so I decided 3 days in, that after using every single thing from CVS in the cold/flu/sinus dept - and boy do I mean everything (I'm surprised I didn't overdose accidentally, with the amount of drugs I forced down my throat) that I'd look around for some antibiotics. I finally found some amoxicillin, only it had expired two years previously. I figured that this kinda stuff doesn't really "expire", and that just in case, I'd double up on the dosage. Anyway, either those, or the rest, musta finally done the trick, because when I woke up this evening, I actually could swallow without hurting, and the back of my neck and my whole head had finally quit pounding.

Anyway, Greg I'm so sorry about not making it out to Tysons to see you, but I actually didn't think of you or anyone else for the last 5 days.

Of course, everytime I woke up, the sun was splitting the sky, and all I could think about was the million and one things I really should be doing, that I wasn't. The moral of the story is, I'm now going to be more appreciative of the little things in life - like not shitting while wrapped up in 5 blankets and a down jacket, and 15 minutes later feeling like I'm going through the change of life, and sweating my ass off!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I spent all day and night hanging out in Baltimore this past Saturday. That in of itself is kinda weird for me, because I've always been much more of the DC girl. I have to say though, I had tons of fun. Two of my girlfriends had me meet up with them at this Flower Mart festival right under the George Washington monument - totally can't remember the name of the area - Mt Vernon I think? Before hitting that though, another friend is a dating some guy in a band, so I met up with her in Canton at The Austin Grill, and we drank ourselves silly on Red Bull bombs, and margaritas. It was cinco de mayo and they had a long line up of entertainment. My fucking Irish lilly white skin took quite a beating from being out in the bloody sun all day long.

Right around 2ish, I called this cute little single subbie dude that I haven't seen in at least two years to come meet me - I didn't want to drive drunk around the city after all ;-) He made it out, and we went up to Mt Vernon to meetup with my other girlfriends.

They had bands performing on 3 stages all day long, and of course my girlfriends just kept plying me with Boordy Vineyard wine, and sangria. Let's call the little subbie "dave", well Dave enamoured us so much that we decided to keep him a bit longer than I'd originally intended, so when all the bands had wound up, we drug him over to a friends condo - she has the most amazing place that looks out over the square with the monument - fabulous high ceilings, and the biggest floor to ceiling windows with gorgeous crown moldings everywhere.

We took Dave inside, while we sent her boyfriend, and the guys from the band off to find parking for all of our cars - that's the downside to living in the city - there's never any bloody parking. I'd been fucking with Dave all day, and I'm surprised that he hadn't blown a load in his pants several times that afternoon, but when I forced him to strip in front of 5 women, he literally came just as his pants hit the floor. Being that he's only 25, three little sentences from me, whispered in his ear, had him standing at attention again in no time flat... and then we really had some fun!!

It's sad, but true, that when I drink, I really become much more sexual than I am already - if you can believe that :-) I was kinda/sorta wet all day long, but with the booze on top of it all, when I took my panties off, and inserted my finger up my pussy, it came out soaking wet, and creamy. I also totally get off on having my girlfriends there watching, laughing, and seeing them get turned on by what I'm doing, or what I'm making "Dave" do.

I told the girls that we were all going to take turns, and that they should "watch" and then follow what I did. I ordered Dave to lay down on the living room floor, I then sat right down on his face, and rode it hard, until I was shuddering my way through my 3rd straight orgasm. Before I'd came for the 2nd time, Dave had blown yet another load, all over his belly, and my ass crack. The girls couldn't wait to take their turns, and were outta their outfits before I even climbed off Dave's face. Dave to his credit, came a whopping 4 times total that evening, and the night had barely begun!

The band boys rang one of our cells and interrupted, telling us to come downstairs, because we were headed out - they took us to Brewers Art, which was nearby the Hippo from what I remember - I of course just wanted to go to the Hippo, and pick up lesbians, and bi-sexual men, but the band guys were so not into that, (???!!!!) and by the time we got to Brewers Art, two of my more "normal" girlfriends had joined us. I sent Dave home after we'd eaten dinner, my attention span had waned, and I was ready for a "virgin" - I just love it when some straight guy hooks up with me, and then is all totally freaked the fuck out by what I wanna do!

From there we went to the 13th floor of some hotel - which I totally can't remember, and I salsa danced the night away with various men - all of latin origin, and sobered myself up by downing large volumes of water. Anyway, my whole point to all of this is that I had myself quite a fun time in Baltimore, and may just have to go back again this weekend! Any subs from the Baltimore area? Got any recommendations of where to go?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back from N.C

I'm completely back in MD, my house after all this time has not sold, so I yanked it off the market. I'm tired of signing contracts, and then having their financing falling through, and me getting my hopes up. This housing market sucks. Bush Sucks. The economy sucks.

Maybe it's meant to be my house. Maybe moving away and quitting this lifestyle was the wrong thing for me. I've loved this house since I first laid eyes on it all those years ago. Just four years after first laying my eyes on that house, it was up for sale, and I got it! In between those 4 years, I met a girl in a bar in Baltimore, and a few weeks of hanging out with her, she asked me if I wanted to come to her parents house for dinner - and guess where the house was? It kinda had to be fate.

So if it's meant to be, and I'm meant to be here, in my house, then why the hell is everything broken?? I came home the other week to that 80 - 90 degree weather, and my A/C wouldn't work. Coming from Ireland, I can't stand it being so warm! The only way I can handle the heat is floating around in a pool, or having my air set on 68 degrees!! So in addition to the A/C being broken, the pipes which go from the swimming pool filter to the pool heater, were completely broken. I'd left the rolled up solar blanket on top of it, but d'oh, I didn't think about all the snow and rain piling up on it, so it got too heavy and broke them. I of course didn't realise and when I went to backwash, and clean up the water, I got totally friggin soaked - there was gallons of water shooting everywhere! It was kinda hilarious.

One of the barn doors won't open, and 3 of my bedroom windows will not open either! I need a slave to make phone calls because I can't be arsed, and I need a margarita just thinking about it all! Since I've been home, (and my house is pretty much empty) I've been pining away for my dungeon. I'd sold, or given away almost all of my stuff before I moved to the beach, but being back in this house gets me so damn horny. I think about all the kinky things I've done in this house, especially down in the basement, and I swear to God, I've masturbated more in the last week and a half than I did during the whole time I was gone at the beach.

Hmmmmm...margarita or masturbate?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Oh it's really late, and who knows if this will work or not. I've pulled my sites down mostly so I can work on them in peace & quiet, and at the same time try to figure out exactly how or if I want to keep them going.

It's been a very long time since I did anything online, so we'll see how this goes.