Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beach Bumming

Well I'm living AT the beach, not ON the beach, but at the beach in NC. I had planned to be here for just the summer - then realised that the summer is more than half way done, so I'll have to re-evaluate my plans.

I unfortunately do NOT have WI FI access unless I trot downtown to the library (I'm trying to avoid starbucks, because I'd pile on a pound a week drinking those raspberry frappachinos) and it's always filled with little 12 year old gangs of giggling schoolgirls. There's just something about writing in my blog surrounded by children that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I've been spending all my time reading about the history of the United States - quite a short read on all angles, and watching Mad Money with Jim Cramer. I now own some stocks in Caterpillar, and wish I'd had enough money to buy Apple.

I have to drive back up to MD in about 10 days to finalize some stuff with my house, and can't wait to see my friends - on one hand I'm very independant, and love being on my own, but I don't think I actually have ever CRAVED company, like I'm currently craving it.

SO, that's about it - keep sending me email -

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Canes, panties and high heels, oh my..

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I've changed the title twice... you should probably read this post.

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ok, I know this is so not a daily thing

I've had nothing but issues for weeks now. If it's not something around my house, it's getting stranded in the snow at 1am in a parking lot with NO ONE else around, or having my server crash and losing my "life book". The last one is probably the worse. I can't imagine what access, not to mention fucking control of my life the person has who finds it. Every password, login info, bill payment schedule & account #'s, tax stuff, warranty information, business cards & addresses, diary, schedule, to do lists that I've ever made in the last 10 years literally, were in that book. (Actually it was a huge hunking 3 ring binder, that I somehow lost/misplaced).

The ironic part of all this is that since I've been on Ritalin, I've actually never been more organized, on time, focused, and way less ditzy that I've ever been... I've also been sooooo mellow & less "impulsive" than I normally am!

Blogger has migrated to a new system, which I had to spend hours figuring out before I could even post! What I need most of all is to relieve some stress, and blow off some steam. I'm actually thinking that at the end of February I'm going to take a trip down to North Carolina to look at a few houses, and then to Florida to check out a neighbourhood or two there. Anyone want to show me around?

I'm in desperate need of some relief if you know what I mean ;-) Even talking dirty by phone would work at this point! I've been so horny all week, must be this cold weather doing strange things to my twat!

BTW -- if you are emailing me, make sure you send it to -- because my main email address is completely spammed out!!! Oh and I'm watching Dateline right now - this huge fat guy whose handle is twink toilet who wants young boys to piss on him, is crying about how it was all a fantasy. I'm all for fantasy obviously, and pissing on people, BUT, come on... how many of you are actually into underage teens and would get in your car to go meet one?

Oh and I want to know who sent me the book from ?? ADD & Organization - I really appreciate it ;-) and would like to at least be able to chat to you in person to say thanks - so send me an e-mail, or post a comment here!

Friday, January 26, 2007

3 slaves, Ritalin & Oral worship....

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Not very sexy...

Hey guys, well it's been a while! What can I say. I got out of hospital finally just before the Xmas holidays, but have had to go back 5 days a week for therapy on my hand and my hip. I am now going just twice a week, and hope to have that finished up by the end of February.

The gym has held my job open for me, and I am there part time, however, I'm still not able to teach spinning classes because as of yet the flexibility in my hip isn't back. I am working out again with hand weights, and have more of a problem with gripping "smaller" items.. I still don't have full range of motion, but apparantly when the tendons are completely healed, I'll be back to normal! Well as normal as I can be...

My clients have been amazing - people were making me meals, driving me back and forth to the hospital, coming by to walk MY dogs, and doing my laundry!!

I've gained some weight (YUCK) in my mid section, and really miss being energetic. I've gone from burning 4000 cals a day, to eating sometimes more than half that!!

Anyway, it's time for me to dust off my leather thigh high boots, slip on a leather mini skirt & halter top, and practice my whipping skills. I'm ready to return to being a full time pro-domme! There's something about a new year, a new you, and the promise of fuller, more engaging life, to get you motivated. Not to mention coming close to death yet again. When I laid in the hospital, all I could think about was, how for the last two years or more, even though I enjoy being at the gym, I never meant it to turn into this full time job that encompasses all of my time.

I went from being a part time trainer, to getting qualified to teach spinning, and then got certified in a few more strength classes, took on even more clients, and then, was asked to be the director of all the fitness programs at the gym! This meant I had to work out everyone's schedules, keep things fun, and running on time, and do all the other stuff I was doing.

My outside interests (horse riding, domination, sex, dancing, reading, hiking, hanging out with friends, computer time etc.,) all got pushed to the back burner, and because there are not enough hours in the day ~ I never even really gave them a second thought!

I have really really missed doing the website thing - I miss not having that creative part of me come out through my writing, and telling you how, and what you should be doing, to improve yourself as a sexually submissive male, who may or may not be worthy of attention. I miss tapping into that kinky sexual side of me, and relaying all those god awful, but sometimes hilarious dates that I used to go on. I miss sharing some femdom oriented porn with you, and have disks full that I've never got around to posting.

SO... those were my new year "thoughts" or resolutions -- what were yours?