Friday, January 31, 1997


01/31/97 ‑ Gosh it's actually very early on Friday morning, what a busy weekend I've got planned.... My dungeon is getting an overhaul ‑ Anybody sell carpets?? Or install them?? I need to replace & recarpet 3 small rooms..... plus put up some new playtoys! One of which is a fast moving, swinging, rack!! So anyone who can find ceiling beams.... and has a POWER TOOL ‑ would be much appreciated this weekend!!!

Thursday, January 30, 1997


01/30/97 ‑ Well, just to show you all what a load of coddswhollop having a counter on the front page does ‑ here's a total of accurate hits from the past 7 days:‑

Total page hits: 140,564
Total Bytes Sent: 4,182,888,801
Number of Pages summarized: 191

A little bit different than the 22,000 + hits that it shows from the 12th of January 'eh? Accurately it's more like 20,000 per day!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 1997


01/29/97 ‑ Well what a load I've gotten done since last night.... I've finally gotten Lady Sarah to sit down in one place, and actually type out her favorite things.

That led to me being able to get started on one of my favourite sections feet and shoes.

Well I finally decided to get some new running shoes today, as the others just stink way too much ‑ I have this aversion to socks, and will not wear them ‑ except, I will have to admit, when staying at a friends house, I have worn their socks to bed ‑ to keep my tootsies warm of course!!

Now to another pressing issue ‑ Because and Lolita is out of town, (and really has way too much going on with other issues I need help with) Ms Nichole is looking for a VERY submissive sissy (who's trainable and a quick learner) to help out with housework & laundry etc., Any takers ‑ (And no, this is NOT a way to get 'free' sessions ‑ We don't have time for that type of a person, ‑ if you're looking for something out of this, besides being allowed to be in our very presence, then LOOK ELSEWHERE.... and if you're really not submissive, don't bother applying either.....) She's going to be in charge of training you, and explaining tasks to you, so send her some e‑mail and she'll interview you herself. You must LIVE in MD!!! or at least DC/VA!!

And yes I'm still looking for another adult provider ‑ and for those of you who've been sending suggestions, so that I'm not getting the same suggestions over and over again:

1. I already have searched (alta vista) for 'adult hosts' domain hosts 'adult content' ‑ Most of them who did accept adult content won't any longer ‑ an adult site is not profitable to them, as we eat up all of their bandwidth!!!

2. And yes, I've been using 'Whois' query to find out who the contact person for a bunch of the larger adult sites are ‑ again these people either tell me ‑ $495 for 3 GB per month, (or more!!) or that they no longer will accept any adult sites, and the people who they have now that have adult content, won't be signed back when the contract expires!! ‑ That's awfully nice of them....

So guys as you can see this is not an easy task!! So help me the hell out here!!

Tuesday, January 28, 1997


01/28/97 ‑ Well, I'm still looking for a new host for my site.... this is getting to be a long and tiring process, won't one of you sweet little subs help me out here?? At the rate things are going the cheapest I've found is around $295/month if I don't go over 3 GB of traffic per day..... (which I will) then it bumps up to $495.00/month. I should start a donation fund!! Seriously though, if anyone can help me in finding a host who will allow "Adult" content, it would be much appreciated...

Today's changes won't be a lot, mainly going through the entire site, and changing the layout, to scale it down some in size, and fix some broken links etc., (which you've all been kind enough to help me out with!) so do check it out!

Monday, January 27, 1997


01/27/97 ‑ What a busy weekend I've had... I've spent all weekend (or most of it) looking for a new web host, as you all are just making this site sooooo popular, and even though I pay an additional fee to to have *UNLIMITED* bandwidth, it seems unlimited actually means I can't have 2+GB per day of traffic going through the site.... So now it seems he wants to charge me hundreds of dollars to host my site, (even though mind you ‑ when I went into this with him, I told him that I was averaging *many, many, many* hits per day, (850,000 in 8 months) and asked if he was sure he could handle it.... and what was his answer, "Why Julie, it's absolutely NO PROBLEM". No problem my ass!

Is it really my fault, that this guy has NO CLUE about anything? (OF COURSE NOT, DAMMIT!!) Not too mention, he told me he'd have real audio and video capability *very soon* and now all this time later, I still don't have them......(which by the way, is why I haven't gotten them up here yet ‑ as they are done, and look VERY GOOD!! ‑ scratch that ‑ they look TOTALLY AWESOME!!!)

Needless to say I'm not happy about this, so if anyone knows of a web hosting service who has no problems with lots of traffic, and *ADULT CONTENT*, and can handle real audio (so you can hear me when I'm yelling at you!!) and has a good reliable service, and doesn't want hundreds of dollars per month to host me, please let me know!! Thanks!!!

Besides that, I was at a superbowl party till the wee hours of the morning ‑ (4am) and even though I don't drink ‑ I feel like I've got a MASSIVE hang‑over, so everyone's going to be *very* quiet today, and stay well out of my way!!! I guess I'm getting old, and can't hang like I used to be able to!!

My DATE was a FLOP!! He literally almost choked when I told him what I'm into.... and couldn't understand why I'd want to do those things to someone, much less, how any *man* could be "submissive" to any woman..... Well, I told him exactly what I thought about his ideas, and boy am I glad I didn't have any dangerous toys with me.... or a dildo.... ;>)

I then left, and went to Bethesda and hooked up with my girlfriends, (and Lolita) who were all going to the movies at midnight, to see John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtiss new movie (Gosh it was hysterical by the way!!) so we all had a good laugh and almost pissed ourselves about 10 times! By the time I got home ‑ at like 4am (we went for breakfast after the movie of course!) the dweeb had called about 10 times, telling me he'd been thinking, that he was OK with me being the way I am, and if we went out a few more times, he'd 'show' me how great a relationship with him would be...... (VANILLA?? = BORING??) No thanks... needless to say I didn't return his calls....

Sunday I went to an antique store, and found this great 'chalice' ‑ it's really neat, and will be great for golden cocktails!! I can't wait to try it out!! Any takers??

Friday, January 24, 1997


01/24/97 ‑ Well today's another yuckky day ‑ due to my PMSing... I've been a real BITCH to everyone, including poor Ashleigh! She took 6 of the cane today, because she still hasn't been able to organize Keri, Nichole, and Sarah into finishing their 'favourite things' for their web pages.... Lolita's been annoying the hell out of me, trying to get my used tampons and pads ‑ (for the web page ‑ SURE!!) She's such a nasty little whore!

Today's going to be a very easy going day for me ‑ (I have CRAMPS you know!!) I'm going to go get my nails done ‑ they are painted black right now (!!!) and everyone keeps 'gawking' at them, when I go to the store, and asking 'stupid' questions like ‑ ""Oooh, is that black nail polish??"" Wanna see a pic? I bet you do! I'm fresh out of colours though ‑ so perhaps just a french manicure today?? I'll let you have a look, if you're really good!!

Anyhow, I've got to go to the mall, and find a dress to wear, 'cause I have a DATE tonite!! Oooh boy! ‑ I haven't been out in ages, so this should be interesting.... to say the least... by the way, he doesn't have any idea about my 'sexual preferences' so I plan on telling him early on in the evening, as I don't want to waste my time with another 'straight/vanilla/boring/plain/unimaginative' MAN!!! Poor guy, though, what a week to actually get set up on a date with me.... PMS is a horrible, horrible, thing, and can do wicked things to a normally perfectly 'calm' 'understanding' 'patient' woman..... (Not that I'm ever any of those!!)

Thursday, January 23, 1997


01/23/97 ‑ Today I'm really not a happy camper ‑ I woke up with blood everywhere ‑ on my thighs and on my sheets, so I guess today would be as good as any day to start the period section of my web page.....and I won't gross the rest of you out by telling you all about it here!!
Last night I had a great time with my little Asian maid!! She organized everything so well.... We started out with her getting the foot bath ready, and she put in some great soothing foot salts, and while my feet were soaking, I laid back, and she started shaving my long legs... She put shaving foam all over them one at a time, and was really great with the razor ‑ after shaving, each leg, she put on a loofah mitt, and put some massage scrub on it, and with the 'rough' side, massaged away all the dead skin cells on my legs. Then she rinsed off my legs, and went and got some clean water. My feet had been soaking throughout all of this, and felt wonderful.... Ashleigh who was sitting next to me, waiting on having her's done, fell asleep just from watching it!!!

Sherry (my little Asian maid) then took this cute little foot shaped brush, and started cleaning my feet, and toes etc., then came the pumice stone, which she rubbed back and forth over my heels, and the tops of my soles, to smooth away any rough skin. She then puts my foot back in the water, to rinse it off, cleaning it with more soap... She pulls it back out of the water, and sets it on top of the foot bath to dry off, while she starts the same procedure on the right foot.....

After doing the right foot, she then goes to the other foot, and covers it in peppermint foot lotion, and proceeds to give me an awesome foot massage ‑ doing fabulous things with my toes!!! After both feet were massaged, and my legs were silky smooth, she smothers my feet in Vaseline, and wraps them each in a warm towel. I then get a warm towel to get into, and then I lay on my stomach on the massage table, while she gives me an awesome massage all over using that warming massage oil!! (I just love having my arse cheeks, my neck, and my head massaged ‑ these are the weirdest spots, but boy do they feel good!!) Anyway, about half way through the back massage, I fell asleep.... and like a well trained sissy maid, Sherry cleans up everything, and then cleans my bathroom for me, while I snooze.... We didn't want to wake up Ashleigh ‑ so she missed out!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 1997


01/22/97 ‑ Today's (and yesterday's) changes are kind of throughout the entire site, as I clean up some more of my bookmarks, and tidy out my office!! God, Lolita my sissy maid is organizing me quicker than I can keep up ‑ She spent all weekend cleaning my house, putting new locks on doors (she liked that!!) and building bookshelves for my office, as well as scrubbing my hard wood floors, all my bathrooms, bedrooms, and dungeon ‑ so now I've found all the neat things that I saved months ago to put on the web page, that I couldn't find because I was sooooo disorganized... Now I have a hundred and one more things for her to do ‑ my living room needs organizing, my library needs organizing, and my kitchen needs serious cleaning and re‑organizing!!!! Boy, she's going to be a busy little bee this weekend..... ;>)

It seems I'm also starting to have server problems, so will be probably moving to my 'own' server sometime within the next few months.... although it won't be an inexpensive move.....seems they can't handle all of the traffic, (but for several hundred dollars a month ‑ they could) and don't support a lot of the things that I'd like to be able to do! Oh well ‑ C'est la vie!!

Also, spent last night having 'foot' photos taken ‑ should be interesting to see what those came out looking like!! Tonite I'm having a foot bath/pedicure session with my newest addition to my sissy maid stable..... she's a very 'cute' and 'sexy' Asian. Very petite, wears size 4 panties, and a 34B Bra... and looks just adorable all made up in her french maids outfit!! She'll be here at 6pm and boy am I looking forward to my foot massage & back rub ‑ these 5" heels can kill a Lady!

Monday, January 20, 1997


01/20/97 ‑ Well after some minor setbacks this past week, I'm back from New York, and ready to add lots more exciting stuff to these pages.... The video's and pictures of us in action will be here soon, (I promise!) along with hundreds of downloadable FREE pics ‑ just as soon as I can get them all categorized, and put into zip files... Many new links are being added in each section, so be sure to check it out, as I won't always remember to mention when I do minor ‑> major changes... So what's new??