Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hey guys I just wanted to give you a quick update. I'm still one handed, and had surgery ~ I have to have some more on Sunday cause one injury on my forearm was still infected (yuck) - my hand surgery went well, and my leg is healing very well. I'm doing therapy twice a day, and will hopefully get released Monday afternoon, as long as everything goes well Sunday.

I've just started walking with the aid of a walker, or while on the treadmill, a harness kinda thing - it's so good to get out of the fucking bed! Now however, they have me on pyshillium husks - and they're huge, and i have to take like 6 of them a day to help me poop (boy I've sure never had a problem in that dept before!!!) I have to have therapy in the am and after dinner for 2 hours each, so afternoons I've been dozing a lot more, cause I'm beat!

I can't WAIT to get out of here, and get home. Thanks to those of you who logged onto SKYPE and messaged me to chat, I've been bored out of my mind.

Peter - re Paris, I don't think I'll be able to go, I've actually had my friend Lisa see about transferring my air tickets to her, and I've had her call my family to say that I don't think I'll be able to get there for Xmas because they think in about 3 weeks, I'll just start to be able to walk using a cane around then. They said I could be on that for as little as two weeks, to as much as 6 months. Knowing me, and my personality, I'll be aiming to be running again by January 1st.

Anyway, I can't believe that it's already the end of November or that Xmas is just around the corner. Xmas is my favourite holiday of the whole year, I love the whole "Santa" concept, and the decorations, the beautiful real tree, and the roaring fire, and the smells outside, and the bright white fairy lights everywhere.. it's soooo romantic, and just a really timeless classic kinda holiday for me. Do guys get into the holidays at all? It seems like this is probably a girly kinda of thing.

I can't wait to get back into the gym again, and see my clients ~ I bet a few of them will need to be whipped back into shape, especially with the holidays here, and it always tends to be the men who way overeat, and neglect their workout schedules... tsk tsk!!

My house is on the market and I've had a few offers, however, they want me to wait until they sell their house, before being able to pay me, and I'd rather have someone who had financing available right away. I'd like to start looking for someplace to move to right at the beginning of the new year.

What's up with all of you??? Anyone done anything kinky recently? I'm actually really horny today - must be on my way to getting better!!

Ms Julie...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Has it really become so mainstream?? Shitting in the woods, on a cop no less...

OK, would you be more worried about going into the bronx, or going into the woods at night to take a shit on a cop?? Surprisingly, it would seem the answers are split almost 50-50 !! Why is she a "former" dominatrix? Read the case here! Anyone ever heard of Angela Bella or done a session with her?

Rachael Ray's hubbie a pervert? No......don't say...

OK, she's way too fucking bubbly, and she's sooooo domesticated, and she seems so much like the cheerleader girl next door... well maybe that's the problem ~ her hubbie is apparantly paying a sex worker to spit on him, trample on him, and squish crap between her toes for him! What is the world coming to?? Ahem...

Well I'm still laid up in a hospital bed, however, I have at least been able to get out of bed over the last two days thanks to the strong arms of Josh & James my two male nurses ;-) Surgery on my hand is planned for Saturday at 4pm, so send lots of warm and fuzzy thoughts my way!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Horrific Week...

You know how when things are going well in your life, you sorta think, wow, what's up with that? Well I musta had one of those thoughts come into my subconscience and boom, things changed drastically in an instant.

This will also probably take me a week to write because I'm doing so one-handed. So bear with me.

On Sunday I was out riding my horse on a trail about 5 miles away from my house, and a large rottweiler came out of nowhere, and attacked my horse. The horse freaked out, and leapt up, and threw me off. Once I landed on the ground, the dog then turned his attention to me, it ripped into my thigh and pelvic area, and was able to lift me off the ground and toss me around while it had it's teeth clamped down on my thigh. I hit it a few times with my hand and arm, and it dropped me, then mauled my left hand, and forearm pretty bad. Luckily for me, a very brave jogger came by after hearing my screaming and started beating the dog with a branch. Once he got the dog off me, he called 911.

About 35 minutes later I'm told the emergency service vehicles arrived and loaded me up and took me to the hospital ER. I don't remember anything except the jogger telling me that at least two arteries may have been punctured, and to lay still. I can tell you I was pretty terrified laying there, wondering if that fucking dog would come back for some more, and worrying that this guy would leave me before the ambulance got there.

I woke up about 4 hours later, all bandaged up, and in a semi-private hospital room. I haven't been able to get out of the bed since this happened, and have had a few consultations with a plastic surgeon about the damage that was done. Apparently I have tendon damage, and maybe some nerve damage. I don't know how long it will be before I can stand up, pee by myself, or dress myself. That's pretty much freaking me out. I'm so independant.

I also have to get these dressings changed twice a day - and they wouldn't stitch anything up, because of infection, so they've been bleeding constantly, and now they are oozing crap... I can't even look at it, without getting all sweaty and feeling like I'm going to throw up.

It's basically taken me all day to type this, one handed, laying on my side, with my hip and other arm elevated higher than my heart to keep the swelling down - it's almost like a yoga pose. They could tell from the bruising, the bites, and the really bad wounds that the dog was at least 100lbs - and I weigh only about 40lbs more that that. For sure nothing happens to me on the minimalist side of things, which goes along with my all or nothing personality I'm sure, but due to my cancer treatments a few years ago, I became "uninsurable", so I have no medical coverage. This is now my 4th day in the hospital. I can't imagine what this is all going to cost.

My horse made it back home, but would not let my friends get close enough to check on her injuries, so I'm not sure how she's feeling. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to call a vet to go out and check her out. Anyway, I'm bored out of my mind in here, and I can't stand staying in bed, or having to have people poke and prod me constantly. Write me! Drop me a line.