Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Saturday Evening, in a hotel room with a dominatrix..

Dinner was great. Lisa's company had arranged for everyone to meet at a great sushi place downtown LA. I however was a little antsy during dinner, because I wanted to get back to my hotel room and play with Patrick. He has a great personality, and was totally into me, taking care of absolutely everything all day again today. Most women dream about having a man that would love, honor, worship and obey her. What woman wouldn't want a man that focuses all of his energy and attention on her all the time? She would be crazy not too! Men that can truly get pleasure out out of pleasuring a woman are true diamonds. I think Patrick may actually be one of those men. It's a pity that more women don't understand that they have a power that just needs harnessing, and some stroking...

I almost ran to the room to find Patrick. I'd been in a state of arousal all day, and it was now driving me crazy! I had asked that Patrick get an outfit out of my bag and have it ready to put on me when I walked in. I was pleasantly pleased to see what he'd chosen. He had a pair of my highest black leather pumps, a pair of full-fashioned, two tone, stockings with a seam up the back leg, a black lace garter belt and matching panties, a black lacey bra, and a soft leather buckle up mini dress. It was all laid out on the bed, and he was waiting in the living room for me, naked as requested. I made him follow me into the bedroom, where I pushed him into the chair. I told him he couldn't move a muscle until I told him. I started undressing myself in front of him, inches a way from his face. When I was completely naked, I lifted my leg up onto his chair, and grabbed his hair. I pulled his head toward me, just inches away from my pussy. With my other hand I spread my pussy lips, and told him to look at how wet and horny I already was.

I walked over to the bed, and sat down to put on my stockings. Then I put on my panties, then my garter belt, then my bra. I then instructed Patrick to come over, and put my leather dress on me. It's a lot like a corset, and you unbuckle it, step into it, and then each buckle has to be done up. It's also made of very nice kid leather, and smells and feels delicious. It's one piece of my wardrobe that I couldn't do without.

I slipped on my shoes, and was ready..

The hours passed by quickly. I began by ordering him to perform by worshipping my body from toe to head with his tongue. He started out my licking my leather shoes with the spiked heels. It is a very erotic experience to watch a man lick your shoes and feet. I know it sounds weird but I get so excited at the sight of a man grovelling on the floor, licking my shoes and feet in a worshipful fashion. I ordered him to remove my shoes and focus on my stocking clad feet, add that pleasurable feeling with the erotic sight of a man humbling himself before me, and I was becoming quite wet! I forced him onto the bed, and raised his hands above his head. I then lifted my mini dress up around my waist, and sat down on his face. I pulled my panties to one side, and while holding his arms above his head, I rode his face, until I came multiple times.

I removed my dress, and bra, and panties, leaving just my stockings and garterbelt on. I had Patrick use his tongue on every inch of my body, while I rubbed my legs and feet all over him. His cock was rock hard, and oozing cum almost all night. Watching him on the very brink of orgasm is so fucking hot!

By about 2am I wanted to fuck him, or hump him at least. I had him spoon me, and pretty soon he was moving in time to my thrusts. I pushed him face down on the bed and climbed on top of him. Patrick has never had anything anally done, and tonight it was going to be enough to just have him feel me on him, above him, forcing myself against him. I had the most amazing orgasms that I've had in a really long time. By about 4am I pulled him over, and straddled his cock. He'd had an amazing erection since I got back to the hotel around 10.30ish, and I wasn't yet satisfied fully. Sitting down upon his cock, and looking straight into his eyes was very hot. I rode him until I came again. When I was done, I rolled off, and told him to take my stockings off for me. Once he had them in his hands, I ordered him to wrap them around his cock and jerk off into them for me. God that was erotic too! Watching him slide my stockings up and down his hard cock, and seeing the cum dripping onto them was yet too much for me, and I had to shove my fingers back into my cunt, and masturbate myself, while watching him...

Shopping on Saturday with a Dominatrix...

Patrick showed up Saturday morning bright & early in his jaguar to pick me up. God that thing is awesome to ride in ;-)

Our first stop was Rodeo Drive, and he had it all planned out! Christian Dior was the first stop, and there he asked the sales assistant to bring me his top 5 list. On it were a pair of sunglasses, a pair of shoes, a dior gaucho purse, a watch, and a pair of jeans. Apparantly it's their top 5 best sellers. Of course, nothing had a price tag. I have to say, I like getting spoiled, and I like nice things, but I'm not a "designer" buff, or fanatic. I do tend to like unusal things, and I certainly have a good sense of style. Being from Europe, I like to get "dressed up" to go out to eat -- most american's think it's perfectly alright to show up at the restaurant in their beach clothes, or work clothes... that's just not done in Europe. Also, for some reason if you put a bunch of jewelry in front of me, I can usually be guaranteed to pick out the most expensive piece as the one I like.... However, This was pretty over the top even for me!

I did love the bag though - brown calf leather (of course) and so soft. While there I did get the run down. It's apparantly a much coveted purse by the celebrities - someone called Jessica Alba? has one in white.. later that evening when Lisa saw it, she almost freaked. SHE IS A TOTAL DESIGNER GIRL! SPENDS ALL OF HER MONEY ON REALLY GOOD KNOCK OFFS! LOL. Anyway, she informed me that this purse is at least $1995.00! I almost fell off the bed. Way too much for a purse. I liked it cause it's like a saddle bag, with cool antique looking trim and features. Now I wish I didn't know the price. I'll be obsessing over losing it! LMAO!

Anyway, our next stop (yes...) was Two Rodeo, and Tiffany, then Cartier, then Charles Jourdan, then Valentino, and Jose Eber. There was absolutely nothing that I wanted from any of these stores! LOL. But god the layout & design in them were awesome. It was enough to walk around, and take it all in.

I did love Hammacher Schlemmer -- really unique, and I found a pair of The Ulu Akna Mukluks.... they are absolutely adorable! I got them in white fur! I also loved David Orgell -- they were originally from England, and set up their first store right here at Rodeo Drive. They used to make their stuff especially for the Royal Family. They had the cutest baby shoe charms ($900 for the lowest priced charm) that I've ever seen. If you wanted one with diamonds, it was a cool $3600.00! But God, it was absolutely gorgeous! They were by Aaron Basha. This stuff was SO unique!

We also went to Dolce & Gabbana, where I fell in love with a lilac corset studded with crystals -- similar to the one that Madonna apparently wore at the music awards in February?? Who knew! We did go a little nuts in here. Patrick bought me 3/4 length jeans with ties up the side, a white lace up midriff blouse, a yellow sundress and of course the lilac corset!

Of course we couldn't get into Bijan without an appointment, but I'm not much in the market for a $100,000 suit anyways!

We took a trolley ride around the area, and then Patrick hailed a cab to take us to the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel for afternoon tea!! Of course, I was his pretty woman! Tea was wonderful. Even better than tea at the St Francis in San Fran, or tea at the Ritz Carlton at Tysons Corner, VA!!

We got back to the hotel around 4ish, because I had dinner plans with Lisa again at 6pm. While I got ready to go out, I told Patrick that he would be staying to put away all my packages, and he could then relax and watch tv or have a drink at the bar until we got back. I told him I wanted to take his jag to dinner, instead of the rental car that we had, and he quickly, with no questions asked, handed me the keys!!! Driving to dinner was amazing in that car. It's practically brand new, with only 18,990 miles on it!

I'll post more about our evening a little later! Remember, you can leave comments by clicking on the button!

LA + Venice Beach..

It really is hard to remember everything I've done when I don't post for a few days at a time. However, I've been utterly exhausted when I've climbed into bed at night, and haven't even been able to crack open my laptop to do any sorta postings!

SO, here's the good stuff!

I met Patrick I guess on Friday morning. He is a member of my yahoo group & website, and sent me a GREAT e-mail about himself a week or two before I left MD. He definitely piqued my interest, not only because he mentioned areas of my life that he's definitely been following for some time, but also because he was persistent. He had apparantly sent me numerous e-mails over the years, but I'd never taken the time to write him back! LOL.

Guys, it really is SO much about the communication. I stress this over and over again! Because we're not face to face, you have to work doubly, and even triply hard to get a woman's attention online. That is of course if she's discrimating, and at all worth anything. Just take the time to put your heart into it, and then spell check it, and re-read it twice more.

If you honestly believe that you did your best with your initial communication, then she probably will notice, and take the time to reward you with a response. If she didn't, then it's time to try harder... You must understand that every dominant woman on the net has men chasing her. YOU have to stand out from the crowd. She's getting more e-mail every day than you probably get in a month. Every morning when I open my yahoo mail, I have at least 1900 e-mails.. I don't respond to even 20% of those.

I know this also sounds cliche - but a small gift (really like under $15) will make a BIG impression. It shows that YOU, out of all those other fuckwads, took the time, and the effort, to find something that she'll hopefully like. Even if she doesn't like it, she'll realise that you did put forth a greater effort than the rest of the bunch!

Anyway, I digress... Patrick's e-mail was well written, it told me a lot about him, and it told me the things that he loved about me. It stroked my ego in a good way. Women love compliments.. not the kind like - god I'd LUVVVV to fuck you... but proper, well intentioned compliments.

SO, I gave him very basic instructions. Send me your full name, your home address/telephone number (so I can do a look up, and know that it's for real, and not some mass murderer), and a cell or work number. I told him I'd call him while I was there.

He sent all of the above back to me, along with more.. his work address, with a mapquest from the airport to both his house, and his job. He also gave me his cell #, and told me what he drove (a jag) and the license plate #! LOL.. I'm no private detective, but I do appreciate it!

Anyway, I called him Friday morning and told him I'd like to see Venice Beach. I'd been here a few days and at least knew where my hotel was in relation to downtown and the airport. Patrick showed up right on time at my hotel, and after a quick breakfast together we set off for Venice Beach. Ocean Front walk was great, the sidewalk cafe, and of course muscle beach!! AFter wondering around watching the street vendors & performers, we rented some roller blades and had a blast. I got in some much needed exercise, and it was pretty funny to watch Patrick try to maneuver his way around people! Around 3ish, I told him it was time to take me back to the hotel. Luckily it's only a few miles away.

Once back in the jag, I gave Patrick some more pretty basic instructions for Saturday. He was going to pick me up for breakfast, and the rest (sight-seeing) was up to him! LOL, I never say anything like that normally! I certainly didn't tell him, but I was planning on definitely playing with him the following day. Before we left for the hotel, I made him give me a foot rub, it's always weird getting out of roller blades, and back into shoes & he did an excellent job! I of course noticed the huge hard on he had when I planted my feet firmly on his lap ;-)

I got back to the hotel in time to shower and change, and walk down to the convention rooms where Lisa was finishing her day. We had plans to go out that night for dinner with two of the bartenders from the hotel ;-) They had promised to show us the best sushi restaurant in town!

Monday, February 06, 2006

First morning spanking, administered by Mistress Julie

I am such a bitch when I wake up early! This morning was no exception, but I had to listen to Olivia pee and moan about her blisters on her feet! Mistress Nichole had forced her to clean the entire house yesterday wearing 6" high heels (stripper shoes really) with her tight, tight, tight, shiny rubber maids outfit. She had a bucket in one hand, with several toothbrushes, pinesol, scrubbers, 401, and more! Watching her teeter around in those killer heels was kinda funny to watch.

Anyway, she thought that at 4.30am this morning when I'm trying to get ready to go to the gym that I really wanted to hear about her feet. I grabbed the bamboo cane in the kitchen and had her assume the position over the kitchen table. I pulled her pants & undies down, and proceeded to crack her arse with the bamboo. She got 5 good cracks with it, and her arse had nice stripes across it when I was done.

Normally, she spends two hours cleaning in the morning before she goes off to work, but today I decided that she sit down immediately to make sure it smarted even more. I told her she was going to drive me to the gym. I felt much better by the time I'd arrived for my classes ;-)

I leave in 2 days for LA and I'm totally excited! I'm staying at some hotel near LAX airport, and that's all I know! My girlfriend Lisa is doing some sorta training out their for her company, and I'm going to tag along and visit a few spas, and RELAX! Maybe visit a few subs who've been VERY generous!

Obviously I'll be gone for Valentine's Day and a few of you asked about sending flowers. I LOVE FRESH FLOWERS! Especially during winter when nothing is blooming outside yet! I've added a few to my wishlist, and Amazon has been notified of the hotel address during the dates I am there!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mistress Nichole & PeechySweet's Adventures

Mistress Nichole & PeechySweet's Adventures

My weekend sucked!

Let's start off with Friday. Got done at the gym kinda late because I'm taking all these extra classes from everyone else's schedule, so I can get enough time off without sucking up my vacationdays. I'd already taken my clothes and stuff with me, so I showered and changed at the gym. I was meeting my friends down at Powerplant live.

I have to say I wasn't feeling like my normal self, just a smashing headache right behind my eyes. My friends Trish & Elizabeth, Sammy & Sarah were in top form. When it's a girly night out, they certainly bring their A game! Me I stuck to Orange Juice... I have to say, although it does make me sound like an alcoholic, it's not AS much fun being out and being stone cold sober! God is that one of the signs?? I mean I don't drink every night of the week.....

By Saturday, I was feeling awful, coughing, runny nose, sore body, I was sure I had the flu. I had spent the entire night up and down the stairs, just not able to sleep. Boy that's not like me, especially not when there are 2 other hot chicks in my bed, and two other rooms with hot chicks in them! LOL

The girls left around noon to go shopping for furniture at Ikea. I HATE Ikea, and had I not been sick, I still wouldn't have gone. What's with putting your own furniture together? Luckily Elizabeth has this butch mechanic lesbian that lives in a condo in her building that has the hots for her. Elizabeth makes her do all sorts of handy work around her place, and teases her.. hugs, kisses, and boobie flashes.

Nichole and her slave peechy also spent the night, and they too left around noonish after doing the whole craigs list thing again.. They are MAD.

After moping around all day, and then freaking out when I found that I'd broken out in a rash all over my body, at around 7ish last night I decided to go to CVS to get something for it - like alka seltzer cold and flu or something. When I got there, I noticed they now had their own clinic, with no waiting! Awesome, they even took my insurance! Although at that point, I was willing to pay any amount to find out what the hell was wrong with me!!

Anyway the nice lady DR did a 5 minute strep test on me, and I have strep.. oh yeah did I tell you I broke out in a rash all over my body? Totally scared the shit out of me! I thought I had measles, but apparantly a rash is a sign of strep throat in some people...

Anyway I'm stuck at home all day again today, and the stuff she gave me, hasn't really kicked in yet. I still feel pretty crappy, and my throat hurts :-(

SO... I'm around all day on the computer... Where is everyone? There are hardly any messages on my yahoo group!

Mistress Julie.

Friday, February 03, 2006

This morning..

After I got done with spinning class, I called one of my slaves up to meet me at the mall. I have desperately needed new underwear, and thought today was as good as any!

Clarke met me at the entrance to Victorias Secret and I needed to check a couple of things before we went any further. One. Was he wearing his chastity device? He'd been locked in it for TWO whole weeks, and I had the key in my purse. A quick grab at his crotch showed me he was indeed still firmly locked into it. I reached into my purse, and got out the small key. I handed it to him, and told him that when we went into the store, he'd come into the changing room with me, and remove the device. I told him if he was a good boy, we'd have some edge play.

The Second thing that I wanted to check was to see if he had indeed gone to the ATM to withdraw $300 each of the last two days. He handed over his wallet for inspection, and I was pleased to see $600.00 in new notes. That is EASY to spend at the mall.

After that we went inside the store. Normally someone there recognises me, but today it looked like all new staff. Goodie! Clarke knows that he has to hold my purse and walk directly behind me. He is to answer only when I speak to him. The first stop was the large table of thongs. I went through and picked out 7 pairs at $18.00 each. God only two steps in the door and I'd already spent $126.00. Clarke took them from me, and I continued to browse.

Next stop was the co-ordinating panties and bra's. I found the most gorgeous lemon lace set, but wasn't sure what size I'd need. I signalled for help, and asked if someone could come to the changing area and measure me. I told them Clarke was coming too. The sales lady who was quite unnattractive looking, gave us a look, and showed me the way. I made a big deal of getting out of my workout clothes. Pretty soon I was standing naked from the waist up, and my arms up in the air. While she was reaching around me, I was staring at Clarke's trousers. There he was with the key in his hand, and fumbling to get into his pants without this sales lady noticing, and all the while he was dying to look at my body! It was hilarious. When the sales lady was about to finish, I asked her to check it, because it sounded "wrong"... ;-) so she had to go at it again. She of course came up with the same measurements that she had given me the first time, and by this time, Clarke had managed to free his cock from his chastity device.

I asked the sales lady if she'd mind grabbing me a lemon, black and a white set in my size, and bringing them back to me. I didn't want to get dressed again to go out and pick them up. She was less than amused ;-) I instructed Clarke to come over, and remove my shoes, socks and workout pants. I love seeing a slave on the floor on his knees, in front of me! He was just folding my clothes and putting them on the seat, when the sales lady came back with my 3 sets. I thanked her, and said that Clarke would help me get into them. She grunted, and left the changing room area.

I turned my back to Clarke, and instructed that he get the bustier top from the lemon set, and put that on me. I love feeling a guy reaching around me, his arms brushing against my skin, feeling the electricity between us. I reached my arm back, and grabbed his cock through his pants. It was ROCK hard. I told him to drop his trousers. He did, and his cock was sticking straight out of his boxer shorts. Such a turn on. I turned around fully to look at him, and show him the bustier. I grabbed his cock again, and he almost came right there. No No, I said, not yet. I told him I wanted to milk him dry, over and over again. I undid the lemon bustier, and dropped it to the floor. I then took his cock again, and milked him, slowly, until he was quietly begging and pleading with me to stop. He was fit to burst. I told him that he was going to sit on the bench, and I was going to place one of my legs up on it. He did as he was told quickly. I put on the black lace bustier, and lifted my leg up. His face was inches away from my pussy, and he was dripping pre cum everywhere. I slid my panties across my pussy, and told him to lick me until I was nice and wet.. I grabbed his head and pushed him in closer to me, humping it. I was really turned on. I hadn't gone shopping like this in a while, and knowing we could get caught at any time, was really turning me on!

I decided I'd milk him again this time through the pair of new black panties that he was about to buy for me. I put them on, and sat down on his lap, I squeezed and moved my hips back and forth, gripping his cock through the new panties. Again I brought him right to the brink and stopped just short.

I stood up and took everything off, and tried on the last set. A beautiful virginial bridal set that was silky soft. I put the bra and panties on and made him get on the floor in front of me. I commanded him to jerk off all over my feet. I was adamant about it cumming on my feet, because he was going to lick it clean. All of it. He wasn't allowed to waste a drop, or I'd have to do something really humiliating to him, here, in the store.

In 10 seconds flat he'd come on my feet, and cleaned them up.. We got dressed and went to the checkout. We spent a whopping $240.00. It was time for the next shop....

Run in the woods

Well I was out for a run in the woods by my house, when I ran into this guy. He said he was my new neighbour and he'd seen me running for a few weeks. He was REALLY cute! He asked if he could join me, and I said sure.. it would be nice to have company. As we were running he started telling me about himself, and asked me some questions. He had moved here from Texas because of health problems that were being taken care of at Johns Hopkins. Of course I knew what that meant. It then turned into the whole big cancer talk, which normally I try to avoid like the plague. He has leukemia. He's decided that he's going to do everything he has ever wanted to do, because he's at the whole stage where you think you might be dying, but aren't quite sure, hoping that a miracle comes along, but just in case it doesn't, you have to fit in absolutely everything before you go.

I guess when I went through it, everyone talked about the 5 stages of grief. I really only ever had one.. anger, and lots of it. Here was I a person who was relatively healthy, ate well, worked out, and had gotten it. Joseph has apparantly gone through all 5 stages, and has come to accept that there's a good possibility that he won't make it. I never really went there. I trusted the Dr's, but still went and did the whole holistic thing along with it.. just to be sure.. He doesn't want to believe that there are things out there, apart from chemo that could help. Me I'd been online for hours a day looking for other points of view, and he'd never thought about another..

After almost 2 hours of running, we stopped, and I decided to go back to his house with him. Joe is in a lot of pain from the radiation and stuff, but made a comment that he's a bit of a masochist. I of course decided to see if he really was or not. I told him that I actually hated the pain, that I'm good only at dealing it out, not taking it. I told him I had to smoke pot for the first time ever, just to relieve the pain of the treatments, and be able to deal with how it was ravishing my body.

Joe thought that was a "different" choice of words, and said that he'd actually done some body modification to help him relieve the pain... a prince albert, and some tattooes.. I thought that was pretty cool. I told him that while I was ill, I got my nipples pierced, and two new tattooes.

Pretty soon it was 10pm, we'd talked for hours. I knew everything about him, and he knew almost everything about me. Almost everything... I decided I'd let him in on my secret. The whole time I was ill, there was nothing more that I wanted to do than take my anger and hurt out on men, and how I had to hold myself back from the whole scene, because as angry as I was, with what was going on in my body, I'd probably have killed someone. I told him that during this time I'd had some of my most explosive fantasies. Things in the scene that had never appealed to me before, were at that point really turning me on.... castration, brutal ball bustings, aspyhixiation.... At times it had scared me so much, I knew I could not go back to my life until things were all either under control, or I was dead.

It was a very bizarre, but healing couple of days. I spent the night with him, edge playing all night long... taking him to the brink, and pulling him back. Teasing him, and denying him. It was probably the most amazing sex I've had in years. It's actually the only sex I've had in 3 and a half years. Fulfilling #67 on his "list" of things to do before...