Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Saturday Evening, in a hotel room with a dominatrix..

Dinner was great. Lisa's company had arranged for everyone to meet at a great sushi place downtown LA. I however was a little antsy during dinner, because I wanted to get back to my hotel room and play with Patrick. He has a great personality, and was totally into me, taking care of absolutely everything all day again today. Most women dream about having a man that would love, honor, worship and obey her. What woman wouldn't want a man that focuses all of his energy and attention on her all the time? She would be crazy not too! Men that can truly get pleasure out out of pleasuring a woman are true diamonds. I think Patrick may actually be one of those men. It's a pity that more women don't understand that they have a power that just needs harnessing, and some stroking...

I almost ran to the room to find Patrick. I'd been in a state of arousal all day, and it was now driving me crazy! I had asked that Patrick get an outfit out of my bag and have it ready to put on me when I walked in. I was pleasantly pleased to see what he'd chosen. He had a pair of my highest black leather pumps, a pair of full-fashioned, two tone, stockings with a seam up the back leg, a black lace garter belt and matching panties, a black lacey bra, and a soft leather buckle up mini dress. It was all laid out on the bed, and he was waiting in the living room for me, naked as requested. I made him follow me into the bedroom, where I pushed him into the chair. I told him he couldn't move a muscle until I told him. I started undressing myself in front of him, inches a way from his face. When I was completely naked, I lifted my leg up onto his chair, and grabbed his hair. I pulled his head toward me, just inches away from my pussy. With my other hand I spread my pussy lips, and told him to look at how wet and horny I already was.

I walked over to the bed, and sat down to put on my stockings. Then I put on my panties, then my garter belt, then my bra. I then instructed Patrick to come over, and put my leather dress on me. It's a lot like a corset, and you unbuckle it, step into it, and then each buckle has to be done up. It's also made of very nice kid leather, and smells and feels delicious. It's one piece of my wardrobe that I couldn't do without.

I slipped on my shoes, and was ready..

The hours passed by quickly. I began by ordering him to perform by worshipping my body from toe to head with his tongue. He started out my licking my leather shoes with the spiked heels. It is a very erotic experience to watch a man lick your shoes and feet. I know it sounds weird but I get so excited at the sight of a man grovelling on the floor, licking my shoes and feet in a worshipful fashion. I ordered him to remove my shoes and focus on my stocking clad feet, add that pleasurable feeling with the erotic sight of a man humbling himself before me, and I was becoming quite wet! I forced him onto the bed, and raised his hands above his head. I then lifted my mini dress up around my waist, and sat down on his face. I pulled my panties to one side, and while holding his arms above his head, I rode his face, until I came multiple times.

I removed my dress, and bra, and panties, leaving just my stockings and garterbelt on. I had Patrick use his tongue on every inch of my body, while I rubbed my legs and feet all over him. His cock was rock hard, and oozing cum almost all night. Watching him on the very brink of orgasm is so fucking hot!

By about 2am I wanted to fuck him, or hump him at least. I had him spoon me, and pretty soon he was moving in time to my thrusts. I pushed him face down on the bed and climbed on top of him. Patrick has never had anything anally done, and tonight it was going to be enough to just have him feel me on him, above him, forcing myself against him. I had the most amazing orgasms that I've had in a really long time. By about 4am I pulled him over, and straddled his cock. He'd had an amazing erection since I got back to the hotel around 10.30ish, and I wasn't yet satisfied fully. Sitting down upon his cock, and looking straight into his eyes was very hot. I rode him until I came again. When I was done, I rolled off, and told him to take my stockings off for me. Once he had them in his hands, I ordered him to wrap them around his cock and jerk off into them for me. God that was erotic too! Watching him slide my stockings up and down his hard cock, and seeing the cum dripping onto them was yet too much for me, and I had to shove my fingers back into my cunt, and masturbate myself, while watching him...

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