Saturday, June 28, 1997

The word on the hill!

06/28/97 ‑ Well the news on the street for yesterday was :‑

By James Vicini

WASHINGTON (Reuter) ‑ The Supreme Court extended free‑speech rights
to cyberspace in a historic ruling Thursday, striking down a federal law that
restricted indecent pictures and words on the Internet computer network.

The nation's highest court dealt the Clinton administration a major defeat
by declaring unconstitutional the law that made it a crime to transmit
sexually explicit material to anyone younger than 18.

The high‑profile case marked the first time the Supreme Court granted full
constitutional free‑speech protections under the First Amendment to the
giant worldwide network of linked computers used by tens of millions of

The justices by a 7‑2 vote ruled that all key parts of the Communications
Decency Act violate free‑speech rights, amounting to illegal government

``Notwithstanding the legitimacy and importance of the congressional goal of
protecting children from harmful materials, we agree ... that the statute
abridges 'freedom of speech' protected by the First Amendment,'' Justice
John Paul Stevens said for the court majority in the 40‑page opinion.

The law, signed by President Clinton in 1996 as part of a telecommunications
overhaul, barred distribution to minors of indecent or ``patently
offensive'' materials on the Internet. It provided for fines and a maximum
two years in prison.

The law defined indecent as anything that ``depicts or describes in terms
patently offensive, as measured by contemporary community standards, sexual or excretory activities or organs.''

The law did not target obscenity or child pornography, which already were
illegal. The Internet indecency law has never taken effect because of the
court battle.

The ruling represented a major victory for the American Civil Liberties
Union (ACLU) and groups representing libraries, publishers and the

computer on‑line industry, which brought the lawsuit challenging the law.

ACLU attorney Stefan Presser said, ``Essentially the Supreme Court of the
United States took an idea from the 18th century, that is free speech, and
said it has enduring quality, and will extend into the 21st century, because
government will not be allowed to censor what's on the Internet.''
Clinton said he would study the decision, gather people representing
industry, parents, teachers and librarians to review it, and continue to
look for a way to keep children from viewing pornography on the Internet.

``With the right technology and rating systems we can help ensure that our
children don't end up in the red light districts of cyberspace,'' he said in
a statement.

The Supreme Court said the rapidly growing Internet deserved full First
Amendment protection, citing its unique characteristics as a public forum
for the exchange of ideas and information.

The high court rejected arguments that the Internet was similar to the
television and radio industries, where there has been a history of extensive
government regulation and where indecent speech may be restricted.

``The (Communications Decency Act) is a content‑based regulation of
speech,'' Stevens said. ``The vagueness of such a regulation raises special
First Amendment concerns because of its obvious chilling effect on free

``As a matter of constitutional tradition ... we presume that governmental
regulation of the content of speech is more likely to interfere with the
free exchange of ideas than to encourage it,'' Stevens said.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor agreed
that the law was unconstitutional in that it would restrict adults' access to
material they otherwise would be entitled to see.

Writing for the two, O'Connor said they would invalidate the law only in
those circumstances. That part of the court's ruling was unanimous.
But O'Connor said for the two dissenters that she would uphold other
restrictions that prohibited the use of indecent speech in communications
between an adult and one or more minors.

In his statement, Clinton said, ``The Internet is an incredibly powerful
medium for freedom of speech and freedom of expression that should be
protected. But there is material on the Internet that is clearly
inappropriate for children ... We must give parents and teachers the tools
they need to make the Internet safe for children.''

Isn't that fantastic?? This means that sites like mine will no longer be messed with!!

Well that's it for today worthless ones... I have a full day planned with one of my little slave‑boys, so gotta go get dressed for it... now where did I put those black 5" heels that I just got?

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Today's Lesson.... Everyone READ!

06/25/97 ‑ Hello there.... are we all behaving ourselves like proper little boys?? Mommy doesn't have to give you a spanking does she??

You know a lot of women have been writing to me asking how do they go about dominating a man or where to find one at... well I started thinking about it tonite, and I thought that some of the most important things are:

Five Rules for Controlling the Male:

1. Finances: The female controls all financial decisions in the relationship.

2. Work: Females work as much as they want to; males work as much as they have to.

3. Desire: Females are wanted, males want.

4. Motivation: Females drive, males are driven.

5. Pleasure: Female pleasure is what matters; male pleasure is a distant second. Males cum only by female permission.

The male who successfully seduces females is rare. Much more common is the sex‑starved male, the one who will do anything; _anything_ for you. If you're tired of your typical relationships and want something where you're in control, practice first with those males you catch staring at you in public, but who you can see are afraid of you and won't make the first move. Even if you don't say anything to such a male, you can tease him and give him memories which will last him literally years, if you carry out some of the techniques described here:

"The Tease"

Make no mistake about it. Many males love to be teased. People can say it isn't true, but that doesn't change the reality of it all. There are those males you will need to weed out ‑ those males who don't like being teased ‑ but for the most part, males love it. There is nothing greater than putting a worm under a female sex spell. If you can cast a female sex spell you can enrapture, influence, and enslave many males, and they will love you for it. You can tease simply by doing the following things..... Dress in slightly revealing clothing, click your well‑manicured nails a lot. Wear seductive perfume and grow your hair out. Work on your voice. Men love sexxy voices, that is one reason phone sex lines make so much money... 75% of slaves who I've done sessions with and who type me up a follow‑up letter always mention in the letter about my very sweet and seductive voice, and how it just enthrall them :>) Next comes my hair - long and red, and silky soft.... invest in a good hair salon. I pay upwards of $250 every time I go in for a cut and colour.

The typical sex‑starved male is made passive by the popularity of women's liberation and feminism that we've seen over the past few decades. Humiliation works wonders also!! These males will suck your toes, give you a pedicure, kiss your ass, wash your underwear, do your shopping; they'll do just about anything for you if you simply walk into their life and take hold of the leash which is displayed invisibly along with their poor helpless puppy dog looks as you see them around you in your day to day life. Once you have a date with a nice whimpy, needy guy, then you have a potential slave. Make sure you find a guy who's successful financially but not so much sexually. Typically (but not always) these are men who have worked very hard and made a lot of money, but have no real experience with women, and they're often very passive sexually. Once you have such a guy on a date, you can, at the end of the night, explain that you're on your period. You can offer to get him off another, special way. Then you pull a pair or two of satin panties from your purse and wrap them around his cock, which you've pulled from his pants. This is one of the first major, feminizing moves you can make. You may find that a lot of these males already have experience with panties.

The typical wimp will be in heaven now. You will have just fulfilled all of his dreams. He will be under your power from then on, as long as you provide attention now and then to his poor little worm, that appendage of his which has made him so helpless and flustered in the sexual arena his entire life. Typically you can get his worm hard, then let it go, and simply rub his chest or shoulders for awhile as you talk with him. You can then go back to making the worm hard again, then let go. Make it clear that he is not to cum.

All of my slaves have to cum on command, and only if instructed..... You can decide whether to allow him to touch himself. This is one of my personal favourites, I love to see pathetic worms jacking off. If you want to see the male cum and if you get good at it like me, you can control exactly when that will happen. Once you have that ability you can keep him completely hypnotized. The longer you avoid letting him cum the more frustrated, pleading, and most importantly obedient, he will become. It's up to you whether to bring him off that first night, or whether to leave the panties with him, telling him to zip up and finish himself off inside, or take the panties altogether, and tell him to have sweet dreams. Whatever you do from there, the relationship will be in your control then.

One technique you can use on an early date is to play with the male's worm, and get him all hot and bothered, then stop and inform him that you don't believe in traditional intercourse, but that there is another type of intercourse he can perform on you instead, if he is willing to be a little open minded. With your nails tenderly tapping his member and you whispering sweetly in his ear, he will be highly aroused and curious. Then you have to convince him to take a double‑ended dildo into his mouth, and to fuck you with it, using the other end. This is a great way to both pleasure yourself safely while denying him nature's greatest achievement in his mind, intercourse. As you come in waves of pleasure while he sweetly sucks one end of a dildo and fucks you with the other end, playing with himself using panties you've given him but not allowed to cum, you will have achieved a position of fairly total control over him. If you have a male servicing you in this manner, it is safe to say that he has become your slave.

There are men out there whom you can continue to feminize in this manner and they will become ever more docile, servile, and feminine under your guiding hand. Just remember that the key is to keep the male from orgasm, and to have him cum in humiliating ways such as on your feet where you order him to lick the cum off, or on your ass cheek where he is also ordered to lick the cum off. You can have him cum while playing with himself with a pair of panties and sucking a large dildo. You can have him on his back, bent around so his penis is over his face, then have him cum all over his own face. As twisted as this might seem to some of you, a great number of males enjoy such treatment. It is up to you to take advantage (like I have) of the great number of males in this society who desire such "sex."

This is also why it is so important to deny the male his orgasm so much of the time. When the male is aroused, he is in a state of great desire, want, and ongoing pleasure. This is a great
motivation in his wanting to please you, because you have become the source of his pleasure through your manipulation. If you let him cum too soon, he may lose interest. As a female dominant, there are only two types of "sex" you should share with the male. You should either deny intercourse completely, or if you decide to fuck that rare male, fuck him so thoroughly that he will be convinced of your superiority. Never let your hands or body off of his member and make him cum multiple times, thoroughly exhausting him. Either through denial or through "too much sex" you can establish your dominance. The bottom line is that when you let a man cum, make it two or more "loads." His sexual inferiority will become apparent in either case. If you're going to fuck a guy, make sure he's wealthy or has worked very hard for you. Many dominants I've talked to only have intercourse with the male once in a blue moon, if at all. Some are lesbian and never have conventional intercourse with males; such women can put a man in their female thrall nonetheless. For me, I don't have sex with men very often, in fact I actually can't remember the last time that I did. I do have sex with some women, but that's basically conventional sex, so I don't consider myself in any way a full blown lesbian... I'm definitely bi!

Now if you are already married, or thinking of getting married then you should definitely have:

"The Productive Marriage"

This is a special type of marriage, practiced by dominant females and their loving males. In this marriage, there is little or no conventional intercourse, usually depending upon whether the female wants children. If she wants kids, then she will typically let the male fuck her for that purpose alone. In this atypical marriage, the male has his orgasms strictly regulated, perhaps to once a week or once a month. The male is typically a dynamo in some field such as industry. At night, the couple might sleep in a "spoon" position, female on her side, male behind her, with his penis tucked between her thighs. There is no intercourse. Females who understand how to harness and control the male's sexuality end up with the greatest producers, and that in my opinion is what it is all about. What possible use is a male who produces nothing? Females who establish marriages with sexual control also know more love than females who are not so particular. I don't know but I've been told that, to a woman, being loved is the most important thing in the world. If you take control of the desiring male's sexuality, you will know more love than you could have ever dreamt of, at least from a human being. Again, in the marriage where the male sex is strictly regulated, that male typically produces vast wealth for the female or is very productive in many other ways....

"The Feminized Male "

The key to feminizing the male through female sexual and sensual manipulation is in understanding that in our society there are a lot of men who wish to be feminized and used as a sex object by an aggressive female. Part of female control or domination is the feminization of the male. In this culture there is a large subset of males just waiting to be feminized. You can achieve this in the male by introducing him to the pleasures of lingerie, or by convincing him to suck on a dildo. You can further feminize the male by giving him female hormones. If you've read this far you're obviously not shocked at any of this. To some dominant women, the ultimate male is the shemale.

Anyhow, this is basically all I can think of off the top of my head for right now, but perhaps I can keep adding to it, when I have more time to sit down and collect my thoughts... perhaps some of you worms reading this right now, have some ideas on how other women (perhaps your wife) could control and dominate you?? Let's hear some.... post comments!

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Leg Show Magazine!

06/24/97 ‑ Good morning slave boys, well what a busy day I've got planned!! I'll tell you all about it later if I feel like it :>)

I just found out today that I'm featured in this months issue of Leg Show Magazine..... the centerfold no less! I'll have to go out and make a point of picking it up. Isn't this neat ‑‑ Secret Mag, and Leg Show Mag in the same month!!

Monday, June 23, 1997

French Maids.

06/23/97 ‑ Hi slaves, well today has been very busy around here with sessions etc., and lots of goings on... that's it for this evening, I had a full afternoon of new slaves, and I'm rather tired.... I'm going to go call Larry, and have him haul his sissy ass over to our house this evening to give me a nice massage, and foot rub.

We also desperately need our house cleaned, and I know that he just loves to take off work, and spend hours doing my cleaning dressed as a little french maid. I have laundry piled almost to the ceiling that needs washed, dried, and ironed.... not too mention all of the hand washing that he'll have to do what with all my used panties, and stockings etc., etc., laying all around!!

Sunday, June 22, 1997

Tina Turner concert & legs... more legs..

06/22/97 ‑ Hey there doggies & worms..... yesterday was a lazy day for me, I got a great massage from one of my slaves, and then Nichole & Diana took over playing in the dungeon most of the afternoon. Nichole, Diana, myself, and a few of our other friends went last night to see Tina Turner in concert, at the Nissan Pavillion at Stone Ridge & it was fantastic. Unfortunately we were only able to get lawn seats, BUT, it turned out really well... We rented lawn chairs, and as I sat down in it, and kicked off my shoes to rub my feet in the cooler grass, I started to look around, and people watch. God this would be a foot fetishes heaven. I couldn't believe how many pairs of bare feet there were around me..

Women were walking around bare foot, and were peeling their stockings, and shoes off everywhere around me. Not too mention when the concert started, all they featured over and over again were Tina's fantastic looking legs, and her beautiful heels, as she danced around and strutted her stuff! Hanes was sponsoring the concert, so there were advertisements all around of stockinged legs, and feet, it really was quite funny. I was trying desperately to scope out the men, and see if any of them were paying an over‑abundance of attention to any of these bare feet, or shots of Tina's legs & feet!!

Anyhow, if you're a foot fetishist, and aside from the beach were you'd see lots of bare feet playing in the sand, I think the next best place to go see thousands of feet would be an outdoor concert! The concert was fantastic, it was a pity however that we hadn't thought to drag a slave along, cause we had to carry our own lawn chairs, and drinks....not to mention, we had to walk back to get to our cars.... and we really should have brought a blanket, and a cooler of water or something, it really was very hot out yesterday. A little helper slave boy would have been the ideal end to an ideal night!

By the way, if you want to get on our good side.... well you should buy us concert tickets for Nissan Pavillion much more often.... for instance, No Doubt, Garth Brooks, and Lollapallozza is coming up, and all of us here would love tickets to go see it... and perhaps you could be our little helper.... (and don't worry about sending us too many tickets, we have MANY girlfriends that would just love to accompany us to a concert!!)

Well that's it for today's updates, we're up to our pretty eyes in sessions today, and I'm about to do some slave training in just over an hour, so I've got to go get my other outfit on, after that, we're all off to the pool for a nice cool swim!!

Friday, June 20, 1997

Men should treat women with love, respect & caring..

06/20/97 ‑ Well slave boys what's up with all of you? I have a few special treats in store for all of you ‑‑ for a special ass sniffing slave of Ms Nichole's... a farting video clip! Yes Sniffy this is just for you darling, and we're all looking forward to seeing you again soon. Ms Nichole & Ms Diana are both planning on eating a good hearty meal or two at Taco Bell for lunch and possibly dinner... How does that sound sniffy? In fact I'm sure that not only will you get some nice aromatic farts in your face, they'll also allow you to dine in..... Won't you just adore that sniffy darling??

Enough of that.... I spent yesterday afternoon transforming this obnoxious little fucking worm. Boy was he a pain in the ass... His wife, (poor dear) sent him to me for some abuse, and training. She simply can't take him any longer, poor woman is at the end of her tether.

She lied to him, and tricked him into coming to my dungeon, boy was he not expecting what I had in store for him... wink, wink... I answered the door myself, looking like a school teacher.... Short black skirt, black full fashioned stockings, black heels, and a white silk blouse, with my hair pinned up, and my glasses on... With heels on I was looking down at him, (just the way I like it) and I was thinking how much I was going to enjoy humiliating, and taking this little fuck down a peg or two... I'd spent an hour or more on the phone with his wife earlier in the day, and couldn't believe my ears at the things she was telling me.....

He doesn't help with cleaning up ‑‑ expects her to do everything, washing, ironing, hoovering, dusting, cooking, washing the cars etc., etc., the list went on and on.... and as I listened, I was getting more and more enraged...

Mothers day had come and gone, and he hadn't gotten her flowers, or anything, no nice romantic dinner, nothing.... Oh yes I was going to enjoy this one... He'd cheated on her several times, and basically just abused her trust, and her love.

She explained to me that she simply couldn't stand this any longer, and jokingly had thought to herself, that it would be so much nicer to come home in the evening after a long hard day at her office to find the kids doing homework, the house already cleaned, and dinner waiting for her on the table, with her little sissy maid ready to serve her, and service her all night long.. every night... She was sick of the pathetic 5 minute fucking that he gave her once or twice a week, she wanted more, much more out of life.... She wanted to be pampered, and adored. She wanted him to worship the ground she walked on, and most of all, she wanted him to be afraid, very afraid...
I stepped behind him and locked the door quickly and quietly. I then ushered him inside, and told him that he was here for a very special evening... He looked at me like I was crazy, and was about to open his mouth to speak, when I brought my hand up quickly and slapped him in the face. I told him that he would only speak when spoken to, and that his training was about to begin.... I reached for his hands, and quickly cuffed him, I then led him into my dungeon. He was protesting, and asking if I was crazy.... so I slapped him again, and again, and again... right in the face, across his jaw. Whap, Whap, Whap... That brought silence. I told him to get down on his knees in front of me, and there was no response from him, he obviously still didn't know who he was dealing with.... so I raised my knee quickly and knocked him in the crotch. That brought him to his knees quickly enough :>) His hands went down to the floor, as he tried to get his balance... So I stood on them. I ground my spiked heel into his hands. He made an awful mistake of calling me a bitch at that point, and staring me in the eye. I hate disrespect, especially from a fucking man. I lifted my leg, and kicked him in the stomach. He fell down to the floor, cursing me out, so I kicked him again, this time in the head. What an idiot. You'd think with this much abuse, he'd get with the programme real quick...

I was standing over him, when he had the raw nerve to spit on my shoe.... so I decided he should have my shoe, shoved first deep in his mouth, to get it nicely oiled up.... if you get my jist. I grabbed him by the hair, and shoved my foot in and out of his mouth. Once it was nice and wet, I dragged him by the hair over to my spanking bench. I told him that I was going to count to three, and that he'd better be over it, otherwise, I was going to kick, and beat the shit out of him...

The stupid worm refused. I'd just about had enough. I grabbed his shirt, and ripped it totally off his chest. I shredded it. I reached for a knife, and I held it to his face. I ordered him to stand up. He did it. I took the knife slowly down his chest to his pants. I pushed him against the wall, and
restrained his hands to the hooks above his head.... I could smell fear. I liked that. I smiled at him as I told him what I was going to do with that knife... I've always had castration fantasies... :>) I twisted the knife under his pants button, and cut it right off, his pants fell open in the front exposing his boxer shorts and then slid down to his knees. I slid the knife into the slit on his shorts, and cut away his boxers.... I commanded him to step out of his torn up shorts, and trousers. I was going to put a pair of nice silky panties on him instead. I saw a look of horror on his face, and I chuckled! As I pulled the black and red silky panties up his legs, and over his exposed crotch, I saw and felt his body shiver in anticipation of what was going to happen next.....

And, guess what slaves, you too will have to wait to find out what else happened yesterday afternoon... I am busy with other changes....

Ms Ashleigh, and Ms Keri, are no longer going to be doing sessions, they've been doing other interests.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

Getting to know YOU..

06/19/97 ‑Yesterday I had a great foot worship session with a really sweet submissive, from N.Jersey. He gave me an awesome toe licking, and foot sucking, and it was his first time basically ever doing it before... Gosh fantasizing must really pay off!! Because he was so good, and it was sending major shivers up and down my spine, I allowed the poor sod to cum on one of my beautiful feet, only, if he licked it all clean afterwards..... Boy did he flood my foot :>) Once he got home, he sent me a really nice e‑mail,

Ms. Julie ‑

I have just arrived home from our first meeting. I was totally & nonetheless captivated. You are stunningly beautiful. Your voice was quite sensual and enrapturing, and your touch melted my will instantly. I must, officially, state that it was, indeed, a great pleasure to meet you. You must pardon my dumbfoundedness at the dungeon, for I was still in a state of awe about what had just transpired. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed my spanking. Your soft caresses between blows kept me confused and on edge. And, each strike brought more pleasure than pain. (Go figure.) Obviously, I enjoyed my rectal stimulation ‑ I think that was quite obvious! :) And, my noises were ones of delight, not of particular pressure, nor pain. I hope that we can transgress the level that we reached today, so that, one day, I may be able to allow you to fully penetrate me. Finally, I was overjoyed, like a little boy on Christmas day, with your feet. I could probably have sat there all day and night, kissing and sucking them. (Grin.) I do wish that I would have had time to be given the gift of your precious fluids. But, in my state of ecstasy, I completely forgot about it. Well, I guess that was part of the leave me yearning for work to a loftier goal for the future. Once again, I thank you for allowing me this privilege of being under your tutelage. I hope I did not disappoint you too much.

These letters are an important part of what transpires after and before subsequent sessions. I like to know the feelings that were present, and the thoughts that were going through the subs head during, and after the sessions. And, I have to admit, I can use them to my advantage..... for instance, the little sweetie was dying to drink from the golden cup.... well I'll have to just tease the hell out of him next time knowing that....

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Tongue my sweaty feet...

06/17/97 ‑ Whew what a weekend, I tell you!! I met this wonderful toilet slave on Saturday morning, and spent 3 hours training him. He was great!! He'd only ever done this twice before, but was acting like a pro‑shit eater!! Luckily for him I'd eaten Mexicano the night before ‑ beef & bean burritos etc., etc., and boy did I have a load to drop or what that following morning! God, the turds were huge!! Needless to say, my toilet did a fantastic job!! I'll definitely be seeing him again, and again, and again!! Luckily for me, he lives almost literally down the street :>) Perhaps I'll have him over every day for breakfast??

Sunday was a trip. I have this sissy slave that I've been training called Larry ‑ well Larry just revealed to me that he loves shoes (what is it with all these sissy slaves that I find? All of them have shoe, or foot fetishes??) so we went to the mall in search of those perfect pair of shoes!! I was imagining a new pair of spikes, or 5" heels, but, you'll never guess what his fetish is for.... Jelly's ‑ you know ‑‑ those plastic, hot pink/green/clear coloured shoes, that mostly kids wear ‑‑ you know what those look like right?? Well I now have them in every colour ‑ which is great, cause I'll wear them to the pool every day! Must be something about them tho ‑ maybe they smell more than other shoes cause you're wearing them in your bare feet? Or is it because the indentations of your feet show up rather quickly, compared with other shoes?? Or do they smell more funky than other shoes?? Do any of my other slaves have a fetish for Jelly's?? Anyhow, he was ready to blow his load when he saw them in this shoe shop window, he begged me to go in, and allow him to put them on my feet... After making him sweat for a few minutes, I agreed... I of course made him get down on his hands and knees, and put them on properly. He was just oohing, and aaahing all over them... It was so funny to see!! Anyhow, I explained to the girl working there, that my sissy friend had a thing for shoes.... well dear old Larry just about keeled over at that comment, but a jelly in his face, brought him back to reality!! After Larry had purchased the Jelly's in every colour imaginable, I had him put one pair on me, and we walked around Montgomery Mall. After an hour or two, I noticed that my feet were beginning to slide in & around them, and that they were squeaking from the sweat gathering. Larry's ears perked up, and he was drooling right there in the mall. I decided that we should go back to the dungeon, and that he should clean my feet with his tongue, and my new shoes.... I also got a great foot massage out of it!! :>) What a wonderful afternoon!

Saturday, June 14, 1997

Tools of Torture..

06/14/97 ‑ Well slaves, things are finally under control here, getting the site passworded etc., has taken an incredible amount of time, work, and effort, and that's why my journals haven't been quite as full as before :>) So for all of you who were waiting for me to get back up to speed ‑‑ the time is NOW!! What did you think of all the pictures I updated this morning?

I have to say that Ms Nichole & Ms Diana have been taking my dungeon by storm for the past couple of weeks. They've been having WAY too much fun!! Seriously tho, their sessions have been going great, I've been taking a peek into a couple of them here and there, and have found them suspending, smothering, trampling, spanking, cross‑dressing, and god knows what else to slaves!! Don't you love their newest trampling pictures?

Goddess Dee‑Dee has been watching and learning, and strutting her stuff with a couple of my long time slaves, whom she's been practicing on :>) She had to learn how to hold the whips, paddles, and riding crops correctly, to have the best effect, and no marks on the slave... I'd say that she's doing very well ‑ Sissy Larry only had a couple of welts on his behind, after taking approx 3,000 lashes with various implements downstairs. :>)

Mistress Nichole seems to have gone into partnership with a brand new maker of erotic, elegant, dungeon equipment. In fact today we received a beautiful new bench that we're putting together, and I must say it looks just fantastic. The head has a set of stocks that are adjustable, and at the feet there are a set of ankle stocks. It's about 6'7" in length, and has eye hooks all around for roping some poor unsuspecting slave to. She's been busy thinking up other designs of torture, and torment!

Thursday, June 12, 1997

What do you think of capital punishments?

06/12/97 ‑I've spent today e‑mailing new slaves their passwords and user‑id's. Yesterday I spent the entire day at the pool, lounging in the sun, and swimming. It was very nice and relaxing.

Nichole & Diana spent most of today lounging in the yard, drinking daiquiris, and getting their large and lovely bods tanned!! Larry one of our sissy maids was bar tending for them, and I could see him rushing in and out with ice, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream, and anything else that they asked for. On the plus side, they did let him oil them down :>)

I got a great massage from him later this afternoon, while they were in the tub getting all their oil, and sun screen off. Poor Diana tho, I told her not to use baby oil ‑‑ but would she listen, well now she's burnt to a crisp, and is complaining that she didn't realize that she'd get so much sun!!!

I've been reading a really neat book ‑‑ it's kinda gruesome ‑ just the way I like them ‑‑ It's called Execution Tools and Techniques, by Bart Rommel. It lists all the techniques used to officially extinguish human life ‑ hanging, electrocution, beheading, shooting, gassing, lethal injection, burning, drowning, entombment, drawing & quartering, and death by.... torture. There's also a chapter on future technology, including microwaves, lasers, and other high‑tech killing machines. This book is not for those with weak stomaches, however, it is a great book on capital punishment.

Well that's it for tonite, I'm off down to the dungeon to let out my little sissy maid larry. I'm sure he's really cramped in that little cage :>)

Tuesday, June 10, 1997


06/10/97 ‑I spent last night taking many pics of Nichole & Diana... in kinky naked poses, and I'll be spending most of the rest of this week uploading them to my computer, and editing them, then they'll be submitting them to places such as BUF, and Plumpers Magazine and BBW's Magazine.

Saturday, June 07, 1997


06/07/97 ‑ OK, the first month of subscriptions will soon be up, so if you signed up at the beginning for one month, you will need to get those renewals in to me....

The entire site will be going through major renovations... and this will be taking place over the next couple of weeks, in order to make room for many new pictures, and video clips. I'll also be introducing you to a brand new Mistress that has been training with us, who I know will just knock your socks off!!

Thursday, June 05, 1997

Goddess Dee-Dee

06/05/97 ‑I just got my new issue of Secret Magazine (Issue #12) ‑ and lo and behold, there's an interview with MOI in it!! You will have to go out and purchase it and read the interview very carefully!! They did an awesome job!

I've been training a new Mistress for the past few weeks, and she will be joining our empire shortly. Her name is Goddess Dee‑Dee and she'll be having some pics etc., done and put on the website shortly. She too will be keeping a journal, and will perhaps tell you all about her training period. I'd have to say that it was pretty grueling, but I just don't want anyone deciding to pick up a whip and beat people, with no training.... Tonight was spent with her trying on some hot new outfits that she bought for herself.. very sexxy!!

Ms Nichole & Ms Diana have booked a Saturday photo session (and no doubt sex session!!) for the early morning, so no doubt they will have lots of hot stories for all of you!! They are going to be doing some hot 2‑girl pics & trampling pics.

Ms Keri & Ms Ashleigh are still in school, and are being kept super busy with finals etc., they are hoping to be working full time again sometime around July. I know that you all will be waiting patiently for their updates again :>)

Well that's it for tonite, I'm off to bed, need my beauty sleep and all that good stuff!! :>) Goodnite slaves!!

Sunday, June 01, 1997

Wanna take some pictures?

06/01/97 ‑What a nice weekend I had... I received some lovely roses from Ned this Saturday, thanks ever so much, however I felt so bad when he told me that during our last session together I'd caused him to tear some cartilage or something.... how did it happen?? Well it seems at the very beginning of our session when dear Ned was strapped down to my spanking bench, and I was in front of him, I teased him by flashing my tits at him, and squeezing my nipples... I told him if his tongue could reach either of my nipples, he'd be allowed to suck on them....

Well poor Ned stretched and stretched, but just couldn't for the life of him get to my tits.... it was fun watching him try, and after some pretty good efforts, I rewarded him.... well doing all of that stretching in that awkward position, seemed to make some cartilage pop out of place.... I didn't know anything about it, and the session continue to get pretty hot, several hours later the session ended and he went home. Later that evening he had to go to the emergency room, where they asked him how on earth something like that happened.... Gosh I just don't know what I would have told them in ER :>) Anyhow, it can't have been that bad really cause two weeks later he's back as usual, and ready for more!!!

I also got two pretty good foot massages from new slaves this weekend ‑‑ they need some training, but all in all they were pretty good. I didn't have to chastise either of them too much .

My digital camera broke ‑‑ piece of shit.... We were going quite well up to that point.. we'd taken a couple of hundred pictures for the web page, and our own personal collections, when it just died, unable to be resurrected!!

So if anyone wants to be really generous, and to really get in my good books.... you know what I really want..... that's right, I want you to loan us your digital camera - we'll even let you take the pictures.. we just don't want our moments to go by uncaptured!