Thursday, June 12, 1997

What do you think of capital punishments?

06/12/97 ‑I've spent today e‑mailing new slaves their passwords and user‑id's. Yesterday I spent the entire day at the pool, lounging in the sun, and swimming. It was very nice and relaxing.

Nichole & Diana spent most of today lounging in the yard, drinking daiquiris, and getting their large and lovely bods tanned!! Larry one of our sissy maids was bar tending for them, and I could see him rushing in and out with ice, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream, and anything else that they asked for. On the plus side, they did let him oil them down :>)

I got a great massage from him later this afternoon, while they were in the tub getting all their oil, and sun screen off. Poor Diana tho, I told her not to use baby oil ‑‑ but would she listen, well now she's burnt to a crisp, and is complaining that she didn't realize that she'd get so much sun!!!

I've been reading a really neat book ‑‑ it's kinda gruesome ‑ just the way I like them ‑‑ It's called Execution Tools and Techniques, by Bart Rommel. It lists all the techniques used to officially extinguish human life ‑ hanging, electrocution, beheading, shooting, gassing, lethal injection, burning, drowning, entombment, drawing & quartering, and death by.... torture. There's also a chapter on future technology, including microwaves, lasers, and other high‑tech killing machines. This book is not for those with weak stomaches, however, it is a great book on capital punishment.

Well that's it for tonite, I'm off down to the dungeon to let out my little sissy maid larry. I'm sure he's really cramped in that little cage :>)

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