Sunday, June 01, 1997

Wanna take some pictures?

06/01/97 ‑What a nice weekend I had... I received some lovely roses from Ned this Saturday, thanks ever so much, however I felt so bad when he told me that during our last session together I'd caused him to tear some cartilage or something.... how did it happen?? Well it seems at the very beginning of our session when dear Ned was strapped down to my spanking bench, and I was in front of him, I teased him by flashing my tits at him, and squeezing my nipples... I told him if his tongue could reach either of my nipples, he'd be allowed to suck on them....

Well poor Ned stretched and stretched, but just couldn't for the life of him get to my tits.... it was fun watching him try, and after some pretty good efforts, I rewarded him.... well doing all of that stretching in that awkward position, seemed to make some cartilage pop out of place.... I didn't know anything about it, and the session continue to get pretty hot, several hours later the session ended and he went home. Later that evening he had to go to the emergency room, where they asked him how on earth something like that happened.... Gosh I just don't know what I would have told them in ER :>) Anyhow, it can't have been that bad really cause two weeks later he's back as usual, and ready for more!!!

I also got two pretty good foot massages from new slaves this weekend ‑‑ they need some training, but all in all they were pretty good. I didn't have to chastise either of them too much .

My digital camera broke ‑‑ piece of shit.... We were going quite well up to that point.. we'd taken a couple of hundred pictures for the web page, and our own personal collections, when it just died, unable to be resurrected!!

So if anyone wants to be really generous, and to really get in my good books.... you know what I really want..... that's right, I want you to loan us your digital camera - we'll even let you take the pictures.. we just don't want our moments to go by uncaptured!

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