Saturday, June 14, 1997

Tools of Torture..

06/14/97 ‑ Well slaves, things are finally under control here, getting the site passworded etc., has taken an incredible amount of time, work, and effort, and that's why my journals haven't been quite as full as before :>) So for all of you who were waiting for me to get back up to speed ‑‑ the time is NOW!! What did you think of all the pictures I updated this morning?

I have to say that Ms Nichole & Ms Diana have been taking my dungeon by storm for the past couple of weeks. They've been having WAY too much fun!! Seriously tho, their sessions have been going great, I've been taking a peek into a couple of them here and there, and have found them suspending, smothering, trampling, spanking, cross‑dressing, and god knows what else to slaves!! Don't you love their newest trampling pictures?

Goddess Dee‑Dee has been watching and learning, and strutting her stuff with a couple of my long time slaves, whom she's been practicing on :>) She had to learn how to hold the whips, paddles, and riding crops correctly, to have the best effect, and no marks on the slave... I'd say that she's doing very well ‑ Sissy Larry only had a couple of welts on his behind, after taking approx 3,000 lashes with various implements downstairs. :>)

Mistress Nichole seems to have gone into partnership with a brand new maker of erotic, elegant, dungeon equipment. In fact today we received a beautiful new bench that we're putting together, and I must say it looks just fantastic. The head has a set of stocks that are adjustable, and at the feet there are a set of ankle stocks. It's about 6'7" in length, and has eye hooks all around for roping some poor unsuspecting slave to. She's been busy thinking up other designs of torture, and torment!

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