Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Today's Lesson.... Everyone READ!

06/25/97 ‑ Hello there.... are we all behaving ourselves like proper little boys?? Mommy doesn't have to give you a spanking does she??

You know a lot of women have been writing to me asking how do they go about dominating a man or where to find one at... well I started thinking about it tonite, and I thought that some of the most important things are:

Five Rules for Controlling the Male:

1. Finances: The female controls all financial decisions in the relationship.

2. Work: Females work as much as they want to; males work as much as they have to.

3. Desire: Females are wanted, males want.

4. Motivation: Females drive, males are driven.

5. Pleasure: Female pleasure is what matters; male pleasure is a distant second. Males cum only by female permission.

The male who successfully seduces females is rare. Much more common is the sex‑starved male, the one who will do anything; _anything_ for you. If you're tired of your typical relationships and want something where you're in control, practice first with those males you catch staring at you in public, but who you can see are afraid of you and won't make the first move. Even if you don't say anything to such a male, you can tease him and give him memories which will last him literally years, if you carry out some of the techniques described here:

"The Tease"

Make no mistake about it. Many males love to be teased. People can say it isn't true, but that doesn't change the reality of it all. There are those males you will need to weed out ‑ those males who don't like being teased ‑ but for the most part, males love it. There is nothing greater than putting a worm under a female sex spell. If you can cast a female sex spell you can enrapture, influence, and enslave many males, and they will love you for it. You can tease simply by doing the following things..... Dress in slightly revealing clothing, click your well‑manicured nails a lot. Wear seductive perfume and grow your hair out. Work on your voice. Men love sexxy voices, that is one reason phone sex lines make so much money... 75% of slaves who I've done sessions with and who type me up a follow‑up letter always mention in the letter about my very sweet and seductive voice, and how it just enthrall them :>) Next comes my hair - long and red, and silky soft.... invest in a good hair salon. I pay upwards of $250 every time I go in for a cut and colour.

The typical sex‑starved male is made passive by the popularity of women's liberation and feminism that we've seen over the past few decades. Humiliation works wonders also!! These males will suck your toes, give you a pedicure, kiss your ass, wash your underwear, do your shopping; they'll do just about anything for you if you simply walk into their life and take hold of the leash which is displayed invisibly along with their poor helpless puppy dog looks as you see them around you in your day to day life. Once you have a date with a nice whimpy, needy guy, then you have a potential slave. Make sure you find a guy who's successful financially but not so much sexually. Typically (but not always) these are men who have worked very hard and made a lot of money, but have no real experience with women, and they're often very passive sexually. Once you have such a guy on a date, you can, at the end of the night, explain that you're on your period. You can offer to get him off another, special way. Then you pull a pair or two of satin panties from your purse and wrap them around his cock, which you've pulled from his pants. This is one of the first major, feminizing moves you can make. You may find that a lot of these males already have experience with panties.

The typical wimp will be in heaven now. You will have just fulfilled all of his dreams. He will be under your power from then on, as long as you provide attention now and then to his poor little worm, that appendage of his which has made him so helpless and flustered in the sexual arena his entire life. Typically you can get his worm hard, then let it go, and simply rub his chest or shoulders for awhile as you talk with him. You can then go back to making the worm hard again, then let go. Make it clear that he is not to cum.

All of my slaves have to cum on command, and only if instructed..... You can decide whether to allow him to touch himself. This is one of my personal favourites, I love to see pathetic worms jacking off. If you want to see the male cum and if you get good at it like me, you can control exactly when that will happen. Once you have that ability you can keep him completely hypnotized. The longer you avoid letting him cum the more frustrated, pleading, and most importantly obedient, he will become. It's up to you whether to bring him off that first night, or whether to leave the panties with him, telling him to zip up and finish himself off inside, or take the panties altogether, and tell him to have sweet dreams. Whatever you do from there, the relationship will be in your control then.

One technique you can use on an early date is to play with the male's worm, and get him all hot and bothered, then stop and inform him that you don't believe in traditional intercourse, but that there is another type of intercourse he can perform on you instead, if he is willing to be a little open minded. With your nails tenderly tapping his member and you whispering sweetly in his ear, he will be highly aroused and curious. Then you have to convince him to take a double‑ended dildo into his mouth, and to fuck you with it, using the other end. This is a great way to both pleasure yourself safely while denying him nature's greatest achievement in his mind, intercourse. As you come in waves of pleasure while he sweetly sucks one end of a dildo and fucks you with the other end, playing with himself using panties you've given him but not allowed to cum, you will have achieved a position of fairly total control over him. If you have a male servicing you in this manner, it is safe to say that he has become your slave.

There are men out there whom you can continue to feminize in this manner and they will become ever more docile, servile, and feminine under your guiding hand. Just remember that the key is to keep the male from orgasm, and to have him cum in humiliating ways such as on your feet where you order him to lick the cum off, or on your ass cheek where he is also ordered to lick the cum off. You can have him cum while playing with himself with a pair of panties and sucking a large dildo. You can have him on his back, bent around so his penis is over his face, then have him cum all over his own face. As twisted as this might seem to some of you, a great number of males enjoy such treatment. It is up to you to take advantage (like I have) of the great number of males in this society who desire such "sex."

This is also why it is so important to deny the male his orgasm so much of the time. When the male is aroused, he is in a state of great desire, want, and ongoing pleasure. This is a great
motivation in his wanting to please you, because you have become the source of his pleasure through your manipulation. If you let him cum too soon, he may lose interest. As a female dominant, there are only two types of "sex" you should share with the male. You should either deny intercourse completely, or if you decide to fuck that rare male, fuck him so thoroughly that he will be convinced of your superiority. Never let your hands or body off of his member and make him cum multiple times, thoroughly exhausting him. Either through denial or through "too much sex" you can establish your dominance. The bottom line is that when you let a man cum, make it two or more "loads." His sexual inferiority will become apparent in either case. If you're going to fuck a guy, make sure he's wealthy or has worked very hard for you. Many dominants I've talked to only have intercourse with the male once in a blue moon, if at all. Some are lesbian and never have conventional intercourse with males; such women can put a man in their female thrall nonetheless. For me, I don't have sex with men very often, in fact I actually can't remember the last time that I did. I do have sex with some women, but that's basically conventional sex, so I don't consider myself in any way a full blown lesbian... I'm definitely bi!

Now if you are already married, or thinking of getting married then you should definitely have:

"The Productive Marriage"

This is a special type of marriage, practiced by dominant females and their loving males. In this marriage, there is little or no conventional intercourse, usually depending upon whether the female wants children. If she wants kids, then she will typically let the male fuck her for that purpose alone. In this atypical marriage, the male has his orgasms strictly regulated, perhaps to once a week or once a month. The male is typically a dynamo in some field such as industry. At night, the couple might sleep in a "spoon" position, female on her side, male behind her, with his penis tucked between her thighs. There is no intercourse. Females who understand how to harness and control the male's sexuality end up with the greatest producers, and that in my opinion is what it is all about. What possible use is a male who produces nothing? Females who establish marriages with sexual control also know more love than females who are not so particular. I don't know but I've been told that, to a woman, being loved is the most important thing in the world. If you take control of the desiring male's sexuality, you will know more love than you could have ever dreamt of, at least from a human being. Again, in the marriage where the male sex is strictly regulated, that male typically produces vast wealth for the female or is very productive in many other ways....

"The Feminized Male "

The key to feminizing the male through female sexual and sensual manipulation is in understanding that in our society there are a lot of men who wish to be feminized and used as a sex object by an aggressive female. Part of female control or domination is the feminization of the male. In this culture there is a large subset of males just waiting to be feminized. You can achieve this in the male by introducing him to the pleasures of lingerie, or by convincing him to suck on a dildo. You can further feminize the male by giving him female hormones. If you've read this far you're obviously not shocked at any of this. To some dominant women, the ultimate male is the shemale.

Anyhow, this is basically all I can think of off the top of my head for right now, but perhaps I can keep adding to it, when I have more time to sit down and collect my thoughts... perhaps some of you worms reading this right now, have some ideas on how other women (perhaps your wife) could control and dominate you?? Let's hear some.... post comments!

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