Wednesday, May 28, 1997

Foot lickers, cock suckers & slaves... listen up..

05/28/97 ‑ Hi slaves, panty worshippers, foot lickers, and cock & cunt suckers... I have a few new goodies for you today

Ms Diana has started her journal and she also has a surprise for you 'period' slaves... yummy :>) She's also updated her bio, and more will be added to it shortly also.

I spent this afternoon messing around in my garden, I just love flowers ‑ aren't they pretty?? I love walking on grass in my bare feet, and feeling the cool, long blades of grass slipping between my toes, or feeling them crumple beneath my foot....

Sunday, May 25, 1997

Sarah is no longer...

05/25/97 ‑ Hi slaves, well what a hot day I had, and a hot night to boot!! I've added a few different things for you all to drool over, the most exciting, is the new scat movie

The rest are still on hiatus ‑ School work etc., although Lady Sarah is no longer with us, she has it seems decided to branch out on her own, so her pages will be retiring and making way for another that has come to join our group. This new Mistress is very tall, very sexxxy, and very commanding. I will tell you all about her later, when we've got her stuff together,.

A brand new transsexual section has been put up, many, many, many hot photos, and looks for all you whores, and sluts out there.... I've added solo transsexuals, dominant transsexuals, sucking transsexuals, transsexuals fucking, transsexual orgies, cartoons, and fuck fests.

Friday, May 23, 1997

Yes I'm way bi-sexual..

05/23/97 ‑ Slaves today I've gotten together some of the stories, and fantasies that you readers have e‑mailed to me. We love getting these, and if you have some stories etc., that you'd like to see published, send them to me at

Well I'm off out with this hot girlfriend of mine, and I won't be coming home tonight... she's very bi, very aggressive, and very sexxxy, and when she & I get together ‑‑ well things really rock!! Check out for new updates on Monday.....

Thursday, May 22, 1997

05/22/97 ‑ Hi slaves, well today has been spent running back & forth to radio shack, getting adapters, cables, and god knows what else, in order to upload the 96 new pics that I took of Ms Diana, and Ms Nichole yesterday from my cool (but battery chomping) digital camera. It goes through batteries quicker than any of us do with our vibrators, and boy do we go through those.... :>) Stock in energizer is an on‑going joke around here.

Anyhow, When I've not been fooling with cables, and pulling my 'puter (now, now, get your mind out of the gutter) back and forth, I've been cleaning up, and adding new links in various places... however now I can't remember where those were.... Oh yeah, the sub fat pages have got an overhaul, and the fat links pages have been updated, and revamped. I think Diana and Cole should change the directory to BBW instead of fat -- I hate that word!

I'm missing my dungeon incredibly and haven't played with my toys, or my slaves for days now... however it seems Ms Nichole & Ms Diana are more than making up for my time away!! Don't you just love summer?? All those nice tanned feet in sandals, and flip‑flops? Now that it's here, we just love gifts of foot jewelry ‑ anklets, toe‑rings etc., of which you can pick up at most malls, in stores that sell hair accessories, and bracelets/necklaces etc., so go pick us up something nice for our beautiful feet!!

If you'd like to send us your nasty photo, and a little bio about yourself, we'd love to feature YOU!! Perhaps you have a nice cock ring that you want to model for us... or show us your cock sucking skills with a dildo.... or perhaps you have a nice pair of sexxxy panties that you'd like to show off.... send them to us at

Another new thing that we're going to be doing is featuring some of your letters, fantasies, and stories that you send to us... we figured that some of them are too good to let go to waste... you will of course remain anon, unless you tell us otherwise.

Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Me a techy? Well a little bit I guess..

05/20/97 ‑ Good God, talk about a lot of work passwording this site, and getting it ready to provide video, and picture sets... we have all been busy bees. I now have a decent video card installed on my machine (thanks to Jeff who bought it for me, and thanks to Kevin who installed it ‑‑ I refuse to learn how to do anything inside that box ‑‑ otherwise I will have to do all of THOSE things by myself too!! ‑ knowing how to do this website keeps me WAY busy enough, and WAY enough out of trouble....). Because of the video card, I can now start adding clips of videos that we've been doing ‑‑ such things as sessions ‑ spankings, C&BT, bondage, watersports, brown showers.....

Due to the new digital camera that I just bought this weekend, Ms Diana wants to do picture sets with and without Ms Nichole & her other BBW friends. Send us your ideas!! What other kinds of pictures of us do you want to see? I know everyone loved the latex pics I just had done - boy was I sweating after that photo session!

In my spare time ‑‑ like I have any of that ‑‑ myself, and Lolita will be figuring out how to do our own live chat room, so that all of us here can participate in chats with you, our truly devoted slaves. Yes, I'm glad that she's back, and that she's decided she can share me.

By Friday all of the Mistresses will have updated their journals ‑‑ each of them have been having their own computer problems ‑‑ broken mice, no sound, broken modems etc., etc., so for one reason or another they haven't been doing their journals.... Ms Keri, and Ms Ashleigh are also busy with school...

We are all seriously thinking of doing amateur movies, and many picture sets of different fetishes as it seems to be very hard to come across these, if you are a slave who lives in our area, and would like to participate, e‑mail and offer yourself of service to us. I already have slut charles in mind for one or two ideas that have come to us... wouldn't you love to see him being made to service a room full of men..... or our dildos?

Well I'm off to have lunch with Diana, and Nichole, and then we're going to try our hand at some pictures... Check back tomorrow for many more updates & changes....