Sunday, May 25, 1997

Sarah is no longer...

05/25/97 ‑ Hi slaves, well what a hot day I had, and a hot night to boot!! I've added a few different things for you all to drool over, the most exciting, is the new scat movie

The rest are still on hiatus ‑ School work etc., although Lady Sarah is no longer with us, she has it seems decided to branch out on her own, so her pages will be retiring and making way for another that has come to join our group. This new Mistress is very tall, very sexxxy, and very commanding. I will tell you all about her later, when we've got her stuff together,.

A brand new transsexual section has been put up, many, many, many hot photos, and looks for all you whores, and sluts out there.... I've added solo transsexuals, dominant transsexuals, sucking transsexuals, transsexuals fucking, transsexual orgies, cartoons, and fuck fests.

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