Saturday, April 26, 1997

I'm British... Northern Irish to be exact..

04/26/97 ‑ You know some stupid fuck "john macmullen" has been sending me threatening e‑mail letters, actually why don't you all take a look at some of this ramblings...

This is the first one....

Thanks for the Irish links that is the only thing you have done right in your web‑I am not interested in your bull shit lifestyle, how any Irish girl could get into that is beyond me. A woman like you would need a constant beating every day with a shilleagh(sp)?‑wondered why they were used, I now know. You are talented and creative but you have a mean streak‑wish you would devote your talents to more positive things like supporting men and not having vendettas and pursuing this lifestyle which will just make you meaner and you are mean enough already.I once had a girlfriend like you and she almost killed me. Your whole attitude is bull shit and you need discipline and you need it bad, however I am impressed by your beauty and talent but you could kill a man with that temper of yours. If all that energy could be redirected you would be awesome.

This is the second one,

I WILL activate a program on that date to hit your page continuously and unlease a virus on your ass to delete all your files.Your page will be hit at a rate that no one can use it if you go through with your 10 dollar foolishness.

I am also thinking about jamming your phones to ring all night and day for one week,that ought to take some of that meaness out of you.What in the hell is an Irish girl doing messing around with that bs lifestyle in the first place? Get your head straight woman .

And the last one.....

your computer crashed, woman you haven't seen anything yet,get that damn 10 day threat off the web‑help? your head needs help woman‑why in the hell are you devoting your energy to this bs unhuman lifestyle‑and Irish at that.I suppose you are going to take the Irish link away also but guess what‑I downloaded it ,the only thing you did right on the whole damn site.Why would anyone want your filthy pictures anyway or listen to those bitching associates of yours which apparently you trained‑ which is why they're so fucking nasty & mean -start a decent web then people will contribute.

Can anyone tell me, why if someone hates me, and the site with such a vengeance, why would they keep coming back?? Is this stupid or what?? I'm assuming he's Irish... that might explain some things

Any wonder Northern Ireland wants to be rid of southern Ireland ‑ they all have this stupid fucking mentality... This guy needs to get a life and a job... WHOOPS I FORGOT, he's Irish, he can't get a job or a life... the brits are holding him back!!!! You know it's people like this that give southern Irish people a bad name...

Now you all took care of the other idiot for me so well, I think you need to take care of this numb‑nut also!! Jam his e‑mail box, turn him into IBM.NET, have his account revoked, whatever, just give him something to think about....

Saturday, April 19, 1997

Lolita I'll miss you..

04/19/97 ‑What an utterly horrible week I've had. I've had the allergy flu from hell, coupled with my period & cramps from hell, and because of several differences of opinion, possessiveness etc., Lolita is no longer my live in full time sissy maid. What a huge inconvenience that is... I have to go through the entire web site, and take out references to getting in touch with her... then I have to advertise for another sissy maid to take care of some of the more mundane things that Lolita did for me. What a big pain in the neck!

Anyways I'm back to my usual dominant, bitchy, but adorable self, and will persevere. I'm also going to do something that I don't usually do, and apologize to Steve, for standing him up last week for an appt... I've been so sick that he totally slipped my mind. Poor guy thought I was being absolutely sadistic by making him stand outside in the cold for 20 minutes.... hmmm not a bad idea though.... So Steve, you have a public apology ;>)

Some other things that have been going on, are that I have been training another new submissive ‑ however she is all female.... Her name is Anna, and she is an au‑pair in Bethesda from Ireland!! I met Anna the day before yesterday, at an Irish bar in town. She is very cute, and very adorable. Anna has been an au‑pair in the states for 7 years now, and has had no idea that this kind of stuff goes on anyplace. It sounds like she's a complete slave to the family that has her ‑ she works 5 full days a week for a lousy $160.00 plus room and board! She does all of the cooking and cleaning, and even wears a uniform....

From what I've told her about me, and everything ‑‑ she totally agrees that my terms sound a lot sexier, and more fun, than the ones she has now.... I couldn't agree more.... we did a preliminary interview yesterday evening, and she's coming over tonite, for some instruction on the finer things that I like done. I will let you know how it goes!

I'm off to the gym, so we'll talk more later... cheerio

Thursday, April 17, 1997


04/17/97 ‑ As of today we are now in a new location ‑ still in the MD area. There are going to be a few major changes however... and I'll let you in on them as they happen. You just wouldn't believe all the drama behind the scenes over here !

Wednesday, April 16, 1997

Too much to do!

04/16/97 ‑ Well slaves, I'm pleased to see that at least some of you are now following directions much better, we've had between 2 ‑ 5 subscriptions & tributes in the mail every day since last Thursday. However.... the rest of you need to get a move on & send them in, along with a nice letter to one or all of us....

Anyhow, that's it for today ‑ I'm gonna go relax with Nichole ‑ it's been very hectic around here lately, and I need a break ‑ anyone have a nice beach house or anything available to Nichole & I for a week or two??

Tuesday, April 15, 1997

Do you do porno theatres??

04/15/97 ‑ Good afternoon slaves ‑ I've been busy with sessions all day today, and haven't had time to do many updates. I'm on my way out the door in a few secs with Nichole and a few friends for happy hour. I've finally figured out why I have been and am sooo horny lately ‑ I just started my period ‑ it's almost 3 weeks late! Anyhow for all of you who were bugging me about period pics, I'll do some tomorrow.... if you're good that is ;>) Check the site around 4ish for some new shots!

I added some new bondage pics (of males) ‑ and in response to someone's latest letter about why do I dare to have females in bondage on a female domination site ‑ well it's a two folded answer ‑ 1. I am very sexually attracted to & love submissive women & have no problem putting a woman in bondage and spanking her, and no I don't think it sends out a bad message whatsoever, and 2. Not all women are dominant goddesses like us!! And last but not least ‑ I do it because I can ‑ it's my site, and if I want to put pictures of cattle on here, I will.... Got it??

Ah that felt good...

Thanks for all of the mail that's been coming in, I'll be working some more on passwords and user ids tonight, after the movies... yeah we're going to a porno theatre after happy hour!! There showing this new B&D movie in downtown Baltimore ‑ so a bunch of my girlfriends and I are going to go check it out....

Monday, April 14, 1997

Nudists & handcuffs...

04/14/97 ‑ Well Good morning slaves... God so much has been going on around here. Ms Ashleigh & Lady Sarah got back from Michigan a few hours ago.. Ms Nichole & I didn't go to the beach this weekend ‑ it was really shitty weather, instead on Friday we went to a nudist camp, with another couple ‑ who are friends of ours. It was a hoot! I've never been to a nudist camp before, although I've gone topless all the time in Europe on the beaches etc., Nichole just loved it & spent the entire day and evening reveling in it all. It was very much of a party scene & we ended up getting quite sloshed! We watched a movie, played some game called towers and then watched a porno station with about 5 other people and stayed up the entire night naked! Because it was rather sexy and exciting, one of the girls there had this vibrating dildo, that I decided to take and put on, and show her how to use it ‑ (she'd never used it before, and couldn't even figure out how to put the thing on her much less use it!) Well then I needed a subject ‑ so Nichole graciously offered her lovely pussy to me ‑ I'd never done it before with a vibrating dildo, so that was 'interesting' ;>)

Saturday morning at around 11am after catching a few hours sleep, we left the nudist camp and went downtown to the Cherry Blossom Rugby Tournament ‑ -- nothing like watching hundreds of tough looking studs playing a really rough sport!! Saturday night we went to a club in Baltimore, and met these two cute submissive guys and got drunk again ‑ We told them about some of the stuff that we get into, and what it is we like to do and this time managed to get home at around 5am... with them in tow ‑ we took them to the dungeon, (they hadn't at all believed us earlier that night, and kept saying that we were just bull shitting them...) were we promptly tied both of them down to a rack and a bed then we both went upstairs to get some sleep...

Several hours later ‑ around noon, we woke up feeling a tad refreshed, and went downstairs to the dungeon to A) make sure we really had brought home some prey, and that B) we hadn't been dreaming. We weren't dreaming, and they weren't either! Those guys were so much fun.

This morning at the gym was the treadmill workout from HELL. Those 6 or 7 drinks that I had this weekend, just messed me up completely. (I'm such a cheap date!!) I haven't really drank in ages, and definitely haven't been that drunk in ages, so just a couple of mixed drinks does it for me!

On Saturday night, when I was going over to a friends house to meet up with Nichole, I got onto the beltway from our exit, and crossed over the four lanes into the fast lane doing 72mph (this is slow for me) ‑ yes I got pulled over straight away ‑ I didn't see the under cover cop car that I sped past ;>) whoops! Anyhow, to make matters worse, I'd lost my International drivers license a while ago & was still waiting on my family sending me a new one, and I had a bag full of bottles of alcohol from the night before on my back seat.... The officer came down, and asked me for drivers license & registration... well my registration was in my glove dept along with my new stickers (my tags had just expired) luckily for me, he really liked my accent & what I was wearing, and suggested that I put my new stickers on my tags, and get a new license pronto!! I was noticing his handcuffs hanging over the light in his car, and was starting to think that was a kind of cool place for them, when he then suggested I give him a call at the station on Monday (today) and to be 'good' in the meantime... hmmm ‑ should I give him a call? Blow his mind??

Thursday, April 10, 1997

Chat room fun!

04/10/97 ‑Sarah, Nichole and I went onto AOL last night for a laugh ‑ we went into the chat rooms ‑ submissive men, and crossdressers ‑ it was a hoot!!

We created our own room called MsJuliesdungeon .We're thinking of fooling around on there again tonight if you want to join us ‑ however don't IM us ‑ it gets way too crazy (and you'll just be ignored)!! We'd like to try and have a nice intelligent discussion, and if that is way too above you, then don't bother stopping by.... you'll only get totally humiliated..... BTW ‑ wear something really sexy!!

Anyhow, I'm off to get a pedicure and a facial massage ‑ then all of us are doing happy hour at Studebakers ‑ so we'll see you on AOL tonight.....

And for those of you without AOL ‑ find out, (or do it for me), how to create a chat room on here ‑ I tried but couldn't be bothered figuring everything out ‑ I'm much better at domination than I am at web page designing.... I guess I'll be keeping my day job ;>)

Wednesday, April 09, 1997

No more e-mail! I can't take it anylonger!!!

04/09/97 ‑ We're not going to be here this weekend, so there will be no sessions ‑ if you were planning on scheduling to see any of us, make alternate arrangements.... We'll be gone from Thursday night, till Monday. I still haven't gotten to my e‑mail ‑ I just can't be bothered... plus I just had my nails done, and it's so slow typing with them when they've just been re‑done. Don't start resending any e‑mail ‑ or my boxes will get jammed yet again!! ;>) God, we just love being so damned popular!!Anyhow, we're off to do some shopping, more changes will be done later tonight, after I'm through with my little Buddha‑man slave ‑ Greg.

Tuesday, April 08, 1997

Cracking ourselves up..

04/08/97 ‑ Hi slaves... boy I'm still not in a good mood today again either... I really must be about to start bleeding profusely... I have these really strong urges just to want to beat the shit out of everything, and everybody.... I've also been not wanting to answer any e‑mail for days ‑ so if you're wondering why you've haven't gotten anything back in the mail ‑‑ now you know, and you can just deal with it ‑ or ‑ kiss my ass. Only problem is, when I let it go for 4 days like this, I end up having a mailbox with about 1500 e‑mails to get through ‑ and that's another reason I need a bloody secretary...

What a lazy week I'm having ‑ Nichole and I spent hours earlier today just looking at dirty pictures to put onto the site ‑ the end result ‑ now I'm horny as hell... I just want to cum, then go to sleep! We laid out in the yard for about an hour this afternoon reading your letters ‑‑ both yesterday and today... I'm sure our neighbours wonder what we keep cracking up, or oohing, and aahing about, while we're out there!!Well I'm off home to bed with Nichole & Keri is staying at our house for the next few weeks also ‑ hers is getting renovated ‑ it really should get demolished...

Monday, April 07, 1997

Men are Pathetic...Worthless... Scumbags for the most part

04/07/97 ‑ Good morning slaves. I'm really not in a very good mood today, and am even less so when I get pathetic e‑mails telling me why you can't/won't send a tribute for the website & to get your password and ID... now I'm not quite following the logic behind some of your stupid excuses ‑ for instance how can you possibly afford a computer, but not have a spare $10.00 cash to send in the mail...? Was there something difficult with our demands of a $10.00 a month tribute? No I don't think so... So therefore why am I getting these bloody e‑mails filled with nothing but bloody excuses??

We are not interested in your pathetic excuses, nor do we care to read about them. We are concerned however that our demands are not being met. Last month we received a grand total of $755.00 to put towards a $1,000 bill, (which we had to pay) this month so far we've accrued $250.00 in tributes to go towards the $1,000 bill that is sitting on my desk. We will not be paying for this website again this month. You will be. You will get off your lazy arses, and put a measly $10.00 in an envelope. If you want to send cash, then do, just make sure you wrap it in some paper before placing it in the envelope.

Also, for those of you who are expecting something back ‑ put your address neatly on the letter, especially whomever sent $45.00 for a scat video that they haven't received ‑ we have your money, we have a very short one line note, we have a signature that we can't read, and we don't have an address to send it to.....DUH!!!

Now, some other things that we have a problem with or are concerned with are:‑ Don't dare call us unless you've been instructed to, or are confirming an appt, or are lost & on your way to an appt. Don't call us to 'chat', we don't have time to listen to mindless drivel ‑ if we want to hear from you, we'll call you. We're sick of our phone ringing incessantly all day and all night long. Give it a rest, before we put it through the wall. If you are calling as instructed but one of us can not be bothered to talk right then, (or heaven forbid we're actually here, doing a session) leave a message, don't call 10 more times in a row, what you may have to say is definitely not that important that it warrants us having to sit here and listen to the phones ringing off the hook.

Next, don't come by unannounced. It's rude, and we don't appreciate it. Thanks for the gifts that you brought by, but a phone call, and asking if it would be OK to do so, would have been in order.

Thanks for all of the flowers, champagne, and other gifts that we received for our birthdays. Thanks to Ned, Gail, Alan, Caroline, Tom, Robert, Frank, Bob, Barbie, Vic, Charles, and especially Lolita for the lovely gifts. Thanks to Lady Sarah for the really cool Tina Turner tickets!!

Charles thanks for taking care of the lawn work, and I'll look forward to seeing you next weekend.

As you know today is Ms Sarah's birthday ‑ I do hope you all sent her a nice birthday card, and well wishes for the upcoming year...... She'll probably have much to tell you tomorrow... That's all for the updates today ‑ I'm off out for the afternoon ‑ see you all here tomorrow night when I'll have lots of new and exciting things for you to see.

Friday, April 04, 1997

Lolita's birthday is here!

04/04/97 ‑Lolita is here today ‑ and as you know it's her birthday, so I'm going to go give her a really cool gift, then I'm going to go get ready as I have a slave coming over to play. I think I'm going to wear this new rubber butt‑less dress that I got a few weeks ago... it's very sexy and laces up the back, and a pair of very sexy stilettos!! See all of you in a while....

Thursday, April 03, 1997

It's my birthday!!!!

04/03/97 ‑ Hi Slaves ‑ well today is my birthday ‑ thanks for all the Happy Birthday e‑mail wishes you sent to me. Thanks to Alan for his beautiful big gift from CrabTree & Evelyn ‑ lots of delicious soaps, massage oils, potpourri etc., just the thing for relaxing on a nice quiet afternoon!!
Thanks to John for his monetary present ‑ and the phone certificates ‑ these will come in mighty handy around here!!

The rest of you are a bunch of cheap, worthless, good for nothing fucks.... you didn't even send me a birthday card, let alone a gift. I am totally disgusted by all of you. Not to mention that these tributes are very slow in coming in for passwords & user id's.... seems like a lot of you are going to be shit out of luck come the 15th of April.... I now know why I was feeling bored the other day ‑ I was starting to get sick ‑ I felt like shit all day yesterday & earlier today I still felt like crap... so the yucky feeling from Tuesday was me starting to come down with whatever it was ‑ most likely a bad case of PMS!! Watch out for me being a bitch later this week....

I've just been out shopping for Lolita & Nichole's birthdays ‑ which are tomorrow ‑ Lolita's is a bunch of really sexy things ‑ mostly from Victoria Secrets & Fredericks of Hollywood!! Nichole's is a little bit of everything, Next comes Sarah's birthday on the 7th, then Keris is on the 13th.... Must be something about Aries women wouldn't you say??

Our lease on this place runs out at the end of the month and I don't want to sign a new year long lease ‑ Does anyone know of any large old houses ‑ that could be converted into a really cool dungeon in the MD area?? Do any of you do real estate?? Could you check the MLS listings for us?? It needs to be on a very large lot with a very large basement & at least 4 bedrooms if not 6 or 7...

I got another letter today ‑ read this :‑

Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 23:56:35 ‑0500

To: WebMistress

Subject: SHUT UP!!!!!!

Content‑Transfer‑Encoding: 7BIT
MIME‑Version: 1.0 (WebTV)
X‑UIDL: f8fefdeda8d62753d760d949c94d47c0


Seems brewery boy, doesn't like getting ugly letters ‑ now why would he still insist on sending me one?? Didn't you stupid boy learn not to mess with me? So slaves seems he didn't learn the first time ‑ perhaps 1000 or so messages cramming his server might give him a clue?? Anyway no more time needs to be spent on that worthless good for nothing stupid fuck...

I got a rather slutty letter from Lolita yesterday... seems on her way to New York on Wednesday morning she was having some rather nasty thoughts... I decided that I'd allow it to go on her page, also because it's her birthday I decided I'd try to grant her a wish. ‑

Nichole & I just spent the last 45 minutes laying outside in the sun ‑ god it felt so good ‑ however ‑ Charles we'd like you to come over *very* early on Saturday morning (I'm talking 6.30am) and cut the front & back yards for us & tow away the stuff that you cleared out of the storage room. When you've done this and everything looks nice and pretty you may report to either myself or one of the other beautiful Mistresses at the house.

Well Nichole and I are off home for the evening ‑ we're going to go soak in a really nice hot tub, wash our hair, then dildo ourselves like crazy, thinking of course of some of the more wonderful submissives we know..... then perhaps we'll get up, shower, and go get something to eat.... sounds delightful doesn't it??

Tuesday, April 01, 1997

Fuck your boring lives! Take a look at mine!!

04/01/97 ‑ Good afternoon slaves ‑ I've been very busy today with Lolita ‑ we've been out shopping for a few sexy pairs of undies for her, and some new stockings... she does just love to feel them underneath those nasty male clothes that she wears!! Since we got back she's been doing my laundry ‑ it seems she's been hoarding my panties & stockings, as when she was ironing them and folding them to put them away, there were at least 60 pairs!! Now what would someone be doing with 60 pairs of my knickers?? :>) I'm planning on having Charles pose for us in his new sexy panties & possibly Gail as well ‑ In case I haven't mentioned ‑ Gail is this really cute, tiny slut that I met last week ‑ she was absolutely adorable ‑ but what a filthy mind she has!! Gail also went out shopping and bought several nice pairs of panties ‑ seems both of my girls are 'frugal' shoppers ‑ both went to Victoria Secrets and when they found out it was buy 2 get 2 free ‑ they both went wild!! I wonder if they both picked out the same colours!!

I'd like to thank those of you who have been kind enough to send me birthday cards & gifts ‑ it's really exciting opening pressies & everyone gets together and ooh's and aahs over everything!! However, please no more chocolates!!! ‑ I feel like a chocoholic ‑ and I gained a whopping 3 lbs
this week ‑ that may more than likely be from my period which I'm sure is going to arrive slap bang in the middle of my birthday!! We've all gotten a bunch of boxes of Godiva chocolates, and today I got a bunch of goodies ‑ toblerones, Bushmills Cake (I went to High school in Bushmills & every year when we toured the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery we would get some of this cake, and a bunch of miniature bottles of whiskey!!) so this brought back some nice memories!!

So maybe instead of all of the sweets ‑ a piece of work out clothing or weights might be more beneficial to me!! And of course ‑ fetish clothing, shoes, and toys are very welcomed!! I just love those kinds of goodies!! ;>) We didn't get any tributes for the web site today or yesterday in the mail ‑ get off your butts guys and send these in to us ‑ after all you're supposed to worship the ground we walk on, and be willing to do anything that we ask of you...

Now our next pressing issue is finding some land in this area on which to build our empire... if anyone can help with this ‑ read this first, then e‑mail me ‑And I'm in no way interested in anywhere that I can look out a window and see suburbia ‑ I don't want to see kids running around, and the Cleavers unpacking their car ‑ after their Saturday ritual at the grocery store ‑ God how I hate living next to other people ‑ other people just like you ‑ who go home every evening at the same time, pull into the drive way, and wifey & the brats come running out the door to meet you, with Rover bouncing along behind ‑ you all hug & get all the pleasantries out of the way "How was your day dear"?? "Oh you know ‑ filled with meetings blah blah blah..." Then the kids go off running chasing Rover and pulling on his tail, and you & the wife go inside and have another boring evening.. I just don't know how you can all do this day in day out and not go absolutely nuts.. I mean ‑ the only thing you do, is go to work, come home, deal with the kids, deal with the wife, go to bed, and do exactly the same thing 5 times a week ‑ then on Saturdays you're all out shopping in Bethesda, and your wife’s at the nail salon, and you wash your car, and maybe take your kids to the park.... then comes bed time ‑ and GOD if you've talked to your wife about any of your fantasies ‑ she's been disgusted by them, or you don't tell her for fear of her being disgusted by you, and you lay there at night frustrated as hell.... How can you do that? Aren't you all ready to scream?? Where's the satisfaction in all of this??

Anyhow I got way off track ‑ and I realize not all of you reading this are married with children or even live in suburbia ‑ but I bet your life is boring as hell as well... The reason for all of this rambling ‑ well I was bored... and I started thinking, what the hell do I have to be bored about???..... I do what I want, when I want, and I have a ton of people who'd crawl all the way around the world for me if I asked them to... I fulfill all my kinky fantasies when I want & go anywhere I want with whom I want. Plus I get to talk dirty all day long!! And I get to cum 20 times a day if I so want & I don't necessarily even have to do anything.... so I guess I shouldn't be so bored....

Well slaves that is it for tonite ‑ I'm tired & Lolita has to get up early tomorrow and go back to NY till Thursday night, so I'm going to allow her to go to bed ‑ she is very tired after doing all of the chores around the house & dungeon today & this evening. Her cage is waiting for her!! And my
4‑poster bed is beckoning for me.....