Saturday, April 19, 1997

Lolita I'll miss you..

04/19/97 ‑What an utterly horrible week I've had. I've had the allergy flu from hell, coupled with my period & cramps from hell, and because of several differences of opinion, possessiveness etc., Lolita is no longer my live in full time sissy maid. What a huge inconvenience that is... I have to go through the entire web site, and take out references to getting in touch with her... then I have to advertise for another sissy maid to take care of some of the more mundane things that Lolita did for me. What a big pain in the neck!

Anyways I'm back to my usual dominant, bitchy, but adorable self, and will persevere. I'm also going to do something that I don't usually do, and apologize to Steve, for standing him up last week for an appt... I've been so sick that he totally slipped my mind. Poor guy thought I was being absolutely sadistic by making him stand outside in the cold for 20 minutes.... hmmm not a bad idea though.... So Steve, you have a public apology ;>)

Some other things that have been going on, are that I have been training another new submissive ‑ however she is all female.... Her name is Anna, and she is an au‑pair in Bethesda from Ireland!! I met Anna the day before yesterday, at an Irish bar in town. She is very cute, and very adorable. Anna has been an au‑pair in the states for 7 years now, and has had no idea that this kind of stuff goes on anyplace. It sounds like she's a complete slave to the family that has her ‑ she works 5 full days a week for a lousy $160.00 plus room and board! She does all of the cooking and cleaning, and even wears a uniform....

From what I've told her about me, and everything ‑‑ she totally agrees that my terms sound a lot sexier, and more fun, than the ones she has now.... I couldn't agree more.... we did a preliminary interview yesterday evening, and she's coming over tonite, for some instruction on the finer things that I like done. I will let you know how it goes!

I'm off to the gym, so we'll talk more later... cheerio

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