Tuesday, April 01, 1997

Fuck your boring lives! Take a look at mine!!

04/01/97 ‑ Good afternoon slaves ‑ I've been very busy today with Lolita ‑ we've been out shopping for a few sexy pairs of undies for her, and some new stockings... she does just love to feel them underneath those nasty male clothes that she wears!! Since we got back she's been doing my laundry ‑ it seems she's been hoarding my panties & stockings, as when she was ironing them and folding them to put them away, there were at least 60 pairs!! Now what would someone be doing with 60 pairs of my knickers?? :>) I'm planning on having Charles pose for us in his new sexy panties & possibly Gail as well ‑ In case I haven't mentioned ‑ Gail is this really cute, tiny slut that I met last week ‑ she was absolutely adorable ‑ but what a filthy mind she has!! Gail also went out shopping and bought several nice pairs of panties ‑ seems both of my girls are 'frugal' shoppers ‑ both went to Victoria Secrets and when they found out it was buy 2 get 2 free ‑ they both went wild!! I wonder if they both picked out the same colours!!

I'd like to thank those of you who have been kind enough to send me birthday cards & gifts ‑ it's really exciting opening pressies & everyone gets together and ooh's and aahs over everything!! However, please no more chocolates!!! ‑ I feel like a chocoholic ‑ and I gained a whopping 3 lbs
this week ‑ that may more than likely be from my period which I'm sure is going to arrive slap bang in the middle of my birthday!! We've all gotten a bunch of boxes of Godiva chocolates, and today I got a bunch of goodies ‑ toblerones, Bushmills Cake (I went to High school in Bushmills & every year when we toured the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery we would get some of this cake, and a bunch of miniature bottles of whiskey!!) so this brought back some nice memories!!

So maybe instead of all of the sweets ‑ a piece of work out clothing or weights might be more beneficial to me!! And of course ‑ fetish clothing, shoes, and toys are very welcomed!! I just love those kinds of goodies!! ;>) We didn't get any tributes for the web site today or yesterday in the mail ‑ get off your butts guys and send these in to us ‑ after all you're supposed to worship the ground we walk on, and be willing to do anything that we ask of you...

Now our next pressing issue is finding some land in this area on which to build our empire... if anyone can help with this ‑ read this first, then e‑mail me ‑And I'm in no way interested in anywhere that I can look out a window and see suburbia ‑ I don't want to see kids running around, and the Cleavers unpacking their car ‑ after their Saturday ritual at the grocery store ‑ God how I hate living next to other people ‑ other people just like you ‑ who go home every evening at the same time, pull into the drive way, and wifey & the brats come running out the door to meet you, with Rover bouncing along behind ‑ you all hug & get all the pleasantries out of the way "How was your day dear"?? "Oh you know ‑ filled with meetings blah blah blah..." Then the kids go off running chasing Rover and pulling on his tail, and you & the wife go inside and have another boring evening.. I just don't know how you can all do this day in day out and not go absolutely nuts.. I mean ‑ the only thing you do, is go to work, come home, deal with the kids, deal with the wife, go to bed, and do exactly the same thing 5 times a week ‑ then on Saturdays you're all out shopping in Bethesda, and your wife’s at the nail salon, and you wash your car, and maybe take your kids to the park.... then comes bed time ‑ and GOD if you've talked to your wife about any of your fantasies ‑ she's been disgusted by them, or you don't tell her for fear of her being disgusted by you, and you lay there at night frustrated as hell.... How can you do that? Aren't you all ready to scream?? Where's the satisfaction in all of this??

Anyhow I got way off track ‑ and I realize not all of you reading this are married with children or even live in suburbia ‑ but I bet your life is boring as hell as well... The reason for all of this rambling ‑ well I was bored... and I started thinking, what the hell do I have to be bored about???..... I do what I want, when I want, and I have a ton of people who'd crawl all the way around the world for me if I asked them to... I fulfill all my kinky fantasies when I want & go anywhere I want with whom I want. Plus I get to talk dirty all day long!! And I get to cum 20 times a day if I so want & I don't necessarily even have to do anything.... so I guess I shouldn't be so bored....

Well slaves that is it for tonite ‑ I'm tired & Lolita has to get up early tomorrow and go back to NY till Thursday night, so I'm going to allow her to go to bed ‑ she is very tired after doing all of the chores around the house & dungeon today & this evening. Her cage is waiting for her!! And my
4‑poster bed is beckoning for me.....

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