Monday, March 31, 1997

Mike Brewster -- dickhead extrordinaire!

03/31/97 ‑ Well slaves ‑ I think our e‑mail addresses are working correctly again ‑I have to let you know that I'm getting really tired of people who send me e‑mail & who before I have a chance to send them a reply, for one reason or another they've gone and deleted the account. I've just spent an hour responding to 3 different people (one of whom has now done this 3 times ‑ yes Matthew/Chewtoy I'm talking about you) and then I get a mailerdeamon message back saying that the e‑mail address no longer exists... So if you send me mail ‑ at least put in the message that you don't expect a reply ‑ or that this account is just temporary... Sometimes it takes me a week or more to get back to you ‑ so if you can't wait that long ‑ don't send me anything!!

The next thing that totally blows my mind is how people can send me messages like this one:‑

From: (mike brewster)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 02:36:57 ‑0500
To: MistressJulie

Subject: FILTHY WHORE!!!!!

Content‑Transfer‑Encoding: 7BIT
MIME‑Version: 1.0 (WebTV)
X‑UIDL: 1a68c94a396e492af154aa5c4893e627


Can you tell me why this idiot would search for a site like mine, if something was going to offend him in the first place?? It's not like I send out solicitations or mass mailings or anything of the sort... I didn't force him to come in ‑ so what's he got to be pissed about??

Anyways ‑ that's all the updates & changes for today ‑ I'm off to get a really nice foot bath, and pedicure from Lolita ‑ then hit the sack ‑

goodnite all!!

Oh ‑ BTW ‑ I'd like to thank Barbie for the Godiva Chocolates & the birthday card ‑ however, I don't want any more ‑ as I'm on a diet!!

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