Wednesday, March 26, 1997

Thank you slaves!

03/26/97 ‑ Some "thank yous" are in order to some more loyal, devoted, slaves :

Thanks to Frank in DC, Keith, in PA & John in NJ for your large & generous web tributes, thanks to John, in PA, Vince (A Lady Sarah submissive) and Bill in CA for your donations also. You can all be sure of user id's and passwords when & if I have to change everything over to pay‑per‑view ‑‑ which unfortunately seems most likely. It's awfully sad to think that out of 150,000 accesses per day that only about 20 of those people were kind, thoughtful, devoted, and generous enough to part with some cash in order to keep the site afloat.... however that seems to be the way things go.
I'm going to be working on some more postal training packets ‑ so if you haven't gotten yours yet, it will be on the way by the end of this week ‑ stay focused & patient.

What have I been up to lately I hear you ask? Well it's been very busy for me with sessions ‑ seeing out of town clients, and clients that are regulars from this area ‑ I also spend hours doing web work, and hours trying to catch up on stuff that I enjoy ‑ such as reading or taking photos/videos of us all. Today I had an intense bondage session with one of my regulars ‑ he's a big guy so Nichole had to help me out getting the chains around him, and locked in place.

I'm backed up again (get your minds out of the gutter) with e‑mails so if you wrote requesting a session ‑ be patient, I'll get to you when I get to you.

I'm also trying to work out a way in which to give those of you who were kind enough to send us a tribute ‑ a password & user ID. I don't like the thought of you using your credit card ‑ thru one of these on‑line clearing houses, and even though we have our own merchant account ‑ it would be a
full‑time job running them through and getting approval codes from all of you. So we've thought that we'd just have you send a cheque or money order for the subscription amount (which I haven't defined yet) and you'd be e‑mailed a user id & password ‑ this would be good for however long you bought a subscription for. Once it goes inactive ‑ you'd have to do the whole process over again. Without charging you for access ‑ there is no way that I can afford to run this site. The girls and I put the work into it for free, but lets face it, $1,000.00 this month just for downloads & usage fees ‑ well that's almost a house payment where we live, and I don't think it's fair that I should have to pay for this... Do you??

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