Thursday, March 20, 1997

Sessions, sessions and more sessions!

03/20/97 ‑ Boy what a day ‑ Nichole and I have been in Georgetown shopping with Gary ‑ (do say hello to him!) ‑‑‑ we went to dream dresser and tried on some nice and expensive outfits & I got a great new pair of boots (to add to my collection!!) ‑ wanna see them?? and Nichole got a really nice black rubber dress ‑ with a low, low, cleavage cut!! Thanks Gary!! When we got home a parcel from Frederick's of Hollywood was waiting for us both (a la Charles) ‑ Nichole got a cool red wig ‑ long & wavy & a cute little nurses outfit ‑ with a little satin dress & cutesy hat, white stockings, and adorable little white gloves!! She looked very cute ‑ and good enough to eat!! I got a nice black leather hat with chains around it. Thanks Charles!!

When we went to the mailbox Chewtoy had sent me another dozen CD's (Thank you!!) and Rex had sent both Nichole & myself 2 CD's each, along with a naked picture of himself....

Frank is here tonight serving Lady Sarah & he's also been kind enough to donate a ton of money to the upkeep of the web site... Thank you very much Frank, WE all REALLY appreciate it & all the other help you've given us.... Frank is in the process of making us a really cool depravation chamber ‑ padded, to soundproof it, with all sorts of neat little things... He's a total sweetheart!!

Spanky Boy just called and is on his way over for a really good spanking session tonight at 10pm ‑ I can't wait!! I need to cum again so bad ‑ Nichole's been teasing me all day long by rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples in my face!! However I've just been told that Sarah's friend wants a
go at spanking him, so he's going to be in for a little shock!! He was kind enough to bring us a new Plexiglas paddle from JT's Stockroom ‑ since we break everything else we have on him.... and he was also kind enough to donate some money to the site ‑ thank you spanky boy!!

Lolita just got back from NY & is horny as usual... she's also a tad upset ‑ it seems that although 4,000+ of you visited her page, none of you sent her any e‑mail... so do drop her a line so she stops pouting... thank you. I've got a ton of things that need doing again this weekend, but I kind of don't feel like doing them... so if you'd care to help me & Nichole out, we would appreciate it.... drop us some e‑mail and let us know what you could do.

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