Tuesday, March 04, 1997

Guess it's not a good idea to live where you work....

03/04/97 ‑ Changes on the web page are going to be few and far between this week as I'm in the midst of designing postal training programmes for slaves. This is very exciting stuff. I've been designing a really cool slave contract, and postal application, and putting together a couple of packages for slaves who have already sent me their information & tribute.

I will be making up slave manuals, which will be filled bi‑weekly with their written tasks & my written rules. The first one happens to be about dog training, and so far I've come up with some really cool things for a new little doggy that I've taken on training ‑ Her name is FiFi ‑‑‑‑ isn't that so cute?? Fifi craves to be treated as a little puppy dog, and that's exactly what she's going to get!!

Oh my GOD!! I just checked the stats, and it seems that on Feb 26th there were 126,074 hits to my site!!! Isn't that incredible. This past week it's been ranging between 100,000 ‑ 128,000 hits per day!!

Unfortunately my purse was stolen when my house was broken into, and I only found out today when I needed to get my drivers license and credit card to rent a car, till mine gets fixed (again)... So I've been busy in between setting up postal training programmes calling all my credit card companies and canceling my accounts ‑ Gee I hope that my dog bit this person really good (However the amount of blood around my house when I got here, tells me that she did!! ‑ Isn't she so good, protecting her Mistresses' home??)

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