Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Hair fetish anyone?

03/25/97 ‑ Good morning slaves had a great nights sleep and I feel totally refreshed & invigorated after working out this morning. Lolita is back in NY so I actually had to fix my own breakfast this morning.. it's awfully tiresome getting a bowl from the cupboard, and pouring some cocoa krispies into it, adding milk and a spoon ;>) I much prefer just snapping my fingers and having Lolita go running to get me it.... Oh well, I only have to wait till Thursday night....

So what's been going on with all of you? Do you have any hot fantasies or fetishes to share with us?? We'd love to read about them, at the very least if we can't act them out for you ‑ e‑mail them to me.

Thank you to Alan, who made me a CD full of long hair pics which I'll be adding ‑ if any of you have some photo collections, we'd love to have them ‑ to share with everyone else ‑ snail mail them to us at this address, and we'll get them posted.

Everyone is *very* excited around here ‑ it's our birthday month ‑ Ashleigh has hers this Saturday the 29th, then comes mine April 3rd, Nichole & Lolita both have theirs on April 4th, Sarah has hers on the 7th, and Keri has hers on the 13th of April... Sarah has plans for all of us to go out Friday the 4th ‑ along with several other of our girlfriends ‑ it's all a big surprise though so she hasn't been giving much away. I've no idea what to get any of them though, so today I'll have to do some shopping around after my DR's appt.
And me ‑ I'm off to my Dr.'s appt now ‑ check back late tonight or tomorrow for new updates!!

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