Monday, March 03, 1997

There's a Hole in my pump dear benny, dear benny, there's a hole in my pump...

03/03/97 ‑ Well it seems that the place that changed my oil didn't screw up & I actually have a hole in my pump.. so now my car is at the dealers, trying to be repaired... This is just one more thing in the whole long list of things that have gone wrong with my Camaro since I got it... It's so frustrating.. Don't they have Lemon Laws for cars in MD?? If anyone knows, can you e‑mail me??

I have no idea who broke into my house, but I guess they weren't counting on my dog being as fierce as she is... Nothing seems to be missing, but I really haven't had a chance to check... I'm feeling kind of weird about the whole thing, I guess 'cause I'm not pissed (or at least I haven't gotten so yet...)

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