Friday, March 28, 1997

More bullshit

03/28/97 ‑ Good morning/afternoon/evening slaves... I'd like to answer a barrage of e‑mail that I've been getting from guys who are saying that they can't afford a subscription & would like to barter other services ‑ well we're somewhat open to this, in fact as an incentive to have you get us stories & pics for the page ‑ we'll give you a password & user ID for free ‑I will work out what I think is a fair rate of exchange. However ‑ this will only be for a few people... The idea behind all of this is for us to be able to pay the web service fees.

Secondly, I too tend to agree somewhat that it's not very safe to send credit card & address information via the internet to a clearing house ‑ in order for them to send you an approval code. I tend to think that there are too many things could go wrong with this ‑ 1. They could sell their mailing list & all of your information would be all over the place ‑ 2. There is a lot of credit card fraud over the internet ‑ 3. Every time you do this ‑ they charge me a fee and hold a percentage in
case of charge‑backs. This isn't helping me pay my web server bill every month. Plus I have to wait till they pay me. So ‑ In order to get a subscription & user ID‑ You'll have to mail me a disclaimer ‑ swearing that you are over 21 years old, and an adult, along with a cheque or a money order & your e‑mail address. The only persons who will have access to your information will be us. You can be assured We will not be selling your information to anyone. Discretion is as usual assured & expected.

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