Wednesday, March 19, 1997


02/19/97 ‑ Well I've finally been able to sit down and take a break, and gosh it's only 3am. I'm planning on hopefully having my web page moved sometime next week, so for this week, there'll really not be too many updates to speak of.... I have to copy & move every page ‑ so this could take a while!! I'm also going to try to organize it some, so that it's easier to move through. Any suggestions are appreciated.... I definitely have more skills as a Domme than I do as a web designer!!

Once I get it all moved, and I know that it's working OK, I'll be putting some small video clips on as promised, and some audio clips of us having some fun!! I'm looking forward to doing those!

Because of the much higher charges that I now have to pay for bandwidth, and the hosting of my page, I will be hosting web pages for, Mistresses (ISO slaves) and Slaves (ISO Mistresses).

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