Monday, March 24, 1997

Pay site, vs Free site...

03/24/97 ‑What a busy day I've had ‑ I've been seeing slaves all day today & yesterday ‑ plenty of hot B&D fun!! I've been wearing out my strap on dildo!! It's gotten a ton of usage recently ‑ and boy don't I just love sticking that where the sun does not shine!! It's been a long weekend ‑ we have been going and going and going... I feel quite like the energizer bunny!!

I've been looking into setting up my site as a members only site ‑‑ I want to be able to add the videos & a ton of picture sets that we have on file, but I won't be able to afford the downloads unless we charge you... I'm not going to lie and tell you I'm charging because "big brother" doesn't want you to see this stuff, or in order to keep children out (i.e. children don't have credit cards...) or any other ridiculous lie that the others use ‑ I'm charging you cause I have to in order to keep it up & running. The "you send me a tribute, and I'll keep it going" tactic didn't work.... We had to shell out $600.00 ‑ We got $400.00 from slaves who were kind enough, and knew that what we have is something special ‑ seems the rest of you didn't care enough. So what will those of you who become enslaved to us get? ell, we hope to continue to succeed in the presentation of interesting & informative information on female domination & fetishes, and on average (every two weeks or 15 days) give you 10 ‑ 15 stories, 2 picture sets (10 pics to a set) for each fetish category ‑(feet, golden showers, fat, brown showers, bondage, spanking, TV's etc.,) There will also be video clips of us in action, the option to purchase other B&D, S/M videos that we will be selling, all of our erotic, & exciting journals, where we write about real, and natural female domination.

What do we want? Well we want a membership of slaves that are totally devoted, and enslaved to us & our site & from which we can build a truly great empire out of. We want a huge following that we can trust to look after us & to treat us as the Goddesses we are... Very simple isn't it??

When will we be doing this? Very soon... maybe as soon as the end of the month, depends really on how much I can get done ‑ it means me learning PERL (whatever that is) and some other CGI scripting... Oh Boy!! Just what I want to be doing.... so as soon as I figure out how to give everyone a password and user id# and get a merchant account set up ‑ but most definitely by the middle of next month... For those of you who have sent us tributes ‑ thank you, and you will be given free user id's. I'd prefer not to go this route, but it seems unless you all are forced to do something the hard way, you can't do it the easy way.

So what is the easy way? You can put any $$ amount you want in the mail (money order or cheque) and mail it to us here and as long as we get $1,000.00 per month, (or whatever the bandwidth charge is each month) we won't need to go the other route, and have to waste time and energy on something I never wanted to have done in the first place....

I've been kind enough and added a few new pics for you to drool over. Also, we would like it if you would submit your favourite fantasy or story for others to read, we'll post it in the appropriate
category & if you like you can include your e‑mail address for others to write to you ‑ if you wish to remain anon. no problem!! E‑mail them to (Same goes for your favourite pics, send them to me, and I'll post them!!)

1. Charles ‑ thanks for getting me the scanner ‑ I can't wait to try it out!! Thanks also for your helping out this past weekend. I'll see you later this week!

2. Bruce I need to talk to you ‑ call me, I did get your e‑mail, and your application & don't worry...
3. Alan ‑ I've been really busy, and I do want to talk to you ‑ call me ‑ around 4pm. Thanks for the pics and the return address labels, they were very appreciated!!

4. Lolita ‑ you did an awesome job with those paddles ‑ I was very impressed!! And I'll miss you being around to fetch me stuff ‑ go back to your wife, and I'll see you on Friday & make sure you get your journals up to date before then!!

5. Frank ‑ missed your call Sunday, will be around tonight, do call so we can discuss a few things....

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