Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Session time again

Well, I've just got finished with a session!!!! of all things, and have been sitting here thinking about my life. I've had enough of this funk that I've been in! It's time to get things heated up around here, and get back to my old self. Unfortunately, Gemma came home only in time to see me with most of my clothes removed, otherwise I'd have had her snap some pictures of the naughty things I was doing with James in the dungeon... James has been a client of mine for almost 13 years. I started seeing him when I was just 20 years old! During the space of 13 years, we have probably done 120 sessions together. Back in the "olden" days I would see him almost every week without fail! When we first got together he was a total newbie - only 30 years old, and had only fantasized about this stuff.

I still remember our first few times together. Back then I was really into bondage with ropes, leather straps and restraints, and I had a lot of anger back then, and was totally into the hard core punishment aspect of things. James took it all, and more... After about 6 years, I eased off, and my sessions became much more erotic, and more about mind fucking, tease and denial than hardcore discipline or bondage.

Anyway, it was nice to see him again. We've kept in touch with Xmas cards, birthday cards, and a few e-mails and phone calls here and there. I called him up last week while I was at work, and asked to see him. He rearranged his schedule like a good boy, and showed up right on time. I didn't waste anytime with pleasantries. I was so horny, and he looked so good after all this all time ;-) I've always loved how he smells! We went down to the dungeon, and I ripped his jacket, shirt and tie off, shoved him up against the wall, and pinned his arms up over his head. I slid down in front of him to unbuckle his pants, and then had him do a slow striptease in front of me. By the time he was naked, I shoved him onto the swinging rack, and I climbed on top of him. My skirt was so skin tight I had to remove it so I could straddle him, leaving only my waist cincher, mesh top, and thongs. I leant over him pulling his arms back, and attaching them to the restraint system, and then turned around, and laid forward so that I could attach each ankle. He had a clear view of my firm tight ass in his face ;-) and immediately his cock was bouncing around at attention...

We played for about two and a half hours. I seem to lose all track of time when I'm down in the dungeon, with the music playing softly, and the candles burning around us. We managed to play on almost every piece of major furniture, and I must have came 10 times. James was not allowed to cum at all ;-)

Anyway, after ALL THAT, I was so in the mood to throw a party. I've totally decided on Memorial Day weekend as traditionally, this has been when I've thrown them. What a spectacle I plan for that to be. My grand re-entrance into this lifestyle, and the start of another pro-domme career... well not entirely. I don't want to give up my job at the gym, but I will cut back, so that I'm taking sessions two days a week. Tuesday and Thursdays only......

Oh and I know, you all want particulars on the party, and the sessions.... you'll have to wait, it's sunny outside, and I want to take my horse out for a ride... look for it in the next journal entry!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Visit to the Lake.

Well, I've had a brilliant weekend at last! I called up an old subbie, late Thursday night, and told him I was planning on being down in VA the next morning, and would like him to serve me, my sister, and a couple of my friends. He was thrilled! He hadn't seen me in well over a year, and he got his place ship shape within a few hours. Myself, Gemma, Nichole, Elizabeth and Sammie arrived at Lake Anna around noon on Friday.

Fred was in total slave mode the minute we pulled into this driveway. He has a gorgeous place on the private side of the lake, with several acres, and a few horses. It's beautiful, quiet, and serene. Just what I needed after the shit month or so I've had.

Anyway, we all went in and left Fred outside struggling with our baggage. We found his deck, and it was all beautifully set out with a big jug of fresh made lemonade, 5 glasses, and a platter of croissants all waiting for us. We kicked back and made ourselves at home. Fred came through a little bit later and asked if we'd like to see where we'd be sleeping. He had put Elizabeth & me up in the loft, which has the most beautiful view over the lake, with big open beams and our own en-suite bathroom.

He gave my sister the dorm room next to me, small, but quaint, all done in plaid, and she too had a great view of the lake. Nichole and Sammie were downstairs next door to Fred's master bedroom in a beautiful large oak bed, that looked like it had been hand made. Everything was spotless, and really very pretty for a guy's place.

We all went back out to the deck, and told Fred what it was that we'd be expecting of him that day. He was just going to be at our beck and call. I told him he could start by fixing us lunch, while we went to say hello to his horses. I felt pretty bad, cause I've neglected my own horse for quite some time. I also told him that for today, I just wanted to kick back and relax, (after having a good talk with my sister) and the girls pretty much wanted to do the same.

Lunch was awesome. Fred outdid himself. He cooked an amazing salmon on the grill, and used it with mangos in a field green salad. It was very good! Fred was an excellent host, making sure we had everything we needed. We allowed him to sit and eat with us while we discussed what we might want to do all weekend.

Fred went and got his row boat ready, and a paddle boat for the girls. Myself & Gemma were going to ride with him, so I could talk to her privately. He rowed around the lake, while I talked. It was so peaceful. I was able to clear the air with Gemma, and explain how things were going to go from here on in. It was also quite funny watching the girls mess around on the paddle boat.

After the ride, I hit the hammock, and the girls waited for Fred to get the deck chairs down to the beach. They all had plenty to talk about, me I just wanted to snooze ;-) I've been working out so damn much at the gym, that I'm just exhausted. I slept in the hammock from about 2pm till 4pm, and just as it started to get a little chilly, Fred arrived with blankets, and a picnic basket filled with goodies. We walked down to the beach, and he gave all the girls blankets, and flasks -- he had made soup for all of us.

Anyway, I have to run... I've tried to get as much of this up as possible, but haven't even made it to the good part... guess what we do Friday night with Fred??

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Swimming at night

Well the nice thing about working at the fitness center is that I get access to some pretty good perks! I get to work out when I want, as often as I want.. I get to use the tanning facilities, the massage center, the sauna & steam room, hydrotherapy, and in the last few weeks they've just gotten the outside pools cleaned, and heated and ready to open in a few weeks to the public. However, I've been out there taking advantage of the good weather, every opportunity I can! In fact last night, I had Nichole come over to go for a swim with me after I finished working. I won't be opening my pool at home until it's much warmer - it costs a fortune to have the gas on constantly heating it ~ so it's nice to use this one! We fooled around and had fun, they have a huge kiddie pool with mushrooms, and buckets overhead that turn over and spill out on you when they're full - we had such a good laugh. I really needed that. I've been so bummed for what seems like forever recently.

A few of the guys that work there, came out and joined us, and pretty soon by the time midnight rolled around, there were about 15 of us, diving & doing cannon balls into the 16ft deep swimming pool! It was a blast! This was probably the latest I'd been up in a while! At least since LA. I have to leave my house around 4.30am to be here and at work at 5am. I've often wondered about the people that come to the gym between say 10pm and 5am... I've always thought they must be kinda whacky -- maybe insomniacs? When I got out of the pool, I was shocked to see just how busy it actually was at 1am in the morning. We got quite a few stares as we ran to the changing rooms - especially me, I don't own a bikini that is not a thong!! LOL.

Anyway, I got to catch up properly with Nichole, who has been having quite a fun filled time it seems! It almost makes me miss being a pro-domme (she's not charging though, but the whole meeting strangers, and playing with them part was fun when I was doing it)..I just wish it could be a once in a while thing. I'm not that girl though, once I get involved in something, I do it to the max... hence all my time at the fucking gym! I do miss dressing up and going to fetish parties, and having guys crawling around at my feet all the time..... What do you think? Should I become a pro-domme again? Check out the poll on my yahoo group, and post a comment here!


On March 21st, they cancelled all my billing, new signups and active recurring members because I was in violation of their AUP agreement.

Even though I've removed the areas that were problems (see below) they still haven't gotten around to turning me on.... so for those of you who were members, but were up for renewal & who got cancelled, I'll send out an e-mail letting you know when you can sign back up.

That will probably be everyone, because this has now taken well over a month to get resolved...!!

For those of you who attempted to pay the $5 group tax via ccbill, you too will have to hold off until I have an acceptable way to do this. You may have to call or e-mail your information directly to me, and I'll run it through our attitudesboutique.com terminal. I'll let you know.

Some of the photos in the galleries in the above links are missing some pictures, and I'll plan on fixing that. Obviously if I have hardcore stuff that isn't allowed by ccbill, I'll start just posting it to the yahoo group.

My website is more a venue for me to post to my journal, and show you, how a true lifestyle domina lives her life ;-) My autobiography if you will ;-)

This was just one more thing that I didn't need on my plate. Thanks to those of you who have e-mailed checking in on me. Hopefully my personal family life is now looking up, and I can be myself again.