Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Swimming at night

Well the nice thing about working at the fitness center is that I get access to some pretty good perks! I get to work out when I want, as often as I want.. I get to use the tanning facilities, the massage center, the sauna & steam room, hydrotherapy, and in the last few weeks they've just gotten the outside pools cleaned, and heated and ready to open in a few weeks to the public. However, I've been out there taking advantage of the good weather, every opportunity I can! In fact last night, I had Nichole come over to go for a swim with me after I finished working. I won't be opening my pool at home until it's much warmer - it costs a fortune to have the gas on constantly heating it ~ so it's nice to use this one! We fooled around and had fun, they have a huge kiddie pool with mushrooms, and buckets overhead that turn over and spill out on you when they're full - we had such a good laugh. I really needed that. I've been so bummed for what seems like forever recently.

A few of the guys that work there, came out and joined us, and pretty soon by the time midnight rolled around, there were about 15 of us, diving & doing cannon balls into the 16ft deep swimming pool! It was a blast! This was probably the latest I'd been up in a while! At least since LA. I have to leave my house around 4.30am to be here and at work at 5am. I've often wondered about the people that come to the gym between say 10pm and 5am... I've always thought they must be kinda whacky -- maybe insomniacs? When I got out of the pool, I was shocked to see just how busy it actually was at 1am in the morning. We got quite a few stares as we ran to the changing rooms - especially me, I don't own a bikini that is not a thong!! LOL.

Anyway, I got to catch up properly with Nichole, who has been having quite a fun filled time it seems! It almost makes me miss being a pro-domme (she's not charging though, but the whole meeting strangers, and playing with them part was fun when I was doing it)..I just wish it could be a once in a while thing. I'm not that girl though, once I get involved in something, I do it to the max... hence all my time at the fucking gym! I do miss dressing up and going to fetish parties, and having guys crawling around at my feet all the time..... What do you think? Should I become a pro-domme again? Check out the poll on my yahoo group, and post a comment here!

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