Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Personal servants..

October 28th, 1997
Good evening slaves... well I had an extremely busy Monday ‑ chock full of sessions, with several slaves. Luckily the very last slave that I had was David, so I allowed him to pamper me :>) After wearing my thigh high boots all day, my tootsies were ready for some deep massage... and of course licking! After working on my toes, David worked on my calves, and all the way up over m buttocks, and up to my back. God it was so relaxing! It felt great! After a really nice massage, David ran me a bath, and scrubbed my back, washed my hair, shaved my legs, and after I'd soaked for a half hour, was waiting with a nice huge warm fluffy bath robe for me to step into!! Once I'd heated up, David moisturized my entire body from tip to toe, brushed my hair out, and massaged my head..... While I was soaking, he'd gotten my bed changed, and new sheets put on, and it all pulled back, ready for me to climb into... While I was getting comfy in bed, David went to the
kitchen, and returned with a big cold glass of milk, and a chocolate chip cookie, then he was off and running around making sure all my doors, and windows were locked, and that all the lights were out, before leaving to go home for the night... It is so nice being pampered like this!!

Today I spent working on the website, and supervising slaves who were doing
some work around my house ‑ cutting the lawn, weeding, cleaning etc.,

Sunday, October 26, 1997

Raining cats and dogs..

October 26th, 1997
So slaves did all of you remember to put your clocks back an hour? Wasn't today an absolutely horrible one? It poured and stormed from the heavens here in DC.

As for me, I've had a busy weekend {again} and tonite, I'm going to have an early night.... This coming week I'm hoping to work on some more of my slave manual, and have another task ready for those of you who submitted their homework... :‑)

Saturday, October 25, 1997

Help you say?? Why of course Mistress...

October 25th, 1997
Hi slave boys! Well we had major maintenance going on to the servers at Kivex on Thursday, so I couldn't send any changes, or work on the site.... I spent that day answering tons of e‑mail, and paying bills {YUCK}. However that's it all done, and hopefully it will have sped the service up a tad too.... Apparently, our stats are showing 100 requests to the page per second!! So.... of course it'll be a little slow at loading pictures etc., ‑ especially on the picture pages where I don't always use a thumbnail chart....

I started my journal Friday evening, but as you can see it's now Saturday morning!! I've revamped a bunch of pages, let me know what you think of the new look!! Much more coming soon!!

I couldn't believe it when I clicked on the link to feet and shoes from the main menu ‑ and saw that it was still linked to that horrible out of date page, so that's been whipped into shape, and taken care of... If you notice other pages that haven't been touched in a tad, do let me know, it's a lot to keep up with, and I do need help!

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Anyone else like to read as much as I do??

October 22nd, 1997
HI slave boys...This is supposed to be a *really* good book.... and one of Ms Nichole's slave's is trying to locate it for us, however if you find it, then you should definitely read it...

Abernathy, Christina _Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual_. San Francisco, Greenery Press, 1996. 87 pages, reading list and resource guide. ISBN: 0‑9639763‑9‑7. A practical instruction manual for the training of submissives in the art of serving their Mistress. Careful attention given to the psychological dimensions of D/s and the personal qualities desired in both Top and bottom. Instructions on training a submissive, contracts, the proper behavior of serving submissives, and the types of service provided: household slavery, sex slavery, etc.. Emphasis on the D/s part of BDSM.

Other books that we'd like to locate & have are as follows:‑ (What I mean is, be a good slave, and find these for us!)

* _Behind the Scene_ A Journal dedicated to the Disciplinary Female. With Jennifer Brooks. Brooks Applications, P.O. Box 675750, Rancho Santa Fe, CA. 92067‑5750

* Chancer, Lynn S. 1954‑ _Sadomasochism In Everyday Life: The Dynamics of Power and Powerlessness_. New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers University Press, 1992. Chapter notes and references, index, 238 pages. ISBN 0‑8135‑1808‑3. Price: 15.00 US. Comments: A detailed discussion of nonsexual dominance and submission in the workplace, in homes, in social relations. A brief commentary on sexual SM D/s in our culture. For advanced D/s readers.

* Maria del Rey _Obsession_, Nexus Books, 1993, ISBN 0352328533. *The story of a man who learns to submit to the Mistress he fears and desires in equal measure. Recommended by Forum Magazine.*

* Maria del Rey _Heart of Desire_, Nexus Books, 1994, ISBN 0352329009. A woman discovers her natural Dominance ‑ and the men who submit to her.

* Maria del Rey _Sisterhood of The Institute_, Nexus Books, 1994, ISBN 0352329718. *A sequel to The Institute: enforced feminization in a correctional institute run exclusively by Dominant females.*

* Wiseman, Jay `Dungeon Safety For the Professional Mistress: I ‑ III.' From _Bitches With Whips_, Vol 2 No. 3, Vol 2 No. 4, and Vol 3 No. 1. Longer articles that deal with recognizing and correcting hazardous conditions in the dungeon, dealing with medical emergencies, and dealing with clients.

* Sex, Laws, and Cyberspace by Jonathan Wallace and Mark Mangan ‑ To get a better understanding specifically of internet law. (ISBN 0‑8050‑5298‑4).

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Session recaps!

October 21st, 1997
Hey slaves, well traffic is getting so bad on here (100 requests per second) that I couldn't log onto my own website at all last night... now if only those slaves were signing up! Yesterday was taken up with converting my membership id's etc., onto my computer as opposed to doing them manually... I really need a good little computer programmer to write me a great programme that will take care of a lot of that stuff automatically... as you have no idea how much hard work it is on my part, verifying the information, and then making sure that it get's renewed when it's supposed to expire... as you slaves are obviously way too pathetic to keep me informed of when your time is about to end... and to beg for a renewal!

Normally I don't have much time to write about my sessions, like the others do, but since I haven't been able to do any changes to speak of, I figured I'd tell you a little of what went on today.....

Today was spent in sessions ‑ I saw 2 regulars today, and had a great time with both of them... Roger who I saw at 1pm is into forced feminization, so I spent a good 30 minutes getting roger 'all dolled up'. He looked actually pretty cute when I was done. Once dressed, and made up, I taught roger how to suck cock... I strapped on mine, and watched him go to town upon it... He actually did pretty good... and it was quite a hot sight, seeing this hot little vixen between my legs deep throating a 9" cock!
At 5pm, I saw Mike, and he and I decided to try some cock and ball stretching... and boy did I stretch his balls or what! I was stretching them for a good half hour, and then separated them both apart, and started pulling the ball sac toward the ground. Once I got it nice and tight, I place a parachute on him, and a cock ring. Mike has such a fuckable ass, and it seems is quite the party slut... It turns out, that Mike would love to come over and 'serve' at one of our parties ‑ you know, those all girl kinda parties, where we look to the slave for our entertainment? So to tease Mike some, I put on a hood on him, as he was laid on the floor, and I straddled his head ‑ I'm such a tease!! I told him that during our parties, lots of the women assume these kind of positions, and I wondered if he'd be able to handle such a site... well at that point ‑ out of nowhere I might add ‑ Mike decides to cum without permission... Boy was I ticked! You can imagine what I did to him then :>) Anyway, Mike will come to our next party which is being held Nov 1st, and I'll let you know what goes on!

Nichole and Diana have been in a triple session all night and are still there, with a slave who flew in to see them especially, so they didn't have time to update tonite..

I've also been working on a form mail for a couple of different areas of the website, so I'm going to get back to that now... before going to bed for the night....

Sunday, October 19, 1997

Human alarm clocks?

October 19th, 1997
Hi panty waists, and sissy sluts.... What a nice weekend I've had.... Last night David took me to see that new movie "I know what you did last summer" This was a pretty good horror movie, by the writer of Scream. Today I spent relaxing on David's boat for most of the morning ‑ then I went to the bookstore to hang out, and have some orange smoothies!

For those of you who live in the DC area, the Black Rose is having their 10th Anniversary in November, and it looks like it will be a really cool event. We will definitely be going to this.

We just received the best chastity devices, and cock rings & cages from Reds Leather, that we will be instructing that some of you buy and wear...

That's about it for us tonite... I'm going to read a cool new Catherine Cookson book that I came across at the bookstore today, while I soak in the tub!! Alan, one of my slaves a while back bought me this gorgeous collection of stuff from Crabtree and Evelyn ‑ candles, bath salts, bubble bath, blow up pillow, massage oil and back scrubber ‑ I'm going to make good use of it tonite!

Tomorrow I get to go through the memberships, and send out stupid reminders ‑ you are all such a bunch of stupid slaves that can't keep track of when your membership is supposed to expire, I do hate doing this, I also have two afternoon sessions scheduled, so I've got to be awake early. My human alarm clock is spending the night {wink wink} ‑ David is spending the night, under my bed as the closet floor is full at the moment... :>)

Thursday, October 16, 1997

Wonder what you WON'T be receiving from us??

October 16th, 1997
Hi slave's :>) Nichole's computer was being worked on yesterday, so she hi‑jacked mine, in order to do lots of new pictures for the website. She has updated her's and Diana's pages, and their favourite things pages, which you can also check out.

Now, back to me... I've been reading several of your homework assignments, however a lot of you, obviously thought that this was not meant for you, or that you knew it all already.... I hate arrogant slaves, and slaves who *think* they know it all... And for those of you who didn't send it in, poor you, cause now you have no idea what the others will be receiving from us...

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

October 14th, 1997

Hi boys, and girls... I do hope you've all been behaving the past couple of days... I've been busy with a number of things ‑ Redoing the period pages (as we're all now on our periods at the same time), fixing a couple of errors in the cocktail page, and adding a hot new picture, updating the hair pages with a couple of hot new long hair pics,

We just got a lot of new inventory for our on‑line store, cock cages, chastity belts, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, hoods, crops, etc., and I'm working on getting those all up and online over the next couple of days.

Homework MUST be in by tomorrow evening.... Do you ALL understand?? I do hope so.... You wouldn't wish to displease us now would you?

... and that's about it for tonite, I'm beat, and I'm going home to go to bed early :‑) (yeah real early, it's already 12.45am!!)

Saturday, October 11, 1997

How's the homework coming along?

October 11th, 1997
Well slaves, I'll be looking forward to those homework assignments... they are due by the 15th at the very latest... You don't want to disappoint any of us either... I may just have to kick you out, membership or no membership... :>) I'm so evil!!

Thursday, October 09, 1997

First assignment slave boys:

October 9th, 1997
Hi there slaves :‑) So, I trust all of you were able to check out yesterday's article on letter writing etc., well you now all have some homework to do. Sit down and pen one of us lovely dommes a letter, save it, then go in and re‑read it etc., in a day or two, fix it up some more, and then e‑mail it to us. The title of the letter should read 'Homework' and you can send it to either myself, or Nichole. Depending on each person, and what you write, we'll come up with a second assignment for each of you. So get cracking.....

I spent the majority of today running errands in Nichole's car, as mine is in the shop.... perhaps never to come out again :‑( Tonite at 9pm, Nichole is hosting a Bi‑female meeting at her house, that should be interesting to say the least... so I'm going to be hanging out with them :>) I'll let you know tomorrow if I hooked up with anyone other than Nichole!!!
Well that's it for tonite, and remember slaves, we're all waiting on your 'homework' assignment.... make them good!

Wednesday, October 08, 1997

Slave applications

October 8th, 1997
Good evening pussy boys & girls... things have been just crazy around here... Boy do I need a vacation or what! Actually I think I'm going on one... Slave David has been kind enough to lend me his beach house, and I think I'm going to go away, and have a nice little break, and reflect on life and all that good stuff... Don't worry I'll be taking my computer with me!!

I receive constant applications or letters to take on submissives for training, and letters requesting to be my live‑in house boy.... Most of the letters that I receive are sorry indeed. Who in their right minds thinks that a one liner ‑ I think you're sexy, would appeal to me, or any other woman for that matter?

Would you really like to write a letter that will be accepted? Good. Then This will be lesson one in the slave manual ‑ I trust that you've already read the preface, and the contents of the manual by now... you've had a whole week. I will be testing all of you, so don't disappoint me. :>)

Monday, October 06, 1997

October 6th, 1997

Hi worms! How's it going??? I've finally started to get caught up on my e‑mail, it's taken all day, and most of yesterday, but I think I can see the end of the pile finally!! I'm on my period, and feel like crap... I've also got some new pics for you pathetic pieces of shit!!

And the best story that I've read in ages... so cool ‑ that I came twice while reading it :‑) It felt so good too... I haven't cum in ages! Or actually two days, but it sure seems like ages! It's all about a lonely, pathetic guy who wants to be a slave to a dominant woman, and after seeing professional dommes, and not finding what he's looking for (he definitely didn't find us then!!) decides to place an ISO ad in his local paper, and he hopes to find what he's looking for....

Sunday, October 05, 1997

October 5th, 1997

Well slave boys, I had a great weekend, lots of exciting new things to tell you all about. Where do I start..... hmmm let's see. Mistress Nichole met a new slave who is a photographer of BBW's, and he's got tons of never before shots of lots of BBW's in every area imaginable that want to meet submissive men, for fun and games. He's also going to be taking pics of Nichole and putting their pics together for sale to our slaves..

The next thing is that we have a couple of great woodworkers who have been making lots of new equipment for our dungeon, and it is now bigger, and even more equipped than imaginable! They are also going to be selling the equipment to other slaves and Mistresses who are furnishing their playrooms... and these pieces are all Slave tested, Mistress approved!!

Then, moving quickly along, Mistress Nichole has made a friend in NYC from all her frequent trips there... her name is Mistress Niki, and she's a tall thin European looking Mistress, who will be doing e‑mail training with our slaves. We'll be getting together a page on her over the next week or so....