Monday, October 06, 1997

October 6th, 1997

Hi worms! How's it going??? I've finally started to get caught up on my e‑mail, it's taken all day, and most of yesterday, but I think I can see the end of the pile finally!! I'm on my period, and feel like crap... I've also got some new pics for you pathetic pieces of shit!!

And the best story that I've read in ages... so cool ‑ that I came twice while reading it :‑) It felt so good too... I haven't cum in ages! Or actually two days, but it sure seems like ages! It's all about a lonely, pathetic guy who wants to be a slave to a dominant woman, and after seeing professional dommes, and not finding what he's looking for (he definitely didn't find us then!!) decides to place an ISO ad in his local paper, and he hopes to find what he's looking for....

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