Sunday, October 19, 1997

Human alarm clocks?

October 19th, 1997
Hi panty waists, and sissy sluts.... What a nice weekend I've had.... Last night David took me to see that new movie "I know what you did last summer" This was a pretty good horror movie, by the writer of Scream. Today I spent relaxing on David's boat for most of the morning ‑ then I went to the bookstore to hang out, and have some orange smoothies!

For those of you who live in the DC area, the Black Rose is having their 10th Anniversary in November, and it looks like it will be a really cool event. We will definitely be going to this.

We just received the best chastity devices, and cock rings & cages from Reds Leather, that we will be instructing that some of you buy and wear...

That's about it for us tonite... I'm going to read a cool new Catherine Cookson book that I came across at the bookstore today, while I soak in the tub!! Alan, one of my slaves a while back bought me this gorgeous collection of stuff from Crabtree and Evelyn ‑ candles, bath salts, bubble bath, blow up pillow, massage oil and back scrubber ‑ I'm going to make good use of it tonite!

Tomorrow I get to go through the memberships, and send out stupid reminders ‑ you are all such a bunch of stupid slaves that can't keep track of when your membership is supposed to expire, I do hate doing this, I also have two afternoon sessions scheduled, so I've got to be awake early. My human alarm clock is spending the night {wink wink} ‑ David is spending the night, under my bed as the closet floor is full at the moment... :>)

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