Tuesday, October 14, 1997

October 14th, 1997

Hi boys, and girls... I do hope you've all been behaving the past couple of days... I've been busy with a number of things ‑ Redoing the period pages (as we're all now on our periods at the same time), fixing a couple of errors in the cocktail page, and adding a hot new picture, updating the hair pages with a couple of hot new long hair pics,

We just got a lot of new inventory for our on‑line store, cock cages, chastity belts, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, hoods, crops, etc., and I'm working on getting those all up and online over the next couple of days.

Homework MUST be in by tomorrow evening.... Do you ALL understand?? I do hope so.... You wouldn't wish to displease us now would you?

... and that's about it for tonite, I'm beat, and I'm going home to go to bed early :‑) (yeah real early, it's already 12.45am!!)

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