Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Session recaps!

October 21st, 1997
Hey slaves, well traffic is getting so bad on here (100 requests per second) that I couldn't log onto my own website at all last night... now if only those slaves were signing up! Yesterday was taken up with converting my membership id's etc., onto my computer as opposed to doing them manually... I really need a good little computer programmer to write me a great programme that will take care of a lot of that stuff automatically... as you have no idea how much hard work it is on my part, verifying the information, and then making sure that it get's renewed when it's supposed to expire... as you slaves are obviously way too pathetic to keep me informed of when your time is about to end... and to beg for a renewal!

Normally I don't have much time to write about my sessions, like the others do, but since I haven't been able to do any changes to speak of, I figured I'd tell you a little of what went on today.....

Today was spent in sessions ‑ I saw 2 regulars today, and had a great time with both of them... Roger who I saw at 1pm is into forced feminization, so I spent a good 30 minutes getting roger 'all dolled up'. He looked actually pretty cute when I was done. Once dressed, and made up, I taught roger how to suck cock... I strapped on mine, and watched him go to town upon it... He actually did pretty good... and it was quite a hot sight, seeing this hot little vixen between my legs deep throating a 9" cock!
At 5pm, I saw Mike, and he and I decided to try some cock and ball stretching... and boy did I stretch his balls or what! I was stretching them for a good half hour, and then separated them both apart, and started pulling the ball sac toward the ground. Once I got it nice and tight, I place a parachute on him, and a cock ring. Mike has such a fuckable ass, and it seems is quite the party slut... It turns out, that Mike would love to come over and 'serve' at one of our parties ‑ you know, those all girl kinda parties, where we look to the slave for our entertainment? So to tease Mike some, I put on a hood on him, as he was laid on the floor, and I straddled his head ‑ I'm such a tease!! I told him that during our parties, lots of the women assume these kind of positions, and I wondered if he'd be able to handle such a site... well at that point ‑ out of nowhere I might add ‑ Mike decides to cum without permission... Boy was I ticked! You can imagine what I did to him then :>) Anyway, Mike will come to our next party which is being held Nov 1st, and I'll let you know what goes on!

Nichole and Diana have been in a triple session all night and are still there, with a slave who flew in to see them especially, so they didn't have time to update tonite..

I've also been working on a form mail for a couple of different areas of the website, so I'm going to get back to that now... before going to bed for the night....

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