Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Anyone else like to read as much as I do??

October 22nd, 1997
HI slave boys...This is supposed to be a *really* good book.... and one of Ms Nichole's slave's is trying to locate it for us, however if you find it, then you should definitely read it...

Abernathy, Christina _Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual_. San Francisco, Greenery Press, 1996. 87 pages, reading list and resource guide. ISBN: 0‑9639763‑9‑7. A practical instruction manual for the training of submissives in the art of serving their Mistress. Careful attention given to the psychological dimensions of D/s and the personal qualities desired in both Top and bottom. Instructions on training a submissive, contracts, the proper behavior of serving submissives, and the types of service provided: household slavery, sex slavery, etc.. Emphasis on the D/s part of BDSM.

Other books that we'd like to locate & have are as follows:‑ (What I mean is, be a good slave, and find these for us!)

* _Behind the Scene_ A Journal dedicated to the Disciplinary Female. With Jennifer Brooks. Brooks Applications, P.O. Box 675750, Rancho Santa Fe, CA. 92067‑5750

* Chancer, Lynn S. 1954‑ _Sadomasochism In Everyday Life: The Dynamics of Power and Powerlessness_. New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers University Press, 1992. Chapter notes and references, index, 238 pages. ISBN 0‑8135‑1808‑3. Price: 15.00 US. Comments: A detailed discussion of nonsexual dominance and submission in the workplace, in homes, in social relations. A brief commentary on sexual SM D/s in our culture. For advanced D/s readers.

* Maria del Rey _Obsession_, Nexus Books, 1993, ISBN 0352328533. *The story of a man who learns to submit to the Mistress he fears and desires in equal measure. Recommended by Forum Magazine.*

* Maria del Rey _Heart of Desire_, Nexus Books, 1994, ISBN 0352329009. A woman discovers her natural Dominance ‑ and the men who submit to her.

* Maria del Rey _Sisterhood of The Institute_, Nexus Books, 1994, ISBN 0352329718. *A sequel to The Institute: enforced feminization in a correctional institute run exclusively by Dominant females.*

* Wiseman, Jay `Dungeon Safety For the Professional Mistress: I ‑ III.' From _Bitches With Whips_, Vol 2 No. 3, Vol 2 No. 4, and Vol 3 No. 1. Longer articles that deal with recognizing and correcting hazardous conditions in the dungeon, dealing with medical emergencies, and dealing with clients.

* Sex, Laws, and Cyberspace by Jonathan Wallace and Mark Mangan ‑ To get a better understanding specifically of internet law. (ISBN 0‑8050‑5298‑4).

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