Wednesday, October 08, 1997

Slave applications

October 8th, 1997
Good evening pussy boys & girls... things have been just crazy around here... Boy do I need a vacation or what! Actually I think I'm going on one... Slave David has been kind enough to lend me his beach house, and I think I'm going to go away, and have a nice little break, and reflect on life and all that good stuff... Don't worry I'll be taking my computer with me!!

I receive constant applications or letters to take on submissives for training, and letters requesting to be my live‑in house boy.... Most of the letters that I receive are sorry indeed. Who in their right minds thinks that a one liner ‑ I think you're sexy, would appeal to me, or any other woman for that matter?

Would you really like to write a letter that will be accepted? Good. Then This will be lesson one in the slave manual ‑ I trust that you've already read the preface, and the contents of the manual by now... you've had a whole week. I will be testing all of you, so don't disappoint me. :>)

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