Sunday, October 05, 1997

October 5th, 1997

Well slave boys, I had a great weekend, lots of exciting new things to tell you all about. Where do I start..... hmmm let's see. Mistress Nichole met a new slave who is a photographer of BBW's, and he's got tons of never before shots of lots of BBW's in every area imaginable that want to meet submissive men, for fun and games. He's also going to be taking pics of Nichole and putting their pics together for sale to our slaves..

The next thing is that we have a couple of great woodworkers who have been making lots of new equipment for our dungeon, and it is now bigger, and even more equipped than imaginable! They are also going to be selling the equipment to other slaves and Mistresses who are furnishing their playrooms... and these pieces are all Slave tested, Mistress approved!!

Then, moving quickly along, Mistress Nichole has made a friend in NYC from all her frequent trips there... her name is Mistress Niki, and she's a tall thin European looking Mistress, who will be doing e‑mail training with our slaves. We'll be getting together a page on her over the next week or so....

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