Monday, March 31, 1997

Mike Brewster -- dickhead extrordinaire!

03/31/97 ‑ Well slaves ‑ I think our e‑mail addresses are working correctly again ‑I have to let you know that I'm getting really tired of people who send me e‑mail & who before I have a chance to send them a reply, for one reason or another they've gone and deleted the account. I've just spent an hour responding to 3 different people (one of whom has now done this 3 times ‑ yes Matthew/Chewtoy I'm talking about you) and then I get a mailerdeamon message back saying that the e‑mail address no longer exists... So if you send me mail ‑ at least put in the message that you don't expect a reply ‑ or that this account is just temporary... Sometimes it takes me a week or more to get back to you ‑ so if you can't wait that long ‑ don't send me anything!!

The next thing that totally blows my mind is how people can send me messages like this one:‑

From: (mike brewster)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 02:36:57 ‑0500
To: MistressJulie

Subject: FILTHY WHORE!!!!!

Content‑Transfer‑Encoding: 7BIT
MIME‑Version: 1.0 (WebTV)
X‑UIDL: 1a68c94a396e492af154aa5c4893e627


Can you tell me why this idiot would search for a site like mine, if something was going to offend him in the first place?? It's not like I send out solicitations or mass mailings or anything of the sort... I didn't force him to come in ‑ so what's he got to be pissed about??

Anyways ‑ that's all the updates & changes for today ‑ I'm off to get a really nice foot bath, and pedicure from Lolita ‑ then hit the sack ‑

goodnite all!!

Oh ‑ BTW ‑ I'd like to thank Barbie for the Godiva Chocolates & the birthday card ‑ however, I don't want any more ‑ as I'm on a diet!!

Sunday, March 30, 1997

Happy Easter!

03/30/97 ‑ Happy Easter slaves!! I've been up bright and early working out & walking my dog and working on a bunch of new updates -- go check them out!!

Saturday, March 29, 1997

Sweet Trannsexual...

03/29/97 ‑ Well Slaves ‑ it's been a very busy day ‑ It was Ashleigh's birthday ‑ she got some really nice pressies ‑ but my favourite was THE rabbit pearl vibrator that Charles bought for her!! I was so jealous!! All of us, including Lolita went out for dinner to celebrate ‑ we also got her a huge birthday cake ‑ shaped like handcuffs ‑ we told the cake place that she was a cop!! It was very cute!! My birthday comes next ‑ on the 3rd of April, and I'm going to be a whopping ???? (born in 73) ‑ shush ‑ don't tell anyone else though!! Charles also brought me a very nice pressie ‑ a scanner ‑ so now we can get all those mountains of pics that we have scanned in & put on the web site. Now all I need is a good digitized camera & video board I was also very glad to see when we went by the mailbox that some of you actually took the bloody time to go to your local 7‑11 and pick up a money
order!! Well done! I guess you all are actually trainable.... well we'll see....

Peter 1 & Peter 2 for their large and very welcomed tributes, JR in MD, Mark, Michael 1, Michael 2, Michael 3, Rosser, Jeff, and Rob. I'll be sending those of you who enclosed an address a little thank you & when the site is fully passworded, be sure to e‑mail me for your user id's.

Thanks to John for his birthday card & the AT&T certificates ‑ although ‑ with usually a $500 ‑ $800 telephone bill ‑ we could do with mountains of these!! They were however very appreciated. Thanks to Michael for the rose today, and thanks to Bill for the roses last week ‑ they were very beautiful. I adore flowers!!

Anyhow ‑ we're going to go watch the "Rocky Horror Picture" show on video tape ‑ Lolita has never watched it before & I need a good laugh with the sweet transsexual & a really good foot rub & butt massage after running around in those 5" heels all day long!!

Friday, March 28, 1997

More bullshit

03/28/97 ‑ Good morning/afternoon/evening slaves... I'd like to answer a barrage of e‑mail that I've been getting from guys who are saying that they can't afford a subscription & would like to barter other services ‑ well we're somewhat open to this, in fact as an incentive to have you get us stories & pics for the page ‑ we'll give you a password & user ID for free ‑I will work out what I think is a fair rate of exchange. However ‑ this will only be for a few people... The idea behind all of this is for us to be able to pay the web service fees.

Secondly, I too tend to agree somewhat that it's not very safe to send credit card & address information via the internet to a clearing house ‑ in order for them to send you an approval code. I tend to think that there are too many things could go wrong with this ‑ 1. They could sell their mailing list & all of your information would be all over the place ‑ 2. There is a lot of credit card fraud over the internet ‑ 3. Every time you do this ‑ they charge me a fee and hold a percentage in
case of charge‑backs. This isn't helping me pay my web server bill every month. Plus I have to wait till they pay me. So ‑ In order to get a subscription & user ID‑ You'll have to mail me a disclaimer ‑ swearing that you are over 21 years old, and an adult, along with a cheque or a money order & your e‑mail address. The only persons who will have access to your information will be us. You can be assured We will not be selling your information to anyone. Discretion is as usual assured & expected.

Thursday, March 27, 1997

New video and pics added!

03/27/97 ‑ Well I'm finally catching up on all of my e‑mail ‑ I spent several hours last night & the night before & the night before that going through about 1800 pieces of mail ‑ Pity I wasn't getting eighteen hundred $10.00 checks in the mail then all my problems would be solved!!!

I'm having trouble sending changes to the server (again) groan.... so from now on, all updates are going to be done in the middle of the night ‑ that way I don't get bumped off my own server as often as I do during the day...

Anyhow tonight is going to be spent working on more slave manuals & programmes and also on some new text for the bondage and discipline sections which are yet to be done... This web stuff sure isn't easy & it requires a lot of hard work on our part ‑ we're in need of a few good slaves to help out with cataloging stories, and pictures for us.. we're also in need of some researchers ‑ I'd like to know how exactly to compress video so that it's small enough to not take 2 hours to download for a 3 minute clip... ‑

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

Thank you slaves!

03/26/97 ‑ Some "thank yous" are in order to some more loyal, devoted, slaves :

Thanks to Frank in DC, Keith, in PA & John in NJ for your large & generous web tributes, thanks to John, in PA, Vince (A Lady Sarah submissive) and Bill in CA for your donations also. You can all be sure of user id's and passwords when & if I have to change everything over to pay‑per‑view ‑‑ which unfortunately seems most likely. It's awfully sad to think that out of 150,000 accesses per day that only about 20 of those people were kind, thoughtful, devoted, and generous enough to part with some cash in order to keep the site afloat.... however that seems to be the way things go.
I'm going to be working on some more postal training packets ‑ so if you haven't gotten yours yet, it will be on the way by the end of this week ‑ stay focused & patient.

What have I been up to lately I hear you ask? Well it's been very busy for me with sessions ‑ seeing out of town clients, and clients that are regulars from this area ‑ I also spend hours doing web work, and hours trying to catch up on stuff that I enjoy ‑ such as reading or taking photos/videos of us all. Today I had an intense bondage session with one of my regulars ‑ he's a big guy so Nichole had to help me out getting the chains around him, and locked in place.

I'm backed up again (get your minds out of the gutter) with e‑mails so if you wrote requesting a session ‑ be patient, I'll get to you when I get to you.

I'm also trying to work out a way in which to give those of you who were kind enough to send us a tribute ‑ a password & user ID. I don't like the thought of you using your credit card ‑ thru one of these on‑line clearing houses, and even though we have our own merchant account ‑ it would be a
full‑time job running them through and getting approval codes from all of you. So we've thought that we'd just have you send a cheque or money order for the subscription amount (which I haven't defined yet) and you'd be e‑mailed a user id & password ‑ this would be good for however long you bought a subscription for. Once it goes inactive ‑ you'd have to do the whole process over again. Without charging you for access ‑ there is no way that I can afford to run this site. The girls and I put the work into it for free, but lets face it, $1,000.00 this month just for downloads & usage fees ‑ well that's almost a house payment where we live, and I don't think it's fair that I should have to pay for this... Do you??

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Hair fetish anyone?

03/25/97 ‑ Good morning slaves had a great nights sleep and I feel totally refreshed & invigorated after working out this morning. Lolita is back in NY so I actually had to fix my own breakfast this morning.. it's awfully tiresome getting a bowl from the cupboard, and pouring some cocoa krispies into it, adding milk and a spoon ;>) I much prefer just snapping my fingers and having Lolita go running to get me it.... Oh well, I only have to wait till Thursday night....

So what's been going on with all of you? Do you have any hot fantasies or fetishes to share with us?? We'd love to read about them, at the very least if we can't act them out for you ‑ e‑mail them to me.

Thank you to Alan, who made me a CD full of long hair pics which I'll be adding ‑ if any of you have some photo collections, we'd love to have them ‑ to share with everyone else ‑ snail mail them to us at this address, and we'll get them posted.

Everyone is *very* excited around here ‑ it's our birthday month ‑ Ashleigh has hers this Saturday the 29th, then comes mine April 3rd, Nichole & Lolita both have theirs on April 4th, Sarah has hers on the 7th, and Keri has hers on the 13th of April... Sarah has plans for all of us to go out Friday the 4th ‑ along with several other of our girlfriends ‑ it's all a big surprise though so she hasn't been giving much away. I've no idea what to get any of them though, so today I'll have to do some shopping around after my DR's appt.
And me ‑ I'm off to my Dr.'s appt now ‑ check back late tonight or tomorrow for new updates!!

Monday, March 24, 1997

Pay site, vs Free site...

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Friday, March 21, 1997

Castles in the sky...

03/21/97 ‑ Well hello slaves... we've been thinking that to provide for our maximum entertainment & comfort we are going to need many slaves to fill lots of different positions that are open & available in our little empire.... such as shoe cleaners, valets, personal servants, living‑furniture, errand boys, builder's of our castle (for this we need a really creative mortgage broker, to approve a loan of a few hundred thousand dollars), ‑ with this we'd purchase the land ‑ at least 3 acres, and on it we'd have our palace & dungeon built... for this we would need really good builders (The loan would of course be paid off in full from the sweat and hard labour of our many slaves) and here would be the start of our own little empire..... so slaves ‑ if you're a mortgage broker ‑ or you just happen to have a spare few hundred thousand laying around‑ we want it!!

Frank just in case I don't have time to call you ‑ please get here at the discussed time to pick up mine & Lady Sarah's cars tomorrow morning to take them and have them detailed.... while you're doing that, Sarah and I are going to go shopping ‑ so make sure you leave us a credit card!!
Well guys that's all for tonight, I've got to get out of these clothes, and get my gym bag together ‑ all of us are on our way to Sarah's gym this evening (or rather this morning, as it's almost midnight now) to get physical!!

Oh I almost forgot thanks to Brad for his donation tonight when he came by ‑‑ for the web site, and thanks to spanky boy for his donation also ‑‑ these are most definitely welcomed!! And I'm almost half way there to being able to pay it this month, so the rest of you, need to drop a tribute in the mail otherwise the site will be NO LONGER.

Thursday, March 20, 1997

Sessions, sessions and more sessions!

03/20/97 ‑ Boy what a day ‑ Nichole and I have been in Georgetown shopping with Gary ‑ (do say hello to him!) ‑‑‑ we went to dream dresser and tried on some nice and expensive outfits & I got a great new pair of boots (to add to my collection!!) ‑ wanna see them?? and Nichole got a really nice black rubber dress ‑ with a low, low, cleavage cut!! Thanks Gary!! When we got home a parcel from Frederick's of Hollywood was waiting for us both (a la Charles) ‑ Nichole got a cool red wig ‑ long & wavy & a cute little nurses outfit ‑ with a little satin dress & cutesy hat, white stockings, and adorable little white gloves!! She looked very cute ‑ and good enough to eat!! I got a nice black leather hat with chains around it. Thanks Charles!!

When we went to the mailbox Chewtoy had sent me another dozen CD's (Thank you!!) and Rex had sent both Nichole & myself 2 CD's each, along with a naked picture of himself....

Frank is here tonight serving Lady Sarah & he's also been kind enough to donate a ton of money to the upkeep of the web site... Thank you very much Frank, WE all REALLY appreciate it & all the other help you've given us.... Frank is in the process of making us a really cool depravation chamber ‑ padded, to soundproof it, with all sorts of neat little things... He's a total sweetheart!!

Spanky Boy just called and is on his way over for a really good spanking session tonight at 10pm ‑ I can't wait!! I need to cum again so bad ‑ Nichole's been teasing me all day long by rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples in my face!! However I've just been told that Sarah's friend wants a
go at spanking him, so he's going to be in for a little shock!! He was kind enough to bring us a new Plexiglas paddle from JT's Stockroom ‑ since we break everything else we have on him.... and he was also kind enough to donate some money to the site ‑ thank you spanky boy!!

Lolita just got back from NY & is horny as usual... she's also a tad upset ‑ it seems that although 4,000+ of you visited her page, none of you sent her any e‑mail... so do drop her a line so she stops pouting... thank you. I've got a ton of things that need doing again this weekend, but I kind of don't feel like doing them... so if you'd care to help me & Nichole out, we would appreciate it.... drop us some e‑mail and let us know what you could do.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997

So naughty..

03/19/97 ‑ What an exciting afternoon I've had ‑ Nichole & I were both really horny, & bored, so we decided to get into something naughty & boy did we have fun or what!! Now we're satisfied and ready to play around with all of you!!

Who is online and ready to play? Cat & Mouse?


02/19/97 ‑ Well I've finally been able to sit down and take a break, and gosh it's only 3am. I'm planning on hopefully having my web page moved sometime next week, so for this week, there'll really not be too many updates to speak of.... I have to copy & move every page ‑ so this could take a while!! I'm also going to try to organize it some, so that it's easier to move through. Any suggestions are appreciated.... I definitely have more skills as a Domme than I do as a web designer!!

Once I get it all moved, and I know that it's working OK, I'll be putting some small video clips on as promised, and some audio clips of us having some fun!! I'm looking forward to doing those!

Because of the much higher charges that I now have to pay for bandwidth, and the hosting of my page, I will be hosting web pages for, Mistresses (ISO slaves) and Slaves (ISO Mistresses).

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Female-Domination kingdom!!

03/18/97 ‑ Well Good Afternoon slaves... What a lot of goodies I've got coming up this week....

Now I get asked all the time what is it that I want out of all of this & what it is I want from my life... well this one persons' letter sums it all up ‑‑ this would be my ideal & perfect world...

Mistress Julie....

With much appreciation.....i read Your letter to me. Truly, my heart skipped a beat, for i would have never believed that i would actually hear back from You. Needless to say, my admiration for You has grown immensely. i would love to further expound upon the idea i presented to You regarding the building of an Empire.... Your Empire.... Please do not look upon this as a great fantasy. You possess more power than i think You realize..... and that power could be used to amass a fortune.... and consolidate a true Kingdom....with You as the supreme head. Imagine if You will..... the empires of the past....from Roman times to the present...people enslaved to serve their masters..... ..........and they all toppled...for the simple reason.......that the people enslaved were put into that position against their will. Now imagine an army of slaves.... with many skills.......from manual diverse professions....doctors....lawyers......judges......and many other people of influence........THIS kingdom.....goes on and on..... ......the difference........the enslavement is one that is willingly and eagerly awaited by the devoted army serving Mistress Julie...... giving their entire beings to earning her favor...The first step..... is to establish a foundation of slaves.....True faithfuls.... who will serve Your needs.... (no pretenders here...) but slaves with the right skills to market You in the way that enhances Your worth. If a person was able to taste of the fountain of Youth..... what price might they pay? Likewise, if a subservient person were able to taste one small portion of heaven....heaven with the name of Julie..... what might they also pay.... As examples, water that You actually bathed in..... toilet water You actually graced with Your urine.... articles of clothing..... worn by You.... .........SO valuable they are...... from such an exclusive and wonderful Mistress....One who rules a powerful realm...... men and women....might pay dearly for such a treat. This is only the tip of the ice burg..... with wealth and fame....comes the ability to use Your exclusive and wonderful captivate and use....people in positions of power..... And to earn You favor....will perform services.... services that add to Your empire....always gaining in strength...... Mistress, You are the pinnacle of this earth..... worthy of everything. I would love to again here from You, and will in time tell You of me.....and of how i wish to serve You along with so many others.

Faithfully Yours,


So do you think you're worthy of being subservient to me and my fellow associates?? If so, tell us how, so that we can get started building the foundation of our truly great and wonderful female empire.....

Thanks to my new slave‑in‑training Bruce for posting some stories on the newsgroups etc., for me ‑ this is now going to be a weekly task for you Bruce!! And big thanks to Frank for coming up with such a good idea for a depravation chamber, and having it ready to be delivered by this Saturday!!

You are one of the VERY FEW who came through for us & boy are we looking forward to rewarding you!! On top of that, we're dying to hear what other ideas you've been having for the rest of our dungeon ‑‑ you know we have that entire back room to clean out and utilize again and I'd love to have some very new and nifty toys for it!!

And now I'm off to eat some apple pie with the girls, so check back tomorrow for more updates!

Thursday, March 06, 1997

Latex catsuit & spiked heels... gotta love it!

03/06/97 ‑I'm just kicking back after my session, god it was a lot of fun!! I've got to get out of these clothes though before I sweat to death... pity Lolita isn't here tonite ‑ my feet are really stinky, they've been in these 5" spikes for hours now, and I could do with a nice relaxing tongue bath! Oh well, she gets home tomorrow, thank god.... it's awful not having her around, I actually have to go make myself my own lunch when she's not here, and wipe myself after I'm done at the loo....

Well it's kind of cool, Sarah, Ashleigh, Nichole & I are all each sitting at a computer just click clacking away!! Can't you all just picture it now, a house of beautiful dominant women, sitting around half naked, typing to you guys?? What could be better than that.... Well you all could be here taking care of us, that would be a start.... For instance, I really shouldn't have to deal with all the BS of car dealers, and canceling credit cards, or paying bills... you should all be here taking care of all of those mundane tasks... And I should be kicking back eating chocolate covered strawberries or something sweet and gooey like that!!

Well we're all going to turn in for the night, or actually Ashleigh and I are going to turn in for the night, the other two are off to the gym to pump up!!

Tuesday, March 04, 1997

Guess it's not a good idea to live where you work....

03/04/97 ‑ Changes on the web page are going to be few and far between this week as I'm in the midst of designing postal training programmes for slaves. This is very exciting stuff. I've been designing a really cool slave contract, and postal application, and putting together a couple of packages for slaves who have already sent me their information & tribute.

I will be making up slave manuals, which will be filled bi‑weekly with their written tasks & my written rules. The first one happens to be about dog training, and so far I've come up with some really cool things for a new little doggy that I've taken on training ‑ Her name is FiFi ‑‑‑‑ isn't that so cute?? Fifi craves to be treated as a little puppy dog, and that's exactly what she's going to get!!

Oh my GOD!! I just checked the stats, and it seems that on Feb 26th there were 126,074 hits to my site!!! Isn't that incredible. This past week it's been ranging between 100,000 ‑ 128,000 hits per day!!

Unfortunately my purse was stolen when my house was broken into, and I only found out today when I needed to get my drivers license and credit card to rent a car, till mine gets fixed (again)... So I've been busy in between setting up postal training programmes calling all my credit card companies and canceling my accounts ‑ Gee I hope that my dog bit this person really good (However the amount of blood around my house when I got here, tells me that she did!! ‑ Isn't she so good, protecting her Mistresses' home??)

Monday, March 03, 1997

There's a Hole in my pump dear benny, dear benny, there's a hole in my pump...

03/03/97 ‑ Well it seems that the place that changed my oil didn't screw up & I actually have a hole in my pump.. so now my car is at the dealers, trying to be repaired... This is just one more thing in the whole long list of things that have gone wrong with my Camaro since I got it... It's so frustrating.. Don't they have Lemon Laws for cars in MD?? If anyone knows, can you e‑mail me??

I have no idea who broke into my house, but I guess they weren't counting on my dog being as fierce as she is... Nothing seems to be missing, but I really haven't had a chance to check... I'm feeling kind of weird about the whole thing, I guess 'cause I'm not pissed (or at least I haven't gotten so yet...)

Sunday, March 02, 1997

Break in

03/02/97 ‑ So what's been going on around here I hear you ask... Well quite a lot actually. I still have my period.. only this time it's sooooo unbelievably heavy!!

I had a slave of mine take my piece of crap Camero to get an oil change yesterday... and today I had to run a quick errand down to DC to pick up a chastity device I'd ordered for a slave... well on the way down there, I noticed that my oil light had come on.... and that my car was making strange noises.. I pulled over (luckily enough I was right outside The Four Provinces Pub & Restaurant) and my car had zero oil in it... So I was stuck there for 4+ hours waiting on a damn tow‑truck..... After I'd eaten some fish & chips, and drank a fuzzy navel (I really needed something with a kick to it, instead of my usual water!!) I really started to get BORED & PISSED...

When I got home I found that my house had been broken into... Nothing taken. It seems my rather fierce doggy had taken some bites out of whomever did it... and there was fresh blood all over the floor. Nice Sunday huh? Oh well I don't think things can get much worse.. can they?? Now my Monday is going to be spent fighting with the idiots that changed my oil, and forgot to screw the nut tight enough... like my car hasn't had enough of problems!

Anyhow, boy, did we have some hot sessions this week or what?? I tell you ‑ my new slaves are some of the sweetest, most adorable cuties that I've ever had! They are all sooooo willing to just do anything I ask of them, and I LOVE IT!! Keep coming!! God it's so nice and refreshing dominating intelligent men, who actually love & adore & worship women, and enjoy catering to their every whim!!