Saturday, March 29, 1997

Sweet Trannsexual...

03/29/97 ‑ Well Slaves ‑ it's been a very busy day ‑ It was Ashleigh's birthday ‑ she got some really nice pressies ‑ but my favourite was THE rabbit pearl vibrator that Charles bought for her!! I was so jealous!! All of us, including Lolita went out for dinner to celebrate ‑ we also got her a huge birthday cake ‑ shaped like handcuffs ‑ we told the cake place that she was a cop!! It was very cute!! My birthday comes next ‑ on the 3rd of April, and I'm going to be a whopping ???? (born in 73) ‑ shush ‑ don't tell anyone else though!! Charles also brought me a very nice pressie ‑ a scanner ‑ so now we can get all those mountains of pics that we have scanned in & put on the web site. Now all I need is a good digitized camera & video board I was also very glad to see when we went by the mailbox that some of you actually took the bloody time to go to your local 7‑11 and pick up a money
order!! Well done! I guess you all are actually trainable.... well we'll see....

Peter 1 & Peter 2 for their large and very welcomed tributes, JR in MD, Mark, Michael 1, Michael 2, Michael 3, Rosser, Jeff, and Rob. I'll be sending those of you who enclosed an address a little thank you & when the site is fully passworded, be sure to e‑mail me for your user id's.

Thanks to John for his birthday card & the AT&T certificates ‑ although ‑ with usually a $500 ‑ $800 telephone bill ‑ we could do with mountains of these!! They were however very appreciated. Thanks to Michael for the rose today, and thanks to Bill for the roses last week ‑ they were very beautiful. I adore flowers!!

Anyhow ‑ we're going to go watch the "Rocky Horror Picture" show on video tape ‑ Lolita has never watched it before & I need a good laugh with the sweet transsexual & a really good foot rub & butt massage after running around in those 5" heels all day long!!

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