Friday, March 21, 1997

Castles in the sky...

03/21/97 ‑ Well hello slaves... we've been thinking that to provide for our maximum entertainment & comfort we are going to need many slaves to fill lots of different positions that are open & available in our little empire.... such as shoe cleaners, valets, personal servants, living‑furniture, errand boys, builder's of our castle (for this we need a really creative mortgage broker, to approve a loan of a few hundred thousand dollars), ‑ with this we'd purchase the land ‑ at least 3 acres, and on it we'd have our palace & dungeon built... for this we would need really good builders (The loan would of course be paid off in full from the sweat and hard labour of our many slaves) and here would be the start of our own little empire..... so slaves ‑ if you're a mortgage broker ‑ or you just happen to have a spare few hundred thousand laying around‑ we want it!!

Frank just in case I don't have time to call you ‑ please get here at the discussed time to pick up mine & Lady Sarah's cars tomorrow morning to take them and have them detailed.... while you're doing that, Sarah and I are going to go shopping ‑ so make sure you leave us a credit card!!
Well guys that's all for tonight, I've got to get out of these clothes, and get my gym bag together ‑ all of us are on our way to Sarah's gym this evening (or rather this morning, as it's almost midnight now) to get physical!!

Oh I almost forgot thanks to Brad for his donation tonight when he came by ‑‑ for the web site, and thanks to spanky boy for his donation also ‑‑ these are most definitely welcomed!! And I'm almost half way there to being able to pay it this month, so the rest of you, need to drop a tribute in the mail otherwise the site will be NO LONGER.

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