Sunday, March 02, 1997

Break in

03/02/97 ‑ So what's been going on around here I hear you ask... Well quite a lot actually. I still have my period.. only this time it's sooooo unbelievably heavy!!

I had a slave of mine take my piece of crap Camero to get an oil change yesterday... and today I had to run a quick errand down to DC to pick up a chastity device I'd ordered for a slave... well on the way down there, I noticed that my oil light had come on.... and that my car was making strange noises.. I pulled over (luckily enough I was right outside The Four Provinces Pub & Restaurant) and my car had zero oil in it... So I was stuck there for 4+ hours waiting on a damn tow‑truck..... After I'd eaten some fish & chips, and drank a fuzzy navel (I really needed something with a kick to it, instead of my usual water!!) I really started to get BORED & PISSED...

When I got home I found that my house had been broken into... Nothing taken. It seems my rather fierce doggy had taken some bites out of whomever did it... and there was fresh blood all over the floor. Nice Sunday huh? Oh well I don't think things can get much worse.. can they?? Now my Monday is going to be spent fighting with the idiots that changed my oil, and forgot to screw the nut tight enough... like my car hasn't had enough of problems!

Anyhow, boy, did we have some hot sessions this week or what?? I tell you ‑ my new slaves are some of the sweetest, most adorable cuties that I've ever had! They are all sooooo willing to just do anything I ask of them, and I LOVE IT!! Keep coming!! God it's so nice and refreshing dominating intelligent men, who actually love & adore & worship women, and enjoy catering to their every whim!!

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