Wednesday, July 30, 1997

Are you learning anything yet? How to be a great submissive?

07/30/97 ‑ Well slaves, I got the credit card terminal up and running yesterday, and was able to run through my first charges ever ‑ would you believe that I had more slaves join our realm in one day, than I've had join us via snail mail in 3 days. I can see that I have a lot of new lazy slaves... ;>) Well I and my other friendly dommes will just have to whip you all into shape!

I'm the only one around today ‑ Ms Nichole & Ms Diana have been terrorizing submissives all day today, actually since around 1pm... and it's now almost 6pm. Gosh it's nice to have some piece and quiet around here!! Those two are a noisy bunch!!

I've got to go send out passwords and user ids to new slaves that have just joined our empire! I hope that you've enjoyed today's updates, I had a lot of fun reading the articles, and stories, and found them very informative, & exciting, and hope that you do too. Goodnite!

Monday, July 28, 1997

Sweaty toes..

07/28/97 ‑ (Late afternoon & evening) Hello slaves, come in, and cool down with us!! God, what a day we have planned over here for tomorrow! Monica is a submissive female that we've been spending some time with, and tomorrow she's going to do her first ever session with me! I'm rather looking forward to it!! She's very attractive, and very sensual! After Monica, Mistress Nichole has the dungeon booked for herself and one of her regulars. Harry (her slave) is a really funny old man. He always brings each of us a bouquet of flowers, and to Nichole, he brings her a different surprise every time she sees him. He really enjoys submitting to her, and who wouldn't!! Tomorrow evening Ms Diana and Ms Nichole have another newish kinda slave that they've been spending time with the over the past few weeks.

Me, I'm going to relax, and watch TV or read my new Catherine Cookson book ‑ it's called The Obsession, and one of my slaves bought it for me yesterday ‑ that's a really nice gift, as I can never find her books anywhere!

I'm also excited about getting back to work on the more factual, and text parts of the site (don't worry I'll still be adding a lot of pictures for you to drool over!!) but I actually like teaching you more, and molding you into the type of slaves that we really like ;>)

Ms Nichole's been working on her page, and helping me with some things around the office. I'm hopefully gonna finish things up by midnight, and get off to bed... pity lolita isn't here to rub my feet, they've been in those sweaty ass thigh‑highs all day pretty much! I could do with a good tongue bath on my toes!! Oh well... another time. Goodnite slaves...

Beaches and plumbers..

07/28/97 ‑ (Early morning ‑‑ 1am) Well darling slaves, this has been quite a weekend... Friday night I was talking on aol in our chat room, with a dentist from south beach florida, who was kind enough to invite us all down there for a vacation... I figured I should make him sweat a little first, so I told him to call me the next morning at 11am or shortly after... he did, and I told him I was in a meeting to call back in another hour (knowing full well that I wasn't going to pick up the phone!!) well he called back like a good little slave in training.... So slave, you know who you are, Ms Nichole says to call her and she'll work the details out with you!! A beach trip is just what we need!!!

You know it's really funny, but I was told of Lady Sarah's new website last week, seems she liked my journal idea (tho never really could get her to do it while she was here) and a few other of my ideas... oh well, just proves to you my slaves, that now you've found the best, there is absolutely no point in looking at the rest... I'm actually very flattered. Thank you Sarah! I was NOT amused however at you calling up MY clients.

Seriously tho, I'm all for competition, and it is sooo damn hard to find good dominatrixes to work with, but I really think that after a lot of headaches, and bull shit, and no‑showing up on time, being lazy, etc., etc., that I've found the best in Nichole, and maybe Diana although I'm still a little sceptical of her... and hopefully in a few more weeks, I'll have Dee‑Dee trained to my liking, and she'll also join us, in our empire of female domination.

I'm pretty excited, I finally got the approval from the bank for the credit card machine and merchant ID... so hopefully by Tuesday it will be fully set up, and subscriptions to the website, donations, and anything in our new on‑line store, will be able to be paid via credit card. However, we will still be accepting only cash for in‑person sessions... It's now after 2am and Nichole, and I are beat, we're going to crash here tonite, as we've got plumbers coming over first thing in the morning to tear down our upstairs bathroom! Gosh what chaos that will be! We've had a leak or something behind the wall, and it's just gotten too messy for us to deal with any longer... tsk tsk.. anyway, goodnite slaves!

Wednesday, July 23, 1997 the best on the web!

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Tuesday, July 22, 1997

Secretary needed!

07/22/97 ‑ Well I started working on this yesterday, but got side tracked so many times, that really didn't get anything done! Too many slaves calling up for appts... gosh we do need a little slave secretary around here, to field all of these calls, and help sort out our e‑mails... seems even Eudora is having a hard time filtering all of the e‑mails we get in one day!!

Basically we're all at our computers through‑out the day & evening when we're not in slave training sessions, or role‑play sessions, or we're shopping, etc., etc., so you would think that with all the computer time we can put in, we could stay on top of them.... huh.. that's a nice thought!

Yesterday was spent sending out new passwords, and userids.... this takes up a lot of time, I have to put them in the computer, mail them, and then file them... gosh I could do with an office slave assistant for all of this stuff too....

Oh, before I forget, thanks to Jerry for the new clothes that he sent me... I love rubber, and this dress will look great on me ‑ I'll call you tonite Jerry with some tasks that I have for you, so make sure you're tv is off, and that the house is quiet... you know how I hate interruptions...

Anyhow, everyone here is badgering me to come out to the pool with them and jerry (Ms Nichole's little ass‑kissing slave boy...) so I'm going to end for now, but check back later tonite to see if we've added anything else!

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Patience is a virtue..

07/15/97 ‑ Good evening slave boys... Sit down, get comfortable, (not naked, just comfortable :>) I know you haven't begged or been granted permission to do anything of the sort..... (i.e jerking off) perhaps chastity belts are in store for all of you??? Hmmm now that's a thought..... or perhaps having it cut off.... Ain't I in a sadistic mood today??? GRIN......

Today was spent in a session with a slave who flew in from Kansas, and was majorly turned on by Cock & Ball torture, and golden & brown showers.... Well, I started off by strapping him up to my St Andrews Cross, and putting a nice steel cockring around his cock, and watched it dance to attention immediately. I then got my favourite crop, (it's long, and red, with a black tip!) and started flogging his erect cock. He was leaping off the floor, (but loving every minute of it!!) and boy was that getting me excited or what! He had an extreme tolerance level for pain, and that just excited me more! Soon I was striking it harder and harder, and using clamps on it. Ms Diana was watching, and getting herself all hot and bothered, so I suggested that she go get our chalice, and in front of our lowly slave, pee into the golden cup.... She did, and then forced him to drink the golden nectar from the golden chalice..... We moved him onto the ground, on his knees with his head bowed in front of us, in total submission.... guess what came next??

I'm on aol in the chat rooms tonite, having a laugh with Diana.... some of you slaves are really quite cute, and humouress... You had me rolling! I was laughing my shoes & stockings off.... I'm still working on getting a chatroom working here, but my webpage skills haven't stretched that far yet!!! It's nice to take a break, and chill out for a moment or two..

Running this website doesn't afford me much free time any longer, and I get totally swamped with e‑mails from all of you.... (where's this headed I hear you ask...) well... I'm backed up with e‑mails, so if you're waiting on a response, you'll be waiting a while longer, but patience is the main thing that I look for in a slave, so it'll do you good to practice!!

Monday, July 14, 1997

Sniffy, oh sniffy...

07/14/97 ‑ Hi slave boys :>) Well I've been a busy bee.... Yesterday was spent making new changes to the page, and adding new scat pics

I also spent a great part of the day shooing Nichole & Diana away from me, as they kept farting uncontrollably, after eating mexican for two days straight (This of course was for the benefit of old sniffy, who came down yesterday for a 5 hour session with the two of them!) I'm sure they'll tell you all about it in their journals!! Sniffy darling, thank you for the beautiful book on Ireland, it was lovely!! I've also been told that you all had an awesome session together, and that you're quite the little ass kisser!!

As today is going to be 104 outside, we're all planning on going to the pool this afternoon. Jenny our new little sissy maid is on her way to Nichole's house, as she just got done at Diana's house... and there is a lot of cleaning to be sure waiting for her here!! Nichole says she's been such a
great help around her house.... I wonder how they're going to reward her??

Thursday, July 10, 1997

Wanna know a secret?

07/10/97 ‑ Gee this credit card terminal stuff is taking along time, however it didn't take them very long to cash my cheques..... never mind that I still don't have any service. I'm being told that I should have it up and running by next Friday... well wonders might not cease!

Today was a lazy day around the empire, however Rex a little snail mail slave, sent Nichole and I two little femdom books with great artwork, pity he got us the same ones, but it was a very nice gesture. Especially saying as how we just love getting gifts... talking about gifts, a great place to get us something nice and useful, would be from XTC Leather. They have great outfits, and accessories for the dungeon look! And they are very reasonably priced to boot.

That's it for today, I'm really tired, and could do with a nice long hot bath, and massage, and then a great hair brushing... there's nothing as relaxing as having someone brush your hair... it can put me right to sleep... that and scratching my back & buttocks!!! There, now I've told you another secret!!

Goodnite slaves!!

Wednesday, July 09, 1997


07/09/97 ‑ Well what a busy busy day we have planned.... I unfortunately have to go stand in line at the county courthouse to get my business license renewed (Boy I really want to do that LOL) unfortunately, no‑one (a slave) can do it for me... ;<( Oh well I can persevere!!

I also need to go get a pedicure today, and have my toes painted... it's been a few weeks since I've been there.. I just love getting my feet played with, it's so relaxing, and such a turn‑on for me. I get that nice warm, fuzzy feeling all over!!

Then I have a bunch of new members that need to get their user‑ids etc., e‑mailed to them, gosh a dommes work is just never done.... and you all think it's soooo easy!

Not to mention I'm seeing a client this evening.... however I do have a hot little rubber number that I'm going to be wearing, and he's going to be wearing absolutely nothing, well except for perhaps a collar, leash, and hood!!!

I'm going to be getting my wish list ready for you also, so that all you nice little slave boys, can send me something nice that will make me think about you & show you some attention!! LOL Something really nice would be a 3000 GT!!! Or a BMW..... convertible!! As if.. actually I just prefer getting really gushy e-mails, notecards, or stuff that you can use on me - hair shampoo, moisturizer, bath stuff... ;-)

Monday, July 07, 1997

Hardon anyone?

07/07/97 ‑ Well slave darlings, I hope you all had a good 4th of July weekend, I know we did :>) We had lots of fun with a delightful little submissive worm, who just treated us all like the queens we are! Ms Diana has been updating the period section both she and Goddess Dee‑Dee are having their periods right now! Phew! Don't they need some good cleaning up!! :>)

I thought this was the cutest little note......

I was in your area on Wed. 6/11. I went with some friends to Baltimore for the night on Tues. 6/10 and then went to the practice round of the US Open golf tournament Wed. On the way home Wed. night I saw a sign for Wheaton and got an instant hard‑on. We were coming from Bethesda and I'm not sure if the sign was on 270 or 495. I've never seen you in person or heard your voice, but still when I saw that sign I was instantly excited. By a freaking highway sign! Now that's power. And you've got it.

And Yip... I sure do have power!!

Wednesday, July 02, 1997

Tongues, and Clits and piercings oh my!

07/02/97 ‑ Good evening slaves, it's 11.30pm and it seems the server has been having some problems these past two or three days, so if you've been finding it hard to get on to the site, that's why...

Thanks to all of you who've been sending us little gifts etc., paddles, etc., and gift certificates.... we just adore getting these :>) We're thinking of putting together a wish list, that way you'll all know what it is we really want, and need....

I'm up to my eyes in sending out new passwords etc., to new subscribers tonite, so there are no sessions going on with any slaves tonite... Ms Diana and a couple of the other Mistresses have been putting together a new piece of equipment, but they won't let me down there till they are done, so I've no idea what it is!! IT's A SURPRISE!!! Don't I just love surprises!!

Ms Nichole & Ms Diana had a hot submissive FEMALE downstairs earlier, and were showing her the ropes!! God the moans, and Oh Yeahs... that were filtering upstairs were unbelievable!! The slave's name is Monica, and Monica had her clit pierced!! What's with all these piercings?? Nichole, & Diana just got their ears, and noses pierced, and have been talking about clits......

Well that's it for tonite, I'm tired, and I still have a lot to do, getting out slave apps etc., to all of you lowly submissives!

Tuesday, July 01, 1997

No more big babies!

07/01/97 ‑ Well hi there slave boys.... I've been really busy for the last few days... Ms Nichole has updated her journal, we're currently still working on Goddess Dee‑Dee's, and Ms Diana has also updated hers.

I'm going to be re‑constructing the web site over the next few weeks, so things will be moving around, being deleted, and updated etc., and if there are any broken links, it is YOUR job to tell me where, so that I can correct it :>)

The infantilism section is being deleted, and will no longer be available... I want to be able to concentrate on other areas that I really like getting into.... -- those of you who get off wearing diapers, and having your tushies cleaned -- sorry it's just not my bag!!