Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Patience is a virtue..

07/15/97 ‑ Good evening slave boys... Sit down, get comfortable, (not naked, just comfortable :>) I know you haven't begged or been granted permission to do anything of the sort..... (i.e jerking off) perhaps chastity belts are in store for all of you??? Hmmm now that's a thought..... or perhaps having it cut off.... Ain't I in a sadistic mood today??? GRIN......

Today was spent in a session with a slave who flew in from Kansas, and was majorly turned on by Cock & Ball torture, and golden & brown showers.... Well, I started off by strapping him up to my St Andrews Cross, and putting a nice steel cockring around his cock, and watched it dance to attention immediately. I then got my favourite crop, (it's long, and red, with a black tip!) and started flogging his erect cock. He was leaping off the floor, (but loving every minute of it!!) and boy was that getting me excited or what! He had an extreme tolerance level for pain, and that just excited me more! Soon I was striking it harder and harder, and using clamps on it. Ms Diana was watching, and getting herself all hot and bothered, so I suggested that she go get our chalice, and in front of our lowly slave, pee into the golden cup.... She did, and then forced him to drink the golden nectar from the golden chalice..... We moved him onto the ground, on his knees with his head bowed in front of us, in total submission.... guess what came next??

I'm on aol in the chat rooms tonite, having a laugh with Diana.... some of you slaves are really quite cute, and humouress... You had me rolling! I was laughing my shoes & stockings off.... I'm still working on getting a chatroom working here, but my webpage skills haven't stretched that far yet!!! It's nice to take a break, and chill out for a moment or two..

Running this website doesn't afford me much free time any longer, and I get totally swamped with e‑mails from all of you.... (where's this headed I hear you ask...) well... I'm backed up with e‑mails, so if you're waiting on a response, you'll be waiting a while longer, but patience is the main thing that I look for in a slave, so it'll do you good to practice!!

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