Monday, July 07, 1997

Hardon anyone?

07/07/97 ‑ Well slave darlings, I hope you all had a good 4th of July weekend, I know we did :>) We had lots of fun with a delightful little submissive worm, who just treated us all like the queens we are! Ms Diana has been updating the period section both she and Goddess Dee‑Dee are having their periods right now! Phew! Don't they need some good cleaning up!! :>)

I thought this was the cutest little note......

I was in your area on Wed. 6/11. I went with some friends to Baltimore for the night on Tues. 6/10 and then went to the practice round of the US Open golf tournament Wed. On the way home Wed. night I saw a sign for Wheaton and got an instant hard‑on. We were coming from Bethesda and I'm not sure if the sign was on 270 or 495. I've never seen you in person or heard your voice, but still when I saw that sign I was instantly excited. By a freaking highway sign! Now that's power. And you've got it.

And Yip... I sure do have power!!

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