Monday, July 28, 1997

Sweaty toes..

07/28/97 ‑ (Late afternoon & evening) Hello slaves, come in, and cool down with us!! God, what a day we have planned over here for tomorrow! Monica is a submissive female that we've been spending some time with, and tomorrow she's going to do her first ever session with me! I'm rather looking forward to it!! She's very attractive, and very sensual! After Monica, Mistress Nichole has the dungeon booked for herself and one of her regulars. Harry (her slave) is a really funny old man. He always brings each of us a bouquet of flowers, and to Nichole, he brings her a different surprise every time she sees him. He really enjoys submitting to her, and who wouldn't!! Tomorrow evening Ms Diana and Ms Nichole have another newish kinda slave that they've been spending time with the over the past few weeks.

Me, I'm going to relax, and watch TV or read my new Catherine Cookson book ‑ it's called The Obsession, and one of my slaves bought it for me yesterday ‑ that's a really nice gift, as I can never find her books anywhere!

I'm also excited about getting back to work on the more factual, and text parts of the site (don't worry I'll still be adding a lot of pictures for you to drool over!!) but I actually like teaching you more, and molding you into the type of slaves that we really like ;>)

Ms Nichole's been working on her page, and helping me with some things around the office. I'm hopefully gonna finish things up by midnight, and get off to bed... pity lolita isn't here to rub my feet, they've been in those sweaty ass thigh‑highs all day pretty much! I could do with a good tongue bath on my toes!! Oh well... another time. Goodnite slaves...

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