Tuesday, July 01, 1997

No more big babies!

07/01/97 ‑ Well hi there slave boys.... I've been really busy for the last few days... Ms Nichole has updated her journal, we're currently still working on Goddess Dee‑Dee's, and Ms Diana has also updated hers.

I'm going to be re‑constructing the web site over the next few weeks, so things will be moving around, being deleted, and updated etc., and if there are any broken links, it is YOUR job to tell me where, so that I can correct it :>)

The infantilism section is being deleted, and will no longer be available... I want to be able to concentrate on other areas that I really like getting into.... -- those of you who get off wearing diapers, and having your tushies cleaned -- sorry it's just not my bag!!

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