Wednesday, July 30, 1997

Are you learning anything yet? How to be a great submissive?

07/30/97 ‑ Well slaves, I got the credit card terminal up and running yesterday, and was able to run through my first charges ever ‑ would you believe that I had more slaves join our realm in one day, than I've had join us via snail mail in 3 days. I can see that I have a lot of new lazy slaves... ;>) Well I and my other friendly dommes will just have to whip you all into shape!

I'm the only one around today ‑ Ms Nichole & Ms Diana have been terrorizing submissives all day today, actually since around 1pm... and it's now almost 6pm. Gosh it's nice to have some piece and quiet around here!! Those two are a noisy bunch!!

I've got to go send out passwords and user ids to new slaves that have just joined our empire! I hope that you've enjoyed today's updates, I had a lot of fun reading the articles, and stories, and found them very informative, & exciting, and hope that you do too. Goodnite!

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