Tuesday, July 22, 1997

Secretary needed!

07/22/97 ‑ Well I started working on this yesterday, but got side tracked so many times, that really didn't get anything done! Too many slaves calling up for appts... gosh we do need a little slave secretary around here, to field all of these calls, and help sort out our e‑mails... seems even Eudora is having a hard time filtering all of the e‑mails we get in one day!!

Basically we're all at our computers through‑out the day & evening when we're not in slave training sessions, or role‑play sessions, or we're shopping, etc., etc., so you would think that with all the computer time we can put in, we could stay on top of them.... huh.. that's a nice thought!

Yesterday was spent sending out new passwords, and userids.... this takes up a lot of time, I have to put them in the computer, mail them, and then file them... gosh I could do with an office slave assistant for all of this stuff too....

Oh, before I forget, thanks to Jerry for the new clothes that he sent me... I love rubber, and this dress will look great on me ‑ I'll call you tonite Jerry with some tasks that I have for you, so make sure you're tv is off, and that the house is quiet... you know how I hate interruptions...

Anyhow, everyone here is badgering me to come out to the pool with them and jerry (Ms Nichole's little ass‑kissing slave boy...) so I'm going to end for now, but check back later tonite to see if we've added anything else!

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