Monday, July 28, 1997

Beaches and plumbers..

07/28/97 ‑ (Early morning ‑‑ 1am) Well darling slaves, this has been quite a weekend... Friday night I was talking on aol in our chat room, with a dentist from south beach florida, who was kind enough to invite us all down there for a vacation... I figured I should make him sweat a little first, so I told him to call me the next morning at 11am or shortly after... he did, and I told him I was in a meeting to call back in another hour (knowing full well that I wasn't going to pick up the phone!!) well he called back like a good little slave in training.... So slave, you know who you are, Ms Nichole says to call her and she'll work the details out with you!! A beach trip is just what we need!!!

You know it's really funny, but I was told of Lady Sarah's new website last week, seems she liked my journal idea (tho never really could get her to do it while she was here) and a few other of my ideas... oh well, just proves to you my slaves, that now you've found the best, there is absolutely no point in looking at the rest... I'm actually very flattered. Thank you Sarah! I was NOT amused however at you calling up MY clients.

Seriously tho, I'm all for competition, and it is sooo damn hard to find good dominatrixes to work with, but I really think that after a lot of headaches, and bull shit, and no‑showing up on time, being lazy, etc., etc., that I've found the best in Nichole, and maybe Diana although I'm still a little sceptical of her... and hopefully in a few more weeks, I'll have Dee‑Dee trained to my liking, and she'll also join us, in our empire of female domination.

I'm pretty excited, I finally got the approval from the bank for the credit card machine and merchant ID... so hopefully by Tuesday it will be fully set up, and subscriptions to the website, donations, and anything in our new on‑line store, will be able to be paid via credit card. However, we will still be accepting only cash for in‑person sessions... It's now after 2am and Nichole, and I are beat, we're going to crash here tonite, as we've got plumbers coming over first thing in the morning to tear down our upstairs bathroom! Gosh what chaos that will be! We've had a leak or something behind the wall, and it's just gotten too messy for us to deal with any longer... tsk tsk.. anyway, goodnite slaves!

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