Thursday, July 10, 1997

Wanna know a secret?

07/10/97 ‑ Gee this credit card terminal stuff is taking along time, however it didn't take them very long to cash my cheques..... never mind that I still don't have any service. I'm being told that I should have it up and running by next Friday... well wonders might not cease!

Today was a lazy day around the empire, however Rex a little snail mail slave, sent Nichole and I two little femdom books with great artwork, pity he got us the same ones, but it was a very nice gesture. Especially saying as how we just love getting gifts... talking about gifts, a great place to get us something nice and useful, would be from XTC Leather. They have great outfits, and accessories for the dungeon look! And they are very reasonably priced to boot.

That's it for today, I'm really tired, and could do with a nice long hot bath, and massage, and then a great hair brushing... there's nothing as relaxing as having someone brush your hair... it can put me right to sleep... that and scratching my back & buttocks!!! There, now I've told you another secret!!

Goodnite slaves!!

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