Wednesday, July 09, 1997


07/09/97 ‑ Well what a busy busy day we have planned.... I unfortunately have to go stand in line at the county courthouse to get my business license renewed (Boy I really want to do that LOL) unfortunately, no‑one (a slave) can do it for me... ;<( Oh well I can persevere!!

I also need to go get a pedicure today, and have my toes painted... it's been a few weeks since I've been there.. I just love getting my feet played with, it's so relaxing, and such a turn‑on for me. I get that nice warm, fuzzy feeling all over!!

Then I have a bunch of new members that need to get their user‑ids etc., e‑mailed to them, gosh a dommes work is just never done.... and you all think it's soooo easy!

Not to mention I'm seeing a client this evening.... however I do have a hot little rubber number that I'm going to be wearing, and he's going to be wearing absolutely nothing, well except for perhaps a collar, leash, and hood!!!

I'm going to be getting my wish list ready for you also, so that all you nice little slave boys, can send me something nice that will make me think about you & show you some attention!! LOL Something really nice would be a 3000 GT!!! Or a BMW..... convertible!! As if.. actually I just prefer getting really gushy e-mails, notecards, or stuff that you can use on me - hair shampoo, moisturizer, bath stuff... ;-)

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